Master Duel

Are you ready for the Fusion Festival event?

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yu gi oh
more like, you a gay ho lmao

I don't play fusions, I'm fucked.

Why does this shit get to be quick play?
It's fucking insane, lost a game even though I was able to keep beating back their DPE because they had the threat of this shit in their hand.

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I'm looking forward to having 6k gems by the time I collect all the rewards, but I'll be smart and save until the end of the month.

This kills the Swordsoul player

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>opponent uses his Ash on Thunder Dragon
>regular old Thunder Dragon from fucking Metal Raiders
For WHAT purpose?

Boring event, literally the same thing every time besides the N/R event

Noooooooo dude you just don't understand using multiple op non-once per turn quick-play spells actually takes a lot of skill and you are bad for losing to Sky Strikers because they are just le weak rogue deck

Just play Monarchs

I hope you didn't plan on summoning anything

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No, but it could be worse.

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Aside from starve venom and muddragon give me some super poly targets

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No, but I guess I'll just play Dark Magician and remove the Links and xyzs and add more fusion shit

I love when they do that what a waste of an ash you still get your dragon in the gy and the in hand activation requirement for colossus

I still had Lupine and Dragonroar in my hand, shenanigans ensued.

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>complaining about one (1) negate
Just because you lost to it doesn't mean it broken.

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Odd that it wasn't banned this time.

Dragonecro for Zombies, Mad Dorito for Eldlich, Earth Golem for Cyberse + Links.

every other nigga in plat is running crossout, these niggas are playing through 2-3 handtraps fr. by putting called by at 2 and crossout at 3 konami is effectively removing what little interaction remains in this dogshit game, may as well craft evenly matched at this point since most niggas only set up 1 s/t negate at most. my maxx c never even fucking resolves

Whoops didn't mean to post that, I was going to post it when I responded to your post.


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fr fr they be lowkey crossin out dose niggas where the interaction at in dis bih baka nigga

Fuck they really didnt want IDS ruling this event i guess i could repurpose my zombie world synchro deck into a fusion deck shame dont have the UR dust for eldlich and his el loco pizza dilivery form and 1 more super poly

The negate isn't the problem, five head.
They're able to easily fill their graveyard with spells and just fucking snatch a body off your field like it's nothing for free.
Enemy Controller requires a tribute, brain control is a normal spell card, but these twats get to just yoink shit on your turn

Why is everyone trying to fit DPE into their deck?

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Free removal every turn at minimal opportunity cost.

Cuck Sneedlefiber.

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When everyone's running two Fusion Destiny, might as well have an option to negate it so you can summon your own DPE first.

Guess who's going in my Grass is Greener SkellyServant deck then?
Baledroch, King Skull, and this boy are gonna get ready to kick fusion ass.

because its what 4 cards on main and 1 on extra for free removal every turn at quick.

every turn
you pop a card
it can pop itself for protection
then it comes back next turn

it good

Except the part is non-opt and recyclable like every stryker spell. Maybe its time to just admit you are playing an archetype made OP on purpose to sell blonde animu girls


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Need either more 2+solemn or evenly matched cards...

yes, I'm gonna burn everyone to death with masquerade, I got 4 in my fusion pulls

Do I gain something by running 60 cards?
Or just dilute my consistency?

Wow, metas evolve, who could have thought such a thing was possible?

Reminder to activate VFD in Standby

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>numeron nigger acting like they are the victim
well Sword soul did something right.

You get to abuse one of the funniest cards ever printed, That Grass Looks Greener.
Master the way of the 60 card deck and you too will open Grass on every duel.

4 link material = Dagda + Verte = Scythe or Lancea lock

Going first decks use crossout to eliminate interaction, not to negate fusion destiny

me just click yes whenever prompted

>Losing is winning in cuckland
1984 vibes

SwordSOUL gotta be the most soulful deck
Even the name suggest so

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You realize Crackdown is a thing right? nobody plays it because it's a master pack UR but it's literally a free snatch during your turn, Widow Anchor is nothing special.
If you can't play through 1 negate per turn then your deck is weak, actual good decks put up way more disruptions than that.

But eldlich already has free searches, free 3.5k beaters?
>b-b-but the opponent will feather duster my floodgates they need protection??
Since heavenly is protecting them, I will hold feather duster until you flip them and remove their Set protection, then I will feather duster the flipped cards. If you summon heavenly even better the protection is gone. I will also quick tornado/cyclone during your standby lol.

Protecting Set floodgates is just silly, you HAVE to pop them otherwise I'm just going to summon cards and the whole point of floodgates is stopping me from summoning cards

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Is this good enough for the silver-tier bracket of the event?

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>literally dies a to a single (1) (UNO) D.D. Crow
>that everyone will be running because lol DPE


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Ok, trying again. Increased the deck size to 50 but I'm trying to trim it a little more, I'm planning on removing one Fusion Destiny, one Dionaea and Nephentes and Double or Nothing so I can replace Utopia Double for Accesscode. I'd like to reduce it to 45 but I don't think I can remove anything else, on the contrary, I'd prefer keeping two Fusion Destiny and adding Crossout, but that's just too many spells already.

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To me there are no victors in that game.
only losers in mass grave.

It gets even more compact than that.
Tour Guide, Dotscaper, Cyberse Gadget, Firewall Guardian, and cyberse Live Twins are all one-card Scythe + DPE combos for different decks.

>game say activate ash
>activate ash
simple as

1 fusion destiny or verte = boss monster + pot of greed

the gae doset allow me to activate shit in standby

>normal summon aleister
>but also normal summon core
Wouldn't you be better off just playing Cyber Dragon + Cyberdark?


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Toggle to ON.

Is Swordsoul easy to play?

I don't get it
Why is a deck that rely on 3 (three) copies of one card in 60-deck can be so consistent? Why do they always draw Grass everytime?
They don't even search it nor is it activate in GY through other mill effects

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>A UR trap where the yoinked monster can't attack is the same as a quick play spell that can keep being reused by the deck

>that guy that psychically calls out the perfect attribute EARTH during your turn 2 standby

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Yeah, they're arguably the easiest synchro deck to pilot.
Summon wyrm, get free tuner token, synchro.

Because verte anaconda exists

Not running GY shenanigans though

>uninterested looking dark gyaru

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Too expensive, this was the best I could do with what I have.

How would you fix Cyberdarks? Everytime I open a hand, even if its good, I feel like its missing something

more cowbell

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The protection is just a bonus since you should be running 3 solemns anyway, the free body and search is more important but also there's plenty of situations where you draw 2x of the same floodgate or just one you can hold off for later, them blowing out their removal like that is actually beneficial.
I won't argue against the "but what if they have red reboot/cyclone/x card" style of argument at hand since it's just silly but I can assure you the Lord of Heavenly Prison is a good card, it's definitely worth adding at least 2 to your Eldlich deck.

>VFD doesn't stop me from building up Spell Counters on my magic pet furries
Time for cleaning up

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Which cards would you impregnate?

Crusadia arboria

Robin, my bird children will never run out of milkies.

You could play budget Kaiju and still win, let alone that deck. Although I'm gonna play loaner deck since Konami soulful enough to include fluffal in loaner deck

Dark Magician Girl. Simple as.

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Soon Exosisters...

Why is everybody suddenly suddenly playing like their life depends on it? Even decks I normally wouldn't struggle with like dark magician have made me eat shit this season.


Silent magician lvl 8