Pick a video game series and post the moment where it peaked

Pick a video game series and post the moment where it peaked.

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I love her

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this case is so fucking overrated. i dont know why everyone loves it so much. i think most of the other games have better final cases.

No More Heroes 3 was a pretty shitty game but I genuinely believe it has some serious contenders for the best moments in the franchise that stand on their own.

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What game

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Ace Attorney Dual Destinties
It's a pretty shit game overall

Name a bigger kino in the human media history.
I was unironically soifacing from dopamine overdose.

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shit, wrong one
Obviously I am referring to ep 1 ending

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it could never live up to the kino the first trilogy built up, but it wasn't completely awful

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I personally found second game pretty lacking in og trilogy
Well, it's the only game in the series without outright awful cases, even third wasn't terrible like usual.

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I haven't played the original trilogy since the DS but whenever I see a screenshot of the remaster it always looks so damn ugly compared to the old spritework. Is it one of those things that looks better in motion or is it really that bad? Because I see no reason to do anything other than emulate the DS versions otherwise.

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5-2 is a literally awful case. I'm so sorry you were born retarded.

it looks okay in motion

5-2 and 5-3 are really bad.
5-3 has one the dumbest resolutions to a case of all time.
It's also retarded that in 5-5, the Phantom brings the decisive evidence for you to fuck him up AND that NOBODY BOTHERED TO CHECK THE SECURITY FOOTAGE FOR MINUTES BEFORE THE MURDER TO SEE IF ANYBODY ELSE ENTERED THE BUILDING IN OVER 7 YEARS

The bad guy in 5-2 also pulls that shit with the perfume.

Narratively, this fight remains the end of "The Legend of Zelda" and Hyrule should never have returned. Everything else since then has just been going in circles with muh eternal cycle of hatred

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>the kino the first trilogy built up

the first trilogy fell flat on it's face when most of the 3rd game revolved around the spirit maiden bullshit and the same shitty character being in 3 of the cases in the same game

999 is so fucking good it's unreal

except they brought up teh multiple timelines bullshit , so now they can keep going forever

It's been so many years since I played AA1-3 that I can't really remember the plots, but I remember this bird part and whatever came after really stood out for me as the peak of the whole trilogy.
I should replay the final 2 cases from each game some time

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But even with the other timelines it's just Ganon comes back and gets killed ad nauseum. As flawed as they were, the WW sequels at least built up new settings and new antagonists

shame about V3

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Spoilers dont work if you don't say the name of the game, retards.

>remake fucks it up

The "let me take your hand" scene was the peak for me.

VLR was the worse game with the better twist.

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Unfortunately since it's now a confirmed part of the Kill the Past series that can't be true because it would have to be better than the peaks of FSR and K7

kinoest bossfight of all time, took me 3 days to beat it (until i switched to beowulf). If this was any other game i would've quit after a few tries but i stuck with it for 3 days because of how much fun it is

I'm a huge AA>Danganronpa fag but that is probably the best individual case other both series

ever17 did it better

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No, that twist was fucking stupid and insulting to the intelligence of the reader.

"yeah lmao he just never happened to notice he was MISSING HIS FUCKING EYE and suddenly old and bald and a cyborg LOL"

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It was still a really cool game and a good sequel, Zero Time Dilemma instead was a steaming pile of shit

Every moment of Dual Destinies is great.

nah my favorite part is Sam getting his sword knocked out of his hand and just choosing to fight you with his hands

That's crazy. DR 2-4 and 2-5 are the best chapters, but they don't touch Phoenix Wright's peak.

Yeah man, it's a legend being retold.

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are you seriously forgetting edgey's wacky adventures 2? Not only are there no bad cases, they're all top tier


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Still better than Danganronpa 1...

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The third case was the only decent one for once, that's how you know it's bad.

true, 2 > 1 > V3

Because it's the only case of the game worth playing besides MAAAAAYBE the second one


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I mean, what could they do?
the twist literally only works on the DS/3DS

how DO the ports do it anyway? I only played the ds version ages ago

Somehow i was spoiled about two different stuff in this game and the ending was still a blast and had some more surprises left.
Good shit

Pooped my pants, turned the game off, never played another Resident Evil.

You have a button to switch between the screens
Also the puzzle is a lot easier for some reason