What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

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Direct sequels killed FF

I hope you aren't trying to say it's a bad game because it's unironically the better of the two X games.

New CEO wanted direct sequels that reused assets.

Just finished FFX-2 and actually couldn't wait to be done, was getting tired of it

The combat system is an early form of FFXIII Lightning Returns, which I think is very good as far turn-based RPGs go

The story was dogshit desu though.

Look if it was 2004 I would've played the fuck out of this game but it's not 2004 and I have better games to be playing than wasting time on side-content of FFX-2

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I unironically got filtered by this game. It was over a decade now so I dont remember specifics but I just couldn't win any fight at all, so I did all the side shit I could find and grinded about 20 levels and I just lost worse.

I had finished FFX before no problem though.

I've replayed X-2 more than any other FF game and plan on doing even more in the future. One day you'll understand.

Currently running through the 100 floor dungeon before leaving the game. Combat is probably my favourite in a FF game, I like the real-time turn based mix and class changing mid-fight.
Rikku best girl

>Just finished FFX-2 and actually couldn't wait to be done, was getting tired of it
This is me by the end of every final fantasy game

>and I just lost worse.
Jesus fucking christ user how bad ARE you?

>We want the coomer audience

>put cutscene skip button, finally
>skipping any cutscene cucks you out of 100%, thus also the best ending
this is next level evil

It's good fun

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I just finished chapter 1 and I've yet to find any real reason to ever change jobs mid combat. Do the fights get harder to incentivize changing around?

You basically only need to have one character swap between healer and back

It's the second best FF after 13-2.
Eat my ass.

This but I had two girls with white mage in case one died.
Also, I had every girl with gun mage + absorb in case they run out of MP mid fight


You get bonuses when you do it also using them all is how you use the special dresspheres if I remember right.

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They were thinking I wanted to see Yuna in hot pants and they thought right.

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It's designed for multiple playthroughs. Also if you are rushing through there are multiple harder than the final boss enemies that you can run into in optional areas. The game sucks to 100% but it has a ton of soul, if you can put the girl power cringe out of mind. X-2 has the best(and most broken) job system in the series.

Made sense to capitalize on the success of ffx at the time. No idea why they decided pop singers and dress up girls though. Toriyama was the director if I’m not mistaken who also directed ff13. The man is total hack. I have no idea how he has risen to the ranks he has.
With all that said if they wanted a quick cash grab with reused assets they should’ve made a prequel following braska, young auron, and whoever else his gaurdians were. Made the combat action oriented to differentiate it from the first one. Explored the lore and concept of aeons more with a lot more to find, collect, customize, and train. Kind of like a more in-depth ff8.

"Oh god, oh fuck, Spirits Within destroyed out finances. Quick, literally anyone who isn't busy, do literally anything that will make guaranteed sales. A sequel to Final Fantasy X? Fine, yes, do it, please, as cheap as you can"

>oh shit we need a quick cash grab
>lets ruin X

Don't fucking drag me into your nigger-esque NO U argument.
Go fucking die of aids.
I love FFX-2.

Combat is a sidegrade and the story and pacing is worse.

My question is what did kitase/nomura/nojima do for the remainder of the ps2 generation? None of them worked on 12 and 13 came out almost 10 years after 10. How is/was sqaure that poorly mismanaged?

The music was great and the combat was surprisingly fun.
Everything about it felt completely unnecessary.

Everything else*

At least this was made before every character had to be a lesbian.

any erotic content in the game?

10 10-2 11 and 12 were all bangers. Then we got the shitfest that was 13 and the failure of 14 until ARR. We truly didnt know how good we had it.

You get buffs by changing dress spheres.
If you can switch to all the jobs on the card you can switch to the giga magic girl transformation.
Theres one of those dress sphere grids that is just two facets.

Back then rug munching was hot AF.

The combat and OST is tight. It was enough to carry me through multiple playthroughs. Don't care about the story.


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You give a message to leblanc who moans in pleasure if you play the game right. Then you got some pretty sexy dresspheres. Rikus were all hot af

>implying YRP didn't have heavy /u/ subtext

>Mom walks in

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Kingdom Hearts, Compilation, and then before it was over they shuffled off to PSP


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When rikku gets to 0hp her knees buckle and she falls to the ground panting and it made me fucking diamonds.
Also obligatory hotspring scene

They wanted to deliver you kino. They were based, and you were too gay and stupid too appreciate it.

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I want an FFX prequel where we play as Jecht/Auron/Braska with an epilogue where we go to dream Zanarkand as Auron to look after Tidus.

>too gay
do you realize what game you're talking about

dont know. dont care

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They were just trying to show that Wakka was right all along. Look at what happened to Yuna as soon as she started to hang out with Al Bheds.

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I notice a distinct lack of dresspheres in this thread.

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brings me back to my youth

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Coomers don’t think , they coom

booting this shit up and watching the intro as a kid was the first time i legitimate felt embarassed about playing a game
didn't even make it through the whole thing

I remember playing this when I was younger whilst my dad was sitting in the same room. When I was fighting the dragon in the Besaid Cave my dad just randomly goes "Does its claws rip their clothes off,"

Yeah, I think a lot of people have that memory. Sequels to FF games have always been bad.

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i wish this game didnt use ATB. the job system in this game is amazing but the rapid ATB pace makes it hard to really enjoy.

Reminds me of when I got my first xbox I was playing DOA3.
My mum thought it was hilarious how these girls could fight without falling out of their outfits.
Based mum.

The world could do with more girly fashion based vidya.

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Literally a test run to see if the fanbase would accept direct sequels before greenlighting sequels for the more valuable FFVII IP. They weren't sure about it, so they went as cheap as possible with mostly re-used assets. Changing up the gameplay was also reflected in how the VII prequels and sequels all played differently from VII itself, so it clearly was a success for them.

The game with a bunch of sexy scantily clad women.

For me, it was the berserker sphere. Also anywhere to find decent sized resolution pics of these?

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teach me sensei, how the FUCK do you get 100% completion? I followed a guide to the fucking letter and still missed some random bullshit 2-3 chapters previous

>Also anywhere to find decent sized resolution pics of these?
Not really. Game is 18 years old now.

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>What were they thinking?
Oh fuck oh shit our company is collapsing we need to re-use assets to put out something to make some money.

you should get accustomed to switching dress spheres. You get buffs for filling out the grid and can use your ultimate if you fill all the slots (granted you don't miss unlocking them)

Unironically fuck off. The combat is great, the music is good and story while not amazing defiantly isn't bad.

Get filtered.

>They were thinking I wanted to see Yuna in hot pants and they thought right.
shame she runs into the same problem Lightning has: negative ass

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The game has the best FMV sequence in video games and you can't convince me otherwise.


>They were based
ask me how i know your a twitch redditor

You just don't get art.