Hating DSP is honestly cringe desu

Hating DSP is honestly cringe desu

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Just say what he did in the OP, Jesus Christ.

i like "this is how you don't play"
i do not like DSP

>beat Elden Ring without dying

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I don’t hate him, I think he’s funny.

this but unironically

king of Yea Forums

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I don't hate him, I just like pointing and laughing when his entire life gets derailed by random bullshit like his bankruptcy and his entire credit card statements leaking so everyone could see he spends thousands per month on gacha games

I can't wait for SF6 and the Darkstalkers & friends collection to drop, so that he can stop playing the Anniversary Collection hugbox, gethis ass handed to him by real players online and conclude that both games are shit.

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all of that is detractor propaganda though, it's based on a nugget of truth but it's not the truth

don't he got caught masturbating on stream?

Yeah I know right? He single-handily created TIHYDP genre of LPs, and that makes him an innovator.

he cute

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>detractor propaganda

Oh really? Then why does the leak have blurred numbers so we couldn't double check if it was legit.

It's true.
Kiwifarms is obsessed with the man and blows everything out of proportion

>Openly racist
>Groomed an underage girl
>Hates Kojimbo
>Tells it like it is, never minces words
>Relentlessly shits on anything he doesn't like
The only people that don't consider him the king of Yea Forums are buttmad kiwifarms seething at all his wins.

He's a retard but the real cringe thing is people spending a chunk of their free time nitpicking everything he does just so they can complain about him. Watching him be dogshit at MGS was funny at the time but it was NINE YEARS AGO and the same group of people have essentially been stalking him since then.

Kiwifarms is full of self-loathing retarded faggots who make shit up but the entire bankruptcy saga wasn't made up at all. Trust me, I don't give a fuck about those retards who think just because Burnell is a retard slobbering oaf is somehow the second coming of Hitler and Trump. But his financial mismanagement is well known with his money spending thousands of thousands of bucks on that dumb-ass WWF/WWE/whatever gacha. Owning two homes between Connecticut and Washington, having a BMW that he couldn't even do a decent down payment on and kept getting hit with raising late fees and interest penalities doesn't help either.

The man makes like 50-70k a month even with how shit his numbers are for subs, views, and tips because he still gets more then people expect but he can't manage his money for shit.


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The video where he "unboxes" FFXIII while a fire alarm goes off, talks for almost 15 minutes, and doesn't open the game box is one of the funniest things ever put on the internet.

His bankruptcy was real and yeah he clearly mismanages his money like a dipshit but the problem is that there have been plenty of made up or exgaggerated stories about him that you need real proof of shit that people say. Remember when he had apparently hired an escort to pretend to be his girlfriend and it turned out it was just some bullshit that started here.

>openly racist
He isn't racist, he just does non-PC jokes which triggers snowflake faggots.

>phil got a cat for "kat" just so he can use him to sucker people for more money
you gotta hand it to DSP, he knows how to scam people for money and i think that's why so many anons like him, because he gets away with that shit for years

you can't cancel him

I legitimately want to watch him suffer through divorce and then either become homeless or have a stroke and die on stream

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>honestly cringe to be honest
underage, please kill yourself

I'm kinda impressed that he apparently beat Malenia 1v1 after watching a couple of his dark souls 2 blunders years ago.

>CHIKI CHIKI CHANG CHUKA CHUKA ME ROVE U RONG TIME SHUT THE FUCK UP isn't racist bro, just totally not politically correct
Shut the fuck up, DPS is based and racist.

but what if op is suiseiseki?

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we might have a sequel of this soon, he'll probably try to "do it right" this time and buy an overpriced Alienware instead

Cope. He's vaxxed and voted for Biden
LTG is the real king of Yea Forums

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LTG is actually funny and would be cool to hang with


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>50-70k per month
What the fuck are you talking about? He makes just about 10K per month

>Darkstalkers & friends collection
how long do you think it will take before DSP gives up on this and goes back to the shitty port he currently plays? I predict 3 streams.

I need that money to pay my bills

e-celebs are cringe
posting about e-celebs on Yea Forums is extremely fucking gay and you should kill yourself you retarded fucking niggerfaggot


I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't so cartoonishly unlikable. Mostly I'm just embarrassed that I have an opinion of him at all.

The only ecleb I like hearing about. Phil’s the man, completely untouchable. He’s got the worst charisma score possible, but always rolls his saves.

You can just tell a redditor wrote this comment

His wife is borderline retarded, but she knows a cushy thing when she's got it. She got fired from Kroger or Fred Meyer (same company) and has been sitting around mooching. It's why he's so pissed off recently.

they run at the wrong speed dood, Capcom is a bunch of fucking idiots ack ack ack

DSP is a treasure.

>named Shane
>took his own life
>after losing in straight sets to King BBC Oliver in Smash
>Oliver couldn't be here today because it's his birthday
>Shane's mama couldn't he here either because she's suckin' Oliver's dick while he's playing Fall Guys like a fuckin' dweeb but at least that nigga is the biggest swingin' dick not at this lame-ass funeral
>fuck this, I wanna go to Oliver's party, let's bury this bitch
>ashes to ashes
>scrub to scrub
>get that ass permanently banned from this existence, faggot

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I genuinely enjoy DSP. I'm not an ironic fan or anything. He's fine. He's not a tremendous asshole. He's not the worst gamer ever. He's just a normal guy. His "sin" was just that he didn't like Metal Gear Solid, which is the objectively correct opinion, and that resulted in Kojima fanboys dogpiling on him and everything after that is just retards going along with the "DSP sucks" meme because gamers are fucking morons like that.

Why does Tevin enrage DSP?

You can always tell who the niggers are in a DSP thread. Yea Forums has always either liked DSP or simply don't care, for years. Then lately, farm faggots or more recently reddit and youtube cum garglers come here to talk shit. As if we care how DSP triggered your snowflake sensitivities.

Based scammer gets away with it every time and will never stop getting away with it. He even scammed the state of Washington itself. Keep devoting your life to attacking a guy that has never seen defeat.

DSP is a piece of shit manipulating and mentally abusing literal retards to send him their disability checks.

His hairline and stroke face are losses.

It wasn't the MGS stuff that caused people to shit on him or go after him all the time, it was the Dark Souls stuff that broke the camel's back.

He's spot on with his criticism of Elden ring. I wish he did more game reviews desu

Good, I hope he continues to do it forever just so you can sit there seething for the rest of your life watching it unfold from behind your keyboard.

He's not as bad as Mike Matei.

Why hating a clown when you can enjoy it? Seems retarded.

is that the guy?

His content has been very stale for the past couple of years, the only fun you can get out of him nowadays is seeing how he manages to avoid every shitstorm that comes his way with his 10 Luck build and the kiwitrannies inevitable meltdown. His classic content is great youtube.com/watch?v=SjIG8lUO1YQ

DSP discussion on Yea Forums could be used as a perfect case study of any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots etc

>40 years old and still has most of his hair
Do you realize he has much more hair than the average male does by 40?
>Durr I'm le reddit doctor and it's clear he had strokes
This might be the dumbest theory to ever come from reddit. He would be a medical marvel if he had stroke(s) with zero medical impact

Let's see how long his paypigs can weather inflation. Phil lost Leanna, Ohil had a stroke, Phil has patchy facial hair and looks older than his own father. He has lost before and he WILL lose his khando.

Have there been TIHYDPs for people who aren't DSP? I know there were a few Game Grumps ones but some of those got DMCA'd

black hands typed this post

No. It exploded right off the bat with the "This is how you don't play MGS" videos. Instantly they were doing them for every game he ever played even when he didn't suck at it. He had already done LPs of Demon's and Dark Souls before any of this happened.

Didn't a lad pay for DSP's favourite wrestler to say happy birthday or something to DSP, mentioning he's spent 80k on the wrestling gacha game and the guy just goes
>You spent all the money on that game, jesus fucking christ dude you've got problems.

>Yea Forums has always either liked DSP
People have clowned on him for years with his Bugged Jumping Mechanics retardation
There were people organizing here to stream snipe him on Demon's Souls
Shut the fuck up retard

There's a couple for Spoony if I recall. The most famous is the Alien Isolation playthrough if you can stomach some bitch singing every few minutes because the uploader liked the song.

I'm just laughing at him getting rekt in racing games. You can't read chat and drive at the same time after all.

So do you just mute the stream every time he starts begging for likes and money every 15 minutes or do you genuinely have autism