What's the best way for Nintendo to avoid another blunder like the Wii U?

What's the best way for Nintendo to avoid another blunder like the Wii U?


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just make a more powerful switch before Deck overtakes it

just advertise this one and people'll buy it. Only reason the wii u flopped is because no one knew it existed.


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Desolder the Tegra X1 and put the Snapdragon 888 in (Because Nintendo would never use the latest tech). People liked the concept already, just make it faster.

Making the next console backwards compatible would be a big help.
Market it well. Launch with a killer app.

Though the PS5 has shown that consoles these days can sell on brand recognition alone. That console has basically no games 2 years in and it’s still sold 20 million.

Don't care. Getting a Steam Deck instead. Too little too late Nintendo.

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Give up entirely on hardware and become a full on AAA Multi Format company. Mario on everything.

Yeah because you can easily get a Deck at Walmart.

I unironically bought one for third party ps4 exclusives in 60 fps, although sadly not all of them are like that. I've never owned a playstation before.


Handheld PCs are novelty items
They're nice to have for what they can do but there's no missing out in terms of waiting when the PC market can only get better with time.

Just release Nintendo pass with a monthly fee and individual console subscriptions for the entire nintendo console back catalogue.

>Switch 2
>OLED screen
>same controllers, same features, just stronger hardware
>Full backwards compatibility
>Same eShop, you can use your nintendo account and redownload all your games
>upscales / improves framerate of first party Switch games
>Sell a VR headset where you use the switch itself, release F-Zero VR, go brankrupt from all the seizure-related lawsuits


Just wait for emulators, my decade old pc plays switch games full speed.

just make a normal fucking console without a gimmick

>deckfags still think their overpriced tablet is worth a damn
How fucking cute

Instructions unclear, put a mobile SOC in a plastic box


The Deck can't even beat a chink knockoff let alone the Switch

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Literally just repeat the Super Nintendo's treatment in the US and PlayStation's marketing on the last few systems

Release the system but keep games going on the regular Switch for about a year or two.

please compare the switch sales to deck sales
you don't have to be a nintendo fan to understand reality

Call it Switch 2
Release with Botw2 enhanced
And MK9
There, 25m year 1

>Snoy's so desperate for a good game they want Nintendo games on their platform

Just release a new version of the Switch and show that it's more powerful. That's all they have to do.

Not going to happen because PC gaming is for nerds.

Nintendo doesn't want to compete directly with Sony and Microsoft, that's the Gamecube all over again.

>Wii Trans

>doubles price of the system
>GPU performance goes to shit
>driver support becomes non-existent
>also switch becomes house fire

More powerful Switch.

>please compare the switch sales to deck sales
The switch is over 5 years old and is a last gen console, faggot.

Waste of money, Nintendo makes more money per console than Snoy and Xbox. Nintendo knows there's no reason to be yet another company repackaging a PC into a poor performance size when they can continue to innovate and outperform the rest.

They’re going to have a generation of parents say “We already have a Nintendo” again. Casuals won’t buy mothers on just for Mario and Smash, they’ll need something different.

>He actually thinks the Steam Deck is a competitor to the Switch

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The deck is a collector's item. It's incredibly unlikely they will manufacture more than 5 million units, and that's a stretch.

Nintendo isn't competing with anybody.

Exactly, it's in a league of its own while the other three fight for scraps

The concept of upgrading hardware is so easy to grasp though, sony and apple already convinced everyone that if you name your product with a higher number on the box, then its consumers NEED the new one

Their next console must have backwards compatibility.

>just make it a regular console
Yall retarded.

Also, Im sure PS and XB wish they could release a toaster but they got 3rd party used to develop minimal gameplay movies.
Now they have to stick to that race cause PS and XB bread and Butter are 3rd party, In house devs for both cant sustain the consoles

Nintendo's philosophy of "always needing to innovate" will probably bite them here.
The innovation of "it's a TV console AND a handheld!" was enough, because it played console quality games.

That was five years ago now, it seriously just needs a power boost and ESPECIALLY more RAM to make higher-end game ports or multi-plats possible, the Switch in its current state is holding back lots of multi-platform games.

>Switch 2
>Can play all Switch 1 games with improved performance
>Can exclusively play Switch 2 games that are too demanding for the original Switch (because of the fucking 4GB memory bottleneck)

The consumer market is already used to how smart phones work; newer models come out and have better performance, excluding older models over time, but keeping older software available.

They'd better not release one soon, I just bought an OLED Switch yesterday.

Yeah, that why PS2 to PS3 was a shit show and PS5 keeps missing goals

Whatever the next one is I'm not buying it

>Exactly, it's in a league of its own
Yeah, in a league called last gen with the company literally fearful of having to step into the current one.

user does have a point, the Nintendo > Super Nintendo problem was a thing because next iterations of consoles was a wholly new concept in the early 90s.

Ever wonder why they delayed Breath of the Wild 2 until next year?

Hint: The same thing happened with Twilight Princess and BOTW.

It's fearful of making the same mistake they made with Wii -> Wii U, the Wii was also insanely successful. It has nothing to do with current gen but moving forward

You're fucking regarded as hell if you think deck will get a fifth of switch sales.

proper console naming, there should be a clear difference, people are stupid if it is a switch 2, then fucking call it switch 2

Can't wait to buy the switch 2 to play hmmm Turnermon 3. Breath of No Music 2 and Banjo Mario: Easier than your mom. This time with even less gameplay


Yeah, they're fearful of getting stomped again. And rightfully so.

Even $200 chink shitter phone has 888.
>GPU performance
Genshin runs better on phones than any 1st party Switch games ever ran on the Switch.
Not a problem for consoles.
Phones can already dissipate that heat with less surface area. Now, with Nvidia's current trend for 1000W GPU, who's going to be the housefire?

Switch keep selling 20M they have no reason to launch a new consoles.
Maybe a pro whatever shitfest, but no a nee one till they forecast less than 20 M year… maybe 15-18M and Switch 2 will release by the end of that year

Wii U's biggest issue is the name and the advertising. It looked like a Tablet upgrade for the Wii.

People understand the concept of a new device if you name it appropriately. Galaxy 7 > Galaxy 6. Really simple. They just need to call it the Switch 2 so normies get it.

Nintendo hates naming things sequentially for whatever reason.

Am I the only one who hopes they make a Wii 2? The Move and Kinect sucked but I thought the Wiimote concept worked really well for most games (especially shooters) and with better tech and more powerful hardware, we could get even more games and better tracking.

>super nintendo switch
>much more powerful but otherwise the same
>pairs with an xr hmd
>basically what valve is planning with deckard

Kino but too soulful for those insects

The last time they tried this "gamecube" it nearly killed them.

virtualboy 2, now that vr is capable

sony and nintendo fighting over vr would actually be great because it'd force innovation in the space and lead to some good games.

They should go with Ultra Wii

Nah, people were retards when the Super Nintendo came out. It'll be the Wii U all over again.
Just call it the Switch 2 so even the most retarded of people can tell that it's a sequel.

Make another console handheld hybrid. Maybe even go so far as to do a Switch DS.

>They just need to call it the Switch 2 so normies get it.
Hell no, Called it Super Switch Up

Bullshit, they aren’t gonna make a brand new console with such a massive chip shortage going around.
It’s what makes fucking over Sony and Xbox so hard.

oh good, I was waiting for chinkshit knockoffs, what is this?

>just make the same thing but a little better
Yeah that worked great for the Wii U

>they have no reason to launch a new consoles.
Incredibly outdated hardware. The switch's actual library is microscopic. All the indie games run on 100 to 200 dollar laptops and they can't delve into any good titles. Even ps2 games like kingdom hearts need to be streamed because of how absurdly weak the hardware is. Nintendo probably sees the writing on the wall: They won't have any games to sell soon.

user, by this regarded logic the PS4 would have been a disaster

NMH3, SMTV, DP2, and DxM enhanced?

Nintendo sucks for not doing this. I know they're aware of this possibility.

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>good launch "exclusive" like BotW
>backwards compatible
>just the switch, but better
>decent initial pricing
>fake but hype list of "soon" releases like they did with the switch (bayo3 lmao, prime4 lmao, smtv lmao)
Thats it.


The difference is that Nintendo isn't using cutting edge hardware. Switch 2 would be PS4 tier at best.

Tl;dr: Cope

Why? They don’t bother with keeping up with tech that much and haven’t for years and when they do their games don’t sell the console. They need to make another switch. There’s nowhere else for them to go.

Just call it Switch 2 it's not hard.

So? If Series X/PS5 sales are anything to go by, PS4 tier graphics is all anyone really needs, especially in a handheld

Is nintendo holding off on botw2 so that it can launch with the new console?

I'm saying the chip shortage won't be as bad for Nintendo as it is for Sony or Microsoft because they're sourcing old tech.

Not analogous, Sony and Microsoft play by different rules

No way fags

That's not a cope. Those are facts. The switch's game library is limited because they can't get newer crossplatform titles and they even have dificulty with older crossplatform games. Indie games becoming bloated to shit will further limit them sooner rather than later.

Doubt it, it’s honestly covoid fucking with their dev process more then anything.
Japan never really was big on the whole home office thing, and from what I can tell, Nintendo is so fucking anal about security and NDA’s, the idea of major work getting down outside of their offices doesn’t really work for them.

You can't hold back games if you aren't making them for it and you can't hold back games if other versions already exist. Stop being retarded

I'm of the opinion that Nintendo has found its niche with the Switch and now just needs to maintain the brand more or less like Sony does with Playstation.
I think a possible backwards compatible Switch 2 with a decent lineup of new games (new Mario and Zelda at launch) would be more than enough.

5 more years of the switch

the only thing gaben is overtaking is the buffet line

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yeh, treat their consoles like they did their handhelds. You got incrementally better hardware that was always compatible with the previous release.

Define the word "overtake" in a way that doesn't make retarded.

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that joke would've landed 10 years ago but he's taking better care of himself these days.

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No, the Wii U flopped for other reasons as well. It's not a very good console, and I got one on launch day.

Man, he looks a lot thinner than I remember he was.

Having money for a gastric bypass isn't taking care of yourself fatty

3d switch

The Sw1tch

Switch 2. Keep the same gimmick and keep offering a wide selection of Nintendo games. Same power as ps4 will be enough.
Wii U has an awful gimmick and its lineup was 50% 2D platformers, even the 3D Mario played like one.

Barely any shmups take advantage of this. I only know of like 2