What community should game devs NEVER pander to?

What community should game devs NEVER pander to?

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Anyone. Never listen to outside voices. People don't know what they actually want.

Pic unrelated, that’s from giving them too much control.

God I hate furries with a burning passion


The one Undertale pandered to

Whoever the fuck it is the makes up the FFXIV community.


the incredibly small audience of overweight black LGBT females that is so prevalent in current times

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The 'professional' part of the community

I hate furfaggots so much it's UNREAL.

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Adding anthroshit to your game is a death sentence nowadays.

in b4 some fuckin wise guy says "gamers"

>kickstarter game about kaijus
>main supporter is an incredibly rich furry with a green kangaroo persona named duncan
>most of the funding for the game comes from him
>he demands his fursona gets added as a playable character in the game, otherwise he will stop giving them money
>devs forced to add duncan to the game

>2D Kaiju fighting game with combat similar to Tekken but you're basically fighting in the middle of major cities around the world
>had a shit ton of hype because Kaijus are cool and also because Pacific Rim just came out
>kickstarter has like 4 backer tiers where you can design a playable Kaiju
>some autistic rich furry named Duncan single handedly pays for him and his friends furry OCs to get put in
>they refuse any attempt by artists to alter designs to fit the game, Duncan's was literally just a big green Kangaroo and he demanded that his paw pads be visible in every frame, basically standing on it's tail in a constant mating press pose
>backers flip out because the game has four obvious fetish bait characters
>Kickstarter is relatively new and the dev team is too so they have no idea how to handle it
>eventually cave to the furries and release the game
>refunds are refused, nobody but the furfags buy the game and the dev studio closes because they're now associated with furfaggotry

Any community doest give them money. I.e anything that is not compatible with there target demo.

>We aren’t a fetish
>Their main website if you have an account is so porn filled you can randomly search anything and the majority of it not only is sex, but some of the most degenerate fetish art ever made
The people who talk BLM that than jack off to snuff porn are too funny

As a Furfag who wants to make an anthro fighting game, I'll be damned if I'll let any rich freaks push me around. Thanks for the cash, bitch. Your character will appear in the background of a stage MAYBE.

I feel bad that the only allys blacks have are figger
tranimal rapiest

you will never be a cute cartroon animal person


I don't wanna be. But I do like drawing them and since Capcom doesn't wanna make a new Darkstalkers, it's up to someone else to fill that void.

Sounds p based tbqhwy, don't accept money for a blowjob if you don't want cum down your gullet.

based but be careful user, you underestimate their horribly autistic tantrums which can spiral out of control
post your game, I want to see and wonder it it will contain hyenas

>Devs tease furry DLC as a joke on april 1st
>they actually go through with it
>user posts wrong picture
They can't keep getting away with it

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This but unironically. People will insist that a problem with the game isn't the "true" problem, and offer 25,000 solutions that change everything but what's wrong with the game.

>it's up to someone else to fill that void
It isn't gonna be you, FA/Inkbunny "Ideas guy"


Furries, pedophiles, trannies and femboy lovers

You forgot to mention how he fucked over RED (from the Godzilla creepypasta) because it had an attack which turned enemies into evil versions of themselves and the faggot didn't want that happening to his OC.

The fat-ass t-rex allowed the devs to make alterations, supposedly.

>you underestimate their horribly autistic tantrums which can spiral out of control
their autistic tantrums are no match for a legally binding paypal contribution

Yea we should make a game about gunning these fucks down.
You got a good video talking about this event?

So the game came out? Was it even any good?

Easy answer, do not pander to
>Left wingers
>Black people(It's ok to have them in your game, but do not pander and only place them within reason and context, look at left 4 dead 1 and 2 for example)
Or any political stuff that makes your game look like pozzed garbage, If you have any of the above in your game you can expect millions of people to not buy it since everyone has their full attention at politics nowadays.

It got shit out on early access, and no. The real reason the project died was because the dev team was an idea guy and some incompetent sweatshop workers. They just shilled the furry shit as an excuse.

Oh, it's certainly out.

Any who would seek to twist your creative vision to their own ends cannot be trusted. They will tarnish your creation and shatter it. Any other answer given in this thread will inevitably fall under this umbrella, no matter what group of losers it is . Stick to your vision, and follow your own muse where it takes you. Fuck anyone who doesn't like it.

Trying to cater to people instead of going with your own vision and making the game YOU want to play results in the myriad of soulless AAA games of recent years.
Too much market research and too little artistic vision.

what are the other three furry characters?

Don't allow outsider ideas to influence anything in your game
The only time I can think of where a Kickstarter tier added something at least not obnoxiously against the game was Muffet in Undertale. Every other idea that was added by a fan has only been a detriment to games that allowed outsider input.

>Femboy lovers

Pretty sure Furries encompass all of those

If anyone is on the fence about fraternizing with furries, all you have to do is go to their one of their conventions, and you'll learn to keep them at arm's length.
>Go to a small, local con for shits and giggles
>They have a game room because of course they do
>Play Smash Bros with some randos
>Someone actually named their character HIV+

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>Fuck anyone who doesn't like it.
Like, for example, the audience.

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>>Someone actually named their character HIV+
how scandalous! us 4chanarians have never used an impure name for our characters. now if you excuse me, i must go log onto my wow toon named niggerbasherxl

That's not a community pandering. That was one autist

What about Constructive Criticism?

There's a difference between calling a character DICKS and outright saying you have HIV user.

Feminists, commies, SJWs, puritans...

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>Someone actually named their character HIV+
would be funny if there wasn't a 90% chance that they were a bug chaser/ plague spreader

The guest bosses in Shovel Knight weren't bad

Wow i named a character faggot, guess i am a faggot now

This game was fucked without the furries. Some guy on the dev team died and the rest panick rugpulled.

the devs of shovel knight, while greedy and one-trick, aren't incompetent

t. Pissnigger69

You mean the version exclusive shit like Kratos and the Battletoads or shit like that one rich fag who always self inserts himself in games as some epic anime harem protag with 2 boomerangs

Incorrect and overly restrictive.
Listening to outside info is a great way to generate ideas. In fact, it's a fantastic way to mitigate insider groupthink.

However those raw ideas should be curated and refined by an insider, then approved by committee before being implemented.

I believe what you're trying to say is
>never try to figure out which way the wind is blowing then pander
Which is correct.

Here is a longer and more detailed explanation.

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only ever played on wii u and PC, so I mean the Kickstarter guys like him, the Baz and Hat fencer guy.

Boomerang Kid wasn't bad as he was implemented in the game

God I hate Furries

People who don't play video games.

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One of them is Macrosaurus, who has the special ability to inflate and make himself fatter. No, I'm not joking. The character is literally Duncan's fursona friend who has a fattening fetish.

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>tranime nigger
>hates the virtue of purtiy becuase muh cummies

You guys always leave out how incompetent the devs were. Aside from the furry shit, a team member died and shitcanned the game because they were responsible for so much stuff and for whatever reason they couldn't bother with a replacement.

Hivemind is still the most based Yea Forums player character.

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In Undertale's defense, if really only was the furry guy

Muffet and the Whale-dude were fine, but jesus christ, you could see how much Toby Fox loathed So Sorry by how obnoxious it was to actually encounter it...

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or people who have way too many braindead retards that listen to them
shit man i'd die too if i had to keep coding a giant green retarded kangaroo into a game about monsters slugging each other

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their fans.


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I'm in the early stages of designs and playing around with some engines to see what would feel best. I'd hate to lean back on Ol' Reliable Mugen, but that might be the winning play.
I don't have a Hyena, but I do have some basic character outlines a Hyena could fit. I think they'd be a fun species to design a fighter out of.

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ok im talking about that censor arms is retarded

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Godly post

Don't forget the longer skirt

I actually noticed that first before the sleeve-less arms...

dat armpit pussy

im not talking about drawings
what do you get drawings from this

neurotypical women

Didn’t Advance Wars release in America first?

>add my oc to the game for lotta of money
>give him retarded advantages or else
>have him be immune to rebuffs and make him the best character or else
Completely deranged furfaggotory at its peak
I think Shovel Knight did it right with that one guys OC
>Guy known for throwing thousands at Kickstarter projects for his deviant art OC to be added
>lone wanderer ‘I’m so cool’ oc
>weird guidelines that need to be met to his standards of lore
>needs to be some prefect infallible hero
>Shovel Knight devs let him have his way first appearance
>DLC rolls around
>OC gets corrupted and made a slave to the main villain
>Guy gets pissy about his OC being misrepresented
If anyone has the screen cap of that lore I’d appreciate it, or if they have the screencap of So Sorry from undertale I’d appreciate that too. That scat fetishest being completely thrown under the bus was hilarious

Yeah, because it is an interesting design that exists to be cool, sticks to the bee theme and has bee missiles. It ain’t coomershit design. Coomers always like the designs non-coomers make more. Wonder why.

>Labeling games you don't like as "coomer baits"
>Being mocked for it
>Projecting that hard

user i can guarantee that any design will become a coomer design by virtue of man's ability to want to fuck any and every thing

>the furfag ruined the game!
>game looks like this

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oh no no no no

Interesting reading his take on it all. It does speak to the idea that the dev team was pretty incompetent from the start, even if Duncan were unreasonable anyway.

That poor fucking dog.

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The funniest thing about the characters how he HAS genitalia and they're there, but they're just invisible.

So imagine having a big floppy kangaroo cock that just happens to be invisible. It's not even an abstract representation. The cock is there, but you just can't see it. That really should've been the biggest red line for them. How do you explain your game having a character whose cock is always there, but you just can't see it?

this lmao, no amount of promo art can save this shit.

Seen this pic around a few times but never knew the content til now. Fuck man, that game looks like it would've been really fucking cool. I loved Destroy All Monsters Melee.


>this is still posted as some myth even though the creator has already explained what happened years ago.

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As someone who does a nice side gig writing porn for furries, this is not typical furry behavior. This guy is a faggot who happens to be a furry.

It probably didn't actually have much potential in the first place, but certainly didn't help that the furfag fucked up everything more than it could've been.

Wrong, you see this philosophy occur with wow and with league of legends, two games where the devs just ignore the players in favor of making a game they believe is better. The problem is these devs are fucking retarded and have trash ideas so the game ends up worse over time. Despite the fact that they don't really listen to anybody in their respective fanbases.

The reality is there is no simple solution to game development, in order to make a good game, the team behind it has to have a high IQ and actual creative vision. It's simply the only way to produce a good product, everything else is a meme. Remember Muffet was a Kickstarter insert in undertale and it worked just because Toby was an actual non retard

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>what the dog sees

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Don't bother.
It not being typical won't stop them from pretending it is.