Pokemon is dead

pokemon is dead

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Just like your mom.

Imagine the ugly bastard porn

Regional Drowzee?

Fake, but I wish it was real


That's a Dragon Quest monster.

I don't like the tongue

10 to 1 odds they name it Sneezy.

That's snot

It's snot

I like it

Gross, that means it's Jewish too

can't wait for all the porn of him

Soon, tendie. Soon you will be free from the tyranny of p*kemon company!

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With that google globohomo art?

hypno regional evo when?

I'm already free, I've been enjoying Coromon instead.

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Almost everything they showed in the indie world today has this shitty artstyle, why they do this?

What tongue?
The Kanji doesn't say tongue.


I can't read it, I thought it was some kind of beak/mouth and its snot was the tongue

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i would never buy indie shit its just a worse pokemon

Imagine fucking that snot bubble, it has to feel hot and gooey on your dick.

You try coming up with an original pokemon and see how easy it is

>spanish region
spanish flu drowzee?

That's a refreshingly neat design actually.

thanks for showing what game to look out for so i can avoid it

I want this little fella to be real so bad


didn't this dev shit their pants on social media? i forget, but the name is familiar

Was gonna say, this is 100% in line with the ugly goblins Kunaboto draws with his girls nowadays.


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god i can't wait for this gross little bugger to hock a loogie in some hot anime babe's mouth and turn her into his sickly little slampiggy

He was an insufferable faggot when it was announced as epic exclusive.

That's not what?

he looks like he fucks women with huge tits and hairy pussies

Yeah, they're the "gamers should be in gas chambers" guys.

better than every single gen 8 design


how's that pokedex coming along?

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That snot a tongue

From the twisted mind of James Turner...

>No vore

Good man, there's hope for some of you degenerates.

Ohhh, okay

The Spanish Flu wasn't Spanish, though.

Probably another member of the psychic tapir family alongside Munna.

yeah,you based.

This looks a lot like Drowzee, a Psychic/Poison Drowzee

probably, but also he looks too baby-ish

>ashley art
good tastes. Im happy they gave out free exclusive art

I really wanted to like this but so many of the designs are boring and having a system where shinies are objectively better stat wise is shit

Play romhacks instead. Currently enjoying Polished Crystal, it's great.

>Globohomo/Corporate Memphis artstyle
Pic related is being done by gooks and it still has more soul than whatever the fuck you posted

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You don't even need to leave pokemon to have better pokemon games.

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How does a random piece of fanart mean Pokemon is dead?

They should retcon a bunch of pokemon like emolga and gothitelle into being regional variants, and allow regional variants to have their own names.

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I just want 3rd evolutions for 1st generation Pokemon like Hypno, Dugtrio, Primeape, and Persian.

Looks like a Yokai Watch

Spain Drowzee > Kanto Drowzee, it's such a better design

>inb4 lol nu-gen zoomer
Been playing since R/B bitch, Drowzee and Hypno suck ass.

>Releasing an illness pokemon after the coof

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Literally confirmed for fake.

Its just made for retarded children. If youre over 20 they dont give a fuck about what you think. Kids eat that shit up.

>One guy posts a legit leaked pokemon
>Everybody makes painfully obvious leaks that copy everything about his leak
Are fuckers really that desperate for attention?

Post Lopunny M

My ash folder is almost all ashly/crossdressing stuff, I'll post more if people are interested.

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