Is gatekeeping videogames necessary and a good idea?

Is gatekeeping videogames necessary and a good idea?

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Yes. Take a look at Elden Ring.

if you block everyone you disagree with you'll be left with nobody to play with


Is human necessary?

Yes, but nintendo already fucked everything up by normalizing garbage and busting down the gate and the industry never recovered.

so? if you don't the game will be ruined

Yes, unless you want more diversity whining feminists controlling your favorite form of media when they themselves do not even buy games or play them. If someone really cares to play, they will.

Gatekeeping only works for protecting communities from outside invasion. It doesn't work if the enemy infirtrates the companies. The corruption is top-down.


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Resetera is so good in gatekeeping and Yea Forums should learn from them

The only people who have a problem with "gatekeeping" are the ones the gates are specifically meant to keep out.

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Yes, against these people.
Yes, behead all satans

It's too late. Now we have publishers censoring DIALOGUE for being sexist

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I just find it funny that all the people against gatekeeping are also the biggest promoters of scene policing.

>Is gatekeeping videogames necessary and a good idea?
Only against people that want to change them for the sake of change. People who are interested in participating will dodge any gatekeeping efforts because they don't want to change anything, but instead want to be part of something.

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>rip to the victims
No wonder Resetera sympathizes with the literal pedo rapist

For the playerbase for sure. For the company no way if you want to make money.
I'm not sure to what extent gatekeeping is even possible but just look at the steam forums of many games.
>"Why isn't this game easier?"
>"Why don't we have this or that nobody else asked about so far?"
>"Why don't you remove X, it's so useless, I don't use it"
>"Why don't you make it more pretty and appealing to ME instead of the people that already have been playing your game for a while?".
You have to kick those people out or you'll never have nice things. Not all games have to be for everybody, it's nice that you have your corner if there's not many people there as long as they're not normies, griefers, trolls or crybabies.

That's why I miss NWN2's dedicated servers. You didn't like X thing? You removed it from your server. You didn't like the theme? You partnered up with some coder and/or some 3D artist and you created your own theme. And the company made their money with the campaign and the expansion that added mechanics to the engine.

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Wrong question OP.
The question you want to ask is
"Is Gatekeeping an inevitability?"
The answer to that question is yes, Gatekeeping will always exist so long as there's Humans congregating around anything, because it's a produce of Human nature.
Since Gatekeeping is there to stay, the question then becomes, which is the best Gatekeeping? That's the only relevant question, since eliminating Gatekeeping is a thing of fantasy and not reality as it is an inherent social produce.

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Funnily enough Resetera is literally just like Yea Forums but they get outraged at the opposite things

>Is gatekeeping videogames necessary and a good idea?
Yes. Gatekeep canon. Play as male.

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Reminder that resetera makes you register with a work/uni email so they can easily dox your ass if you go against them

How do you even gatekeep nowadays?

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In 2017 NeoGAF's radical feminist Administrator and now-known Pedophile mod with a criminal record who was staunchly anti-gamergate, were caught being a rapist and a kiddie diddler respectively.

The result of the fallout was NeoGAF temporarily shutting down to deal with the rampant Leftist Pedophila and Tranny Rape/Grooming Culture on their platform.
Upon opening up again, politics was banned, and MAP (Pedophile) Rights Activism were banned.

This lead to ResetEra being created as a boycot by the tranny and leftist pedophiles and rapists.
The reason ResetEra is so staunchly moderated and so easy to ban any new or old account, is that they have to be to protect their pedophile and grooming ring against any feds or whistleblowers, as the website was created after all as a safespace for groomers and pedos who were banned off NeoGAF.
That is all.

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If you want to make a profitable game, it's a terrible idea.
If you want to make a good game, it depends on how much the community matters. If you need a lot of people making lots of mods, then it's better to not gatekeep, but if you don't, then gatekeeping is just a great idea.
In conclusion, support devs that actively try to filter out normalfags.

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Sound like a glowie website.

Why would anyone register on that gay site?

you have to remember the history.
Resetera was created because the old site had the owner caught for pedophilia, should be expected he had likeminded people arround him that went to next site.

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I remember being excited when this shit happened… Who would have guessed that the fall of Neogaf would lead to something significantly worse?

it's the same shit, neogaf mods were even more powertripping even. It's laughable that the "nice people" creating a refuge for neogaf members sold resetera to some shady company for millions in less than five years though lol

ResetEra members deserve to be beaten, tortured, and left in a ditch

yes, as long as the gatekeepers aren't trannies or wankers

times may change, but standards must remain

If you are registered at, or ever have been registered at ResetEra, you need to be hunted down, rounded up, put in a truck and taken to a remote forest for a quick bullet to the back of the head and a drop into an unmarked mass grave.

Thank you.

Depends, if the company is pozzed than it's no use gatekeeping their games on their behalf since they'll backstab you anyway. If a game or a hobby is still unpozzed and the company doesn't take shekels from BlackRock then it's worth gatekeeping.

The question is entirely moot, because the only way you possibly could is in an era without internet, or if somehow, some way, you can completely lock it down.
Also be honest, the only reason you started this thread was so you could dump your "be mad at resetera" folder, you don't actually give a shit about gatekeeping and I don't necessarily think you play games at all, you just wanted the daily outrage thread.

>Is gatekeeping videogames necessary and a good idea?
It's not only necessary, it's inevitable. Someone is going to gatekeep, so it might as well be you.

I hate these threads
Sure, the users of ResetEra are retards who think everything to the right of Marx are evil fascists but in the long run, they're just that: a bunch of retards reeeeeing into a black void, and despite having some insiders and major figures in the gaming, they aren't as influental as they or you guys think


I felt sick reading a Resetera thread once, it was about slightly racist family members, and it just became so apparent in that thread that everybody there wants people to be as miserable as them. How quickly they are ready to just cut people out of their lives for being slightly "problematic", just telling posters to never talk to their dad again because he said a bad thing about black people, or trans people.

It was actually sickening, encouraging others to just cut their family out of their lives over shit like this.

Reading the thread on there about Johnny Depp is fucking hilarious.
Misery loves company

Sounds like a typical cult behavior.

the people who bitch about "gatekeeping" are exactly the reason the gates exist in the first place. you don't deserve everything with no effort, that's what makes it a GAME

>I felt sick reading a Resetera thread once,
Unironically why would you do that when you know from the start that you're going to hate it?

>they're just that: a bunch of retards reeeeeing into a black void, and despite having some insiders and major figures in the gaming, they aren't as influental as they or you guys think
Not fooling anyone with the apathyshilling reseterafag. Apathy just makes devs think the vocal tards at resetera speak for most, we've seen this happen. Several people from publishing companies like xseed, NISA, and Atlus post/used to post there.

not enough gatekeeping is how festering shitholes like this board come to exist

Yea Forums been getting better every year

because I'm kind of a lefty, at least by Yea Forums standards, but nowhere near the level of insanity you see on resetera

>behead all satans

The whole "cut people out of your life" thing is a major feature of cults.

It's funny to look at any era thread that's more than a year or so old and just see a graveyard of posters who have been banned since that discussion occurred. Like how the fuck do they keep their userbase up? Do the masochists just come back for more somehow? You need an ISP email to sign up for an account, right? How would you even evade?

this. Only by cutting out support can the cult keep you in line as you are left nowhere else to go. So one of the very first things any cult does is isolate members from friends&family

Hobbies are like fruit syrup, and the people are like water.
You can't have fruit syrup on its own, but too many people and it gets dilluded to the point where it hardly tastes anything like syrup, it at most has a faint smell, taste, and look of fruit syrup, but it mostly tastes like water with a mediocre, often disappointing after taste that reminds you of what could have been.
The only people content with a fruit syrup with too much water were the people that didn't really want fruit syrup in the first place, they only really wanted to be part of something, but their only contribution serves to destroy the fruit syrup's appeal.
>Drink analogy

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