Imagine serving a complete nothing burger for your 20th anniversary, SE should be ashamed of themselves

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First for Asura
No trannies allowed

>new zones
>new battlefields
>new story
>empy upgrades
>new ultimate weapons

It may not have been the "remake" that delusional autists have hoped for, but it sure wasn't nothing.

there really is no reason that FFXI couldn't be free to play at this point

I want to punt Shantotto

Nothing that makes the game more palatable for newfags or returnees which is what the game is missing to grow
They didn't even make all the trusts available

Then go play any modem mmo with a large playerbase

The reason is the multimillion revenue stream that it currently generates. SE would have to be truly retarded to give up free money.

It is for like a month out of the year.

while i would never go back to FFXI, being "Free" would encourage me, BUT it would completely destroy the game within a year or less.

going F2P always kills MMOs for the players (not for the Devs, it would bring in tons of cahs, until 3-4 years later its too far into the ground to save)

I want Shantotto to bear my children

they're all city afk simulators like current ffxi

interesting thought, because I know elvan and hume can bare children, but what about other half-breeds?

ffxi is already destroyed and full of mercenary services and rmt up the ass

Don't worry, the 25th anniversary will see a completely new engine and a new expansion, and when President Musk bans all social media everyone will come back to playing MMOs for online social interaction and FFXI will see its golden age. You'll see.

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The only thing that'd make it "palatable" for new players is a cash shop with boosts like in XIV. While personally I don't think it'd be an entirely bad thing, most of the current player base would probably have a fucking fit over something like that.

>They didn't even make all the trusts available
Pretty sure they actually did, starting today (or, at least, the ones that people care about, anyway).

No, what new players need is an actual way to get into end game that doesn't involve spending 2 years just meeting the expectations of end game players to be allowed into shit

FFXI never really benefited a large player base anyways optimal was always around 4-5k per server because during peak times it was nearly impossible to do end game shit or leveling

>but what about other half-breeds?
No idea. Mithra and hume/elvaan might not be able to.

I want to live in that timeline.
This one is a silly place.

So, like I said, a cash shop with boosts.
Or you can do what they did in Abyssea again, reset the gear floor and make everyone equally weak and worthless. But that'd probably kill the game for good.

>President Musk
You almost had me, fuck that.

Nothing burger with no awesome sauce

No need to do anything with gear. Game just need traffic - new players.

>President Musk
Way to ruin a good thing

you mean like they did in seekers almost ten years ago and the game is still chugging along fine?

New players take one look at how inaccessible end game is and fuck off after completing the story if they even stick around for that

I think Mithra, Tarutaru, and Galka are genetically too different to have viable offspring with any of the other races, Elvaan and Hume can interbreed and have offspring but their children are themselves infertile like mule unable to be bread with an Elvaan, Hume, or even a crossbreed like themselves.

>mithra and taru unable to have viable crossbreed offspring
That won't stop me from trying

Fucking over your core playerbase to appeal to an uncertain new crowd is not how you keep a game alive. Zoomers will never play XI, user. The style of game is not for them. Why would you think it's a smart thing to fuck over their loyal audience to try and lure in newbies that already weren't checking out the game because it's an ancient boomer style MMO? They don't refuse to play because they're scared of endgame, they refuse to play because it's not the sort of game they like.

>are themselves infertile like mule unable to be bread with an Elvaan, Hume, or even a crossbreed like themselves.
That's pretty sad. I think then that sex between races is immoral. Marriages should be banned.

They can always adopt, plenty of orphans running around considering how hostile this world is.

Oh no not the loyal audience of 12k people who just bitch about how SE isn't supporting their 0% growth rate game enough every day

Yeah, like they did in SoA and in Abyssea earlier, and each time the game has lost a good chunk of players. And seekers at least came with incentives, like an entire new continent and new jobs. Not to mention that constantly doing something like that destroys horizontal gearing, that's always been one of the game's biggest strengths.

Boosts are better because they not only generate revenue and help newer players catch up without fucking over everyone else (too much), but they'll also eliminate a lot of the RMT infestation because they simply won't be able to outcompete SE.

>nothing burger

>raising someone else's kid
no thanks

Thoughts on this month's Ambuscades?

I have been able to solo V1 on Easy (use AATT to Sleepaga them, then just kill them as fast as you can), but Normal and above looks like it will require a real group.

V2 is awful even if you use a RDM Trust to constantly Dispel it. It has a lot of HP and considering how simple V1 Easy is (takes less time, too) and that gives double the points...might me a good month to skip out on V2.

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Children shouldn't be raised in mixed-race households. That's perverse.

>Thoughts on this month's Ambuscades?
The "fun" addition to V1VD made it about 10 times more cancerous. It's now basically "have a top shelf RDM to addle/paralyze or go home".

nice pits

comes out as the mom

Curilla cute

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>my group of 4 has had a RDM for years because we realized how useful it is for nearly fucking everything even before all the ridiculous buffs it has gotten semi-recently
feels good to disregard dipshits on FFXIAH that only push one size fits all strats for XI of all things

{/sit}{face}{Can I have it?}

Galka don't have sex

Papa, I don't carrre if you're not my real Papa, I still love you and you'rrre my Papa to me.

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Wasn't it confirmed they actually are sexually male even though they don't reproduce that way?

She only dates Elvaan guys.


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private servers are a thing. lots are set in the 2005-2006 era when FFXI was actually good.

>run by literal jew Illuminati so you cant trust anything

5 days user

Too cute. Don't.

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usually you can get in a day or two early

>play on private servers
>your account is not official and can be terminated anytime
>play retail
>the game is not what it was back in the days
what do

We don't have to date just sit on my face.

They actually do in the lore, but its a dominance thing, not a reproduction thing, and they're anatomically male.

cope and seethe on Yea Forums

Are they primarily into dudes then because until they migrated to Bastok they only lived among themselves.

Host your own private server, and then you only lose your account when you feel like it.

get to 99, join a new/returning player linkshell and enjoy cap point party funtimes

I played during initial NA release through to the end of Treasures and then I came back to retail in February this year and had to 100% start over...

I can tell you with 100% honesty that the current state of retail is legitimately better than 75 cap. You can still do things the old ways if you want to, but now you also have a lot of QoL improvements, too.

People that bitch about this have no clue what they are talking about.

>I can tell you with 100% honesty that the current state of retail is legitimately better than 75 cap.
You fucking liar.

>You can still do things the old ways if you want to
why do people lie

I sat watching that Japanese stream for 5 hours, with no subtitles and they announced fucking nothing. Fucking bullshit.

Pray, tell me what exactly is stopping you from leveling up the old way in retail?

Finding other people willing to do it with you for starters

Imagine if they made a ff14 themed expansion for ff11, in a similar vein to abyssea

>kill one monster
>everyone levels up 5 times
ah yes the classic ffxi experience

How will the inevitable FF17 MMO be?

I already told you to back off cur, she's my wife. Keep your hands... and face, away from her. Or else.

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