What are the ideal sizes for fighting game characters?

What are the ideal sizes for fighting game characters?

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Depends on the architype

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What's the fun in a video game where a character by design doesn't have a chance against another character?

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Well the dude gets to swing around an axe that weighs as much as a fridge and the lady gets wind powers in a fight that has ring outs, good enough for you?

You posted them. Size difference is kino


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Where is the next panel? How has this image not been rule 34'd yet?

To be fair, Astaroth is fucking easy mode. Almost as easy as nightmare and siegfag.

switch the genders

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My boy Astaroth really be rubbing his dong on Talim's belly. Superb taste, to say the least.

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>tfw no game with huge muscular male and small toned girl enemy bandit types that are heavily implied to fuck like bunnies during their off time

well she has a knife

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literally go to paheal and type in talim and astaroth.

I wouldn't say any of them are outstanding.
The afterrape one isn't bad, but I prefer the Amy one with the broken fingers

What game has this atrocious degree of DIFFICULTY?

i was hoping it wasn't one of those because none of them are great

here's your realistic fighter , bro

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You'll have to google your hardest, i've forgotten the sauce.


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Astaroth is only 2 meters tall?! That's average! How tall are the other SC characters?

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They're asian, please understand.

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The bigger the better. No exceptions.

Nobody really cared till they started thinking it unironically. Now you have women talking shit to men twice their size cause they watched too many marvel movies.


That looks like Potato House.

2m tall isn't even average now, highest I've found is Netherlands with 1.84 Plus the game is set 3-4 centuries ago, humans are growing taller due to dating preferences

Goddamn, you're right.
BF Brave by potato house

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I like how she tapped his knee once he walked away, making her the victor.


also wbur.org/news/2018/04/19/fearless-girl-to-leave-wall-street
looks like theyre just going to move it around to stare at buildings and make companies mad

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Natural female instincts.

Over coming the challenge. You know, the entire point of a GAME

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Imagine the Naizuri

In the end, yeah, they moved Fearless Girl like a block away from Charging Bull.

Astaroth fucking blows and takes 4 hours to swing his weapon once. Talim could absolutely fuck him up with her wind magic and knives.

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Based anti moloch monument

sc6 was good and im tired of pretending it wasnt

Edge whatever was fuckin stupid. I hated people who'd spam that all round so the entire fucking game turns into a fucking cutscene.
Worst decision to ever add that bullshit in the game.