Japs have surprisingly good taste

Japs have surprisingly good taste

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>chikorita not #1
shit taste


>good starter
lol what version are these guys playing?

Why is it listed with random numbers from 1-29 and not a top 9 or top 10? This is fucking retarded.

Where are the full poll results?

Learn to read

How the fuck?

Trying to find the OP poll and apparently japanese gamers find chikorita the #1 "most useless." Japs have shit taste as always.

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All the other numbers are considered unlucky in japanese culture.

National Dex number

Greninja is the best.


>greninja #1
>not a single Gen 2 starter
I think you mean shit taste.

im playing gen 1 right now (red) and charizard is a fucking boss. his slash move is insane and one hit kills almost everything

I won't learn to read japanese just to translate a random foreign opinion poll about pokemon starters.

>>not a single Gen 2 starter
Are you really surprised?
Gen1/6/7 were the only ones with memorable starters



>Gross green thumb creature not #1
I wonder why

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No shit retard, do you have the 2022 japanese poll about the most useless starter pokemon so we can see if it changed or is that still the best one to go off of on the issue?

Poll was about all pokemons, but you could filter it to see starters only, same type only, etc
I remember it happened around 2020,and was pretty useful for fun posting

>First games, starters are #001, #004, and #007, plus their evolutions
>#151 is the last mon in the dex from those games
>Second games, #152, #155, and #158 are starters
>#251 is the last mon in the dex
>Third games, #252, #255, and #258 are starters
>#386 is last mon
>Fourth games, #387, #390, and #393 are starters
>#493 is last mon
>Fifth games, #495, #498, and #501 are starters
>#649 is last mon
>Sixth games, #650, #653, and #656 are starters
>Greninja is the final form of #656, with each evolutionary stage getting its own dex number

Read nigger, read, the pic is only showing the STARTERS, second and third place for example are other pokemon which aren't starters


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Then explain them using number 13!

I still don't care enough to keep looking for it but that does seem fun to fiddle around with.

Why are you so hung up on the past bro? Let it go.

>Greninja is the most popular starter
>Gets removed from the new games because it threatens muh precious Charizard's popularity

They're also apparently fucking retarded.

>borderline zoomer claims to know what's taste

Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon LGEP.

13 is unlucky in the western world because the 13th guess at Jesus' last supper was Judas.
Japs don't care about that.

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You mean 6227020800?

He died for their sins too so they could eat rice balls and jack off to cartoon children. Sounds like an issue of ignorance.

>some kind of Ninja with a long tongue
>Green Charmeleon
are half of these even starters?

Explain 4 being in the picture then.

>Dude look at me I'm such a boomer genwunner xDD
Fuck off no one thinks you're clever or funny

Not Pokemon games. Spin offs.

He died for your sins, if (and only if) you believe he died for your sins.
Japan doesn't give a shit about all that bullshit tbph.

>Cyndaquil not number 1
2 nukes weren't enough..

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>pokemon yellow
>spinoff game

don't tell me you really fell for the "le first 2 gyms" meme? A 14-15 level charmander can easily take on brock with ember, especially when his only damaging moves are tackle and bide. And by the time you get to misty you can get oddish which walls her

Beaner spotted.

Any pokemon that has a theme involving human clothing or human tools is objectively shit.

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>t.actual retarded zoomer

Why pupitar? Never seen someone list him as a favourite before

this one is old, but the only difference would be swapping Galvantula for Golisopod

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I just like how he looks more than his evolution.

Fair, the whole line is pretty cool
There are a lotta pokemon I feel that way about too. Always liked Haunter and Kadabra a lot more than Gengar and Alakazam


I always liked Haunter a lot too, Alakazam was always kino to me, because I had a toy as a kid.

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Surprised Piplup didn't make it

I just think Kadabra has a cooler moustache, the star on his head looks cool, and he's got that cool tail.

Greninja being higher then Charizard is actually surprising
Then again, he was one of the best pokemon in the entire game. Dude was a OU meta unit for years

uh you can just use metal claw?

False. Isukiri Christ died for your sins after taking Jesus' place as the Judeans couldn't trust His word. He then moved back to Japan (which he visited in his early 20s) and lived out the rest of his life in Shingō as Daitenku Taro Jurai and He had lots of missionary sex with Miyuko.

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>uh you can just use metal claw?
Charmander didn't have Metal Claw until Fire Red/Leaf Green. In Gen 1 kids just got a butterfree or would grind until their charmander's special was so jacked that it didn't matter. Its not like it was hard to take Brock out with Charmander, it just wasn't as fast as using the other two. Misty was kind of a pain in the ass though, just cause Starmie is so beefy. But like the other two.

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>Sceptile and Blaziken before Swampert

Chikorita if she real

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You don't have to believe in gravity for it to have an effect either, retard.