What are you're hopes and fears for Overwatch 2?

What are you're hopes and fears for Overwatch 2?

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scat filled braps

Microsoft makes it f2p

>Inb4 the super autist post is cropped webm

>544 results
kill yourself, unironically

You don't give a shit about overwatch
No one does. What is the actual purpose for these threads?


Why do you ask, when you already know?

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my gf

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>/ss/ porn featuring Widowmaker, Mercy or Tracer
>bestiality porn featuring Pharah and Tracer
The above not happening

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i wish they were real bros..

More porn
it dies so quickly that there's no new porn

What compels a man to make the same exact thread, day after day? Do you work for a marketing firm and got caught fucking your boss's wife? Is the pay really worth it?

Disgusting below-body temperature chili shit from Widowmaker directly into my mouth with accompanying stray butt hairs that she missed after getting it waxed that I absolutely consider a delectable treat in addition to her hearty serving of tummy chocolate

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>redditwatch already lost
go back

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They're too lazy to go to /aco/ and want to shit up Yea Forums instead.

I'm learning Blender thanks to this game

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Lost what? Are people even playing video games here?

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I want to BE Mercy!

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Its already confirmed a disaster by early play tests
Why would I buy the same game twice
Make it f2p and Jew harder with crates maybe then this game will survive

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it practically is f2p, you get the multplayer shit if you own overwatch 1 which you can buy for $10-15 on sale

>same thread every day
Kill yourself

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I have none

many lengthy cutscenes featuring OW girls engaging in lewd straight shotacon acts with shy boys
no lengthy cutscenes featuring OW girls engaging in lewd straight shotacon acts with shy boys at all

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My wife tracer looking fine

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How do I make meshes collision with each other?

these threads obvious have janny support, otherwise they wouldn't last till 400 replies every fucking time
all of you are cretins

I have never played Overwatch but frequently enjoying blacked waifu threads featuring Overwatch girls

>"its only ok when elden ring does it!!!!"

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I want to suck Widowmaker's girlcock

i love mercy so much it's unreal

post crop


she's pretty attractive yeah, why make the distinction?

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death of franchise and no more coom


post /ss/ artists or animators

why is this so fucking hot??

because your mind fillls in the blanks, making it even better than the uncropped shit

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Imagination because you’re filling in the blanks

I’m imagining her with a pregnant belly with triplets at full term!

>he doesnt know
Oh innocent user

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Hopes: More heroes, better maps, more fun changes to existing charcters (zen change is very fun)
Fears: None of these things, making characters more same-y. Dead because of bad marketing

smell o vision

Should I go to the gif thread and fap?

Hopes: Furry skins
Fears: It comes out

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If you’re a small dicked cuck.

I am

Hope for more porn
Fear people will actually spend more money on this franchise

/ss/ but with ana and and Pharah.

Hopes: It doesn't get released.
Fears: It gets released.


More players to have fun with in other games :^)

shill thread

If you scrolled 5 posts more, the answer would be obvious

>reddit the memehog
You first