Duke nukem forever leak is unfinished reddit garbage, original 2011 release is better

duke nukem forever leak is unfinished reddit garbage, original 2011 release is better

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For me it's Britney, bitch.


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hi randy!

>unfinished leak of game is unfinished
Tell me more genius

Where is borderlands 4?

it's literally unfinished you fucking retard

Why are the guns in this unfinished build much for fun to use than in the 2011 release, Randy? Why do they feel so much better?

Well maybe they should've finished it. It's clearly a worse product since it was abandoned.


what does reddit mean in this context

I told you, you fucking morons. Why for the love of fuck would you POSSIBLY think an unfinished, unpolished, prototype of of an absolutely awful game, would somehow be good? DNF didn't suck because of the health system, or the limited weapon system, it sucked because it was a rancid piece of shit.

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It means OP is mad some of the biggest gaming news in history has gotten multiple threads that could instead be taken up by more elden ring generals, /pol/ and /pol/ bait threads, and /qa/ rapefugee spam.

why so much hype and hate, it sounds like an unfinished version of the game which is just sort of a curio to look at

well baited

Remember when that major nintendo leak with dozens of games' early alphas and prototype titles came out and it got exiled to /vr/ and /vg/ after a couple days? Remember how elden ring has had dozens of threads daily, including a general titled "elden ring lore thread" on this very board for months without ever being moved to /vg/? That's why.

Yea Forums is where you discuss AAA games, reddit is where you talk about niche games

modders will finish it

I got some weird bug where the hair is rendered behind the character model, so all the women look bald. Anyone know what I managed to fuck up?

You didn't do anything. All the female models glitch out like this.

Some years ago I would've dismissed this post as bait, chuckled and moved on.
Nowadays I can tell this post is being 100% serious.
Sad times.

you also have the "deep shit galatic" or whatever its called daily generals here

Okay thanks. Some based nerd will probably fix it soon.

Sounds like you know quite alot about Reddit. Why don't you go back?

user you gotta bait better than that like say doom 3 is better

Well Doom 3 is better by virtue of being a finished game. Maybe if George would have let everyone finish the damn game back in 2002 then we could compare. Unless your wanting to compare the 2011 Gearbox game in which case, Lmao.


Sorry but you can't be serious, nice bait.
You all know what to put in the options field.
This waste of a thread = over.

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The game wouldn't have been finished in 2002
Fall 2003 at the earliest

Just an observation of the truth.
Not only are so many threads just pointless coomer threads or twitter snip threads, most of the memes now start on another site and end up here.

Where did the duke nukem forever discussions went?

SJW hater onions jannies delete the TRUE and HONEST GOTY 2022 threads and that TRUE and HONEST GOTY 2022 is THE DNF OCT 2001 BUILD

Elden Ring more like your Ring Stings becuz you're gay and only gays play Elden Ring TRUE CHAMPS play DNF 2001

Mods are MAD GAY foaming at the ASS to stop the POWER of DUKE NUKEM

What's to discuss? There's no game there. There's just the beginnings of the development of one. The release is nothing more than a curiosity.

I am very much aware of the current state of cuckchan, I left the site during the exodus, and doesn't look like I missed out on much
Have the discussions been moved to another board like /vg/ or /vr/ or another site? Did the threads just die out and that's it?

Hard bet, the threads started getting flooded by posters whining about the threads and the same retard jannies that allow dozens of elden ring generals decided this needed to be exiled or corralled in favor of more politics and soijak threads.

maybe someone has been sending DMCAs, or Abib thought DNF wasn't cultural revolution like smash and elden ring are, according to him
Maybe a bunch of sjws cried after pic related, who knows
You have a link to the last proper thread?

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What a fagot.
Who even gives a shit. This is nothing. It was casual because no one actually gave a fuck.

nah, thread this was posted in was quickly 404ed
tranny jannies upset, just like that time /lgbt/ was raided by soijakkers, so they shut down /qa/

Hey jannie, yes you
Blow it out your ass

unlike your mom after last night

I don't want casual bigotry ruining my games about indescriminate slaughter.

I'm impressed how much of the 2001 version made it into the 2011 one

>h*m*phobic slur

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>guy sees one word
>goes on an entire multipost long twit tirade
Actually insane.

>falling for it
That's a false flag post made by the OP of a thread that got 404'd earlier.

im gonna tell that guy to kill himself

>saying "faggot" has become a literal crime against humanity
>trigger warnings are now "content warnings" because of how badly they got memed
>all of this has happened over the past two years
Okay seriously what the actual fuck happened? Why are there ten times as many faggots like this compared to before 2020? Even people who used to not give a fuck started caring deeply about this stupid shit

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kek I checked his twitter and he has like a wall of nothing but rant that goes on and on about this subject, but there's only one troll response to this thread. The guy has 50 followers on his account so he basically preaches into the void.

>goes on a huge 20 tweet rant over being called a faggot in a video game cheat console

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san fransisco, where all the major tech companies that run worldwide communication + most of the US AAA video game industry, is literally the gayest city on earth

tumblr shut down and all the most prolific and vocal BPD nutcases moved to twitter, right as twitter was exploding in popularity

the same BPD nutcases, being unsuitable for anything but self-fellating academia, also started rapidly taking professorships around this time

2014 culture war exploded into the 2016 election, nobody learned anything and fully embraced tribalistic "the other side are inhuman and deserved no mercy" over trivial issues

wealthy financiers with carnegie-style guilt emphasize investing in "socially beneficial" companies, who game the systems as hard as they can for extra cashflow

lots of other things too. complicated situation

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reddit wasn't even invented yet, zoomer baby
blow it out your ass

game devs forgot how to make games after 2003

sauce pls

>the leaks are fake. It's never coming out
>it's a fake link. It's dolphin porn
>It's actually CP. You're going to jail
>Ok, it's real but it has CP in the backgrounds
>It's not the best build, that's the 2003 one. This is just the shittier version
>Nobody cares about this unfinished game. DNF2011 is the better game
Predict the next cope

>its a made up fake leak to shut you guys

And we all pretend it's absolutely not the game devs desperately trying to get Yea Forums to give a damn about their rinse & repeat turd of a game.

>It's not the best build, that's the 2003 one. This is just the shittier version
this is true
im happy with 2001 anyway though

Anyone have a link to the thread of the initial leak? would be nice to see peoples reactions to realizing it's legit.


>t. Randy

>A finished game is better than an unfinished product that was never released
lol, I would hope so.

I've missed quite a few threads since the first one a few days ago, is the version that's been leaked different from the one the leaker group said they would release in June?