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Oh my god, open world game number 2931 sold well? Gaming is saved


>13 million in 5 weeks
A lot lower than what most people here were expecting.

viglets seething

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lmao BandaiNamco themselves only counted on 4 million during that timeframe.
ER unironically outsold Skyrim by a fairly substantial margin during the first weeks.

i'll be honest, i was expecting 15 million after that launch. sales seem to be very front-loaded

but now, 3 months have passed and probably have 15 million

Don't lie, you're the same kind of idiot that fell for this dumb bullshit, you definitely thought it would be even higher at this point just a week ago. Every time someone here says it sold x amount you may as well share off a majority of that estimate into a smaller figure.

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who gives a shit lol
false-flagging toddler thread

>ER unironically outsold Skyrim by a fairly substantial margin during the first weeks.
Sure? The gaming market is bigger now, that isn't surprising. Skyrim didn't come out last year, it came out 11 years ago. A better comparison would be Fallout 4 if you're trying to compare relatively recent games, in which FO4 "wins" because it sold more in a much smaller timeframe. 12 million within 48 hours
>inb4 that doesn't cout because of shipment
Elden ring's sales are also shipments, so this would be a horrible rebuttal.

But the real question here is why you even needed to bring up Bethesda.

there's nothing refuting the first two reports. 13,5 refers only to 1 month. it has been out for almost 3

I was gonna read this cope but I just couldn't

Sales at full price mind you

Has steam spy ever been right?

>13,5 refers only to 1 month.
No, it doesn't. The updated sales figure was as of the 31st of March. The game came out on the 25th of February. that's 5 weeks, not 4.


dude maybe you should not look at the Nintendo Game Sales.
Elden Ring is Multiplattform with 13 Mill.

Nintendo alone has over 10 Exlusive Games that have more than 13 Million.
and the top 6 over 20 million.
the top 3 over 30 Million.

It used to be, but that was years ago. For some reason idiots still flock to it.

Hurray, we can expect more Soulsshit in the future, instead of a new Armored Core, or an actual good nu From game, like Sekiro. It's all empty open worlds and trashy Souls combat from here on out. I hope you fags are happy.

Botw sold 3.84 million copies during the first month across two platforms.

Of course, since ER has by far the deepest combat of any FROM game.

>i'll be honest, i was expecting 15 million after that launch
And who exactly are you?

How is it not at 20m yet? Name a more hyped, discussed and well received multiplat game in the last decade. RDR2 is at 40m and it wasn't as popular in online discourse. Biggest release of 2022. What are the 300+ million Steam, PS and Xbox users playing if not Elden Ring?

Minecraft sold more

botw launched on the wiiu and on the same day the switch came out user. there were probably less available consoles for someone to play it than ER copies now lmao

>sales = check
>metacritic = check
>awards = Soon to be check
>entirety of Yea Forums dominated = check

How MAD are fromsoft haters from Elden Ring completely taking over?

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dude that's like 3x the sales of the last game over its entire lifetime

And the irony here is that this guy is coping while saying other people are coping since he can't prove what was posted as incorrect. Classic.

sales figures are meaningless. mindless NPC sheep buy the game because it is popular, not because they have any interest in the game.


rdr2 is 16 times as old

So? That doesn't matter.

Simple, The sales are incredibly front loaded, as many people pointed out for weeks now but a bunch of fanboys got mad at this notion despite this being the case for almost every game release. Rockstar Games have abnormally good legs, they aren't comparable to other titles.

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>13 million in 3 weeks across 4 platforms
>botw 3 million in 1 month across 2, when x4 = 12 (still less)

Sorry bro, but even making up for the platform disparity, Elden Ring mogs your shittty Just Cause 2 knock off.


>RDR2 is at 40m and it wasn't as popular in online discourse.
you're joking right?

>Industry Saved
The more likely consequence of this is that future entries will be dumbed down for the masses and even broader market appeal. Celebrate this as the industry going out with a bang, rather than as a course-correction back to the right track. The more people that are attracted to something, the shittier it gets. 100% of the time.

You mean DS3? DS3 sold 10 million lifetime. That isn't 3x. You need to work on your math.
If you mean Sekiro. If you mean Sekiro than you would sitll be wrong.

I thought Skyrim, through all its iterations, had sold hundreds of millions of copies. But its more like 30 mil, all told? Way lower than I expected with how its a household name.

of course it does. rdr2 sold "only" 20 million in its first year, the rest has been long-term sales

>good game sells well
>bunch of retarded companies make souless copies but fail to ever reach the same results
this is gaming ad infinitum
>Froms next game will be better than Elden Ring but won't sell nearly as much because it won't be open world meme
>Shazam trannies will use this as a means to shitpost that game into oblivion

skyrim sales are difficult to count, because there are 54895463 editions of it

paid shill thread

thats because it actually good game and not a flavor of the month trash hyped by nerds

BOTW has less content in the full game than ER has in Limgrave.
It's amazing how hard Nintendo got mogged, so much so that they put BOTW2 on ice because their last trailer made it look like a cheap assetflip.

enemy types isnt all content there is, fightdrone

Stop taking whatever these fucking idiots say as anything other than the ramblings of a deranged schizophrenic.

Eternally mad
Years from now they will still be mad.

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Is it true the button reading is so bad you can control enemies like a marionette and make them throw themselves off ledges?

even funnier for people who played Just Cause 2 a decade ago.

Seeing BotW niggers chimp out for "MUH CUHRAAAAAAZY PHYSICS GAMEPLAY" in 2017 was such an eye opener for how much they don't play games without a Nintendo Logo. Just Cause 2 literally mogs botw in every way lmao

how about i fucking kill u faggot?

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when do you think they'll release the Zanzibart DLC?

meanwhile Neil's headcannon for TLOU:
>sales = not check
>metacritic user score = score checked
>awards by hated clueless journos = checked
>hated by the entirety of the internet = checked

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most arenas don't even have useful ledges

Sure it is when Elden Rings combat mogs every other game (cope DD/NG faggot).

>b-b-b-but where's the half ass puzzles

If I wanted to play a dogshit game made by devs who try to throw in as many half baked ideas into their game as possible, I would unironically play AC Origins. Elden Ring excels at what it excels it, you can meme it with "muh roll spam" or whatever cope you have, but the fact is, BotW excels nowhere.

babby tier
>physics interactions
Just Cause 2 from 2009 says hi


>Bamco didn't talk about tales of sales

yup that's a bomba alright

>gamers are retarded and don't go for the better game with the better story
news at 11

>massive cope ITT saying this isnt a lot of sales
How many times do we have to prove you shazamniggers wrong?

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>Elden Rings combat mogs every other game
>this is what fromdrones actually believe

Not saying Botw is better.

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I thought it was 20 million

I don’t even play Souls games and I’m glad. Way better than something like TLOU2 or HZD dominating the landscape and directing game culture. I wish more games would steal Souls aesthetic, but not the game play so much (just a personal preference here)

DD/MH/NG/DMC/Nioh Absolutely have better combat, you're fucking deranged.

> better story
>break cover
>run through door
>get shot


I love original demon's souls and dark souls 1 and bloodborne but elden ring doesn't do much for me. It's a good game, I can tell, but I need something else now. I was looking for final fantasy game mods to refresh the experience

Cant wait for the expansions and whatever games they have planned next.

>I thought
You clearly didn't.

>13 million in 3 weeks
One month actually since this is the report up to march 31
>4 platforms
isn't it 5? PS4, PS4, xbone, series x and PC?
>across 2
as I told you it came out the exact same day as the switch and I'm almost sure the wiiu didn't sell even 12M units

>gaming is saved because the 6th copypaste job of demons' souls with a shitty open world tacked on made money

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No. More gimmicks != better, fraction of the enemy variety.


Never played it.


Debatable, because, again, more gimmicks isn't better per say and enemy variety is far lower.

what a shitshow

I never played elden ring because I don't have money to buy it.

>spam weapon arts
>summons the imps the game gave you until you can use the mimic
>destroys the entire game
it's by far the easiest souls tho


You can literally play the whole game over-encumbered where you're not allowed to roll or jump and rely only on shields + spear pokes and still manage to have an OP build by the end.
That's how robust all the mechanics and items are.

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>muh gimmicks
How does this detract from the game and its combat?
>muh enemy variety

>Fromdromes think this is good gameplay

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>Just Cause 2
the physics there are shit tho

>Guard Counters were not made for boss combo spam.
There are a bunch of bosses where shielding and guard counters are very effective.

Lmao, Bethesdrones and tendies Coping and Seething.
RDR2 had awful legs for the first year.
It passed 25m copies in 15 months despite reaching 17m in its first month.
Elden Ring will break 25m before the year is over. Elden Ring is still having more presence than RDR2 in the same timeframe.

>this is what fromdrones actually believe
Yes and it's true.

name a game with better combat
>Dragons Dogma
Vocations are a joke with objectively less variety. The only thing with EVEN LESS variety is the enemy variety which is BotW levels
>Ninja Gaiden
KEK. Babbies first Contra

Devil May Cry is a poor mans Tekken. Somebody too trash to play PVP so they resort to this dogshit and dead gaming franchise.

Stay mad. Stay dilating, stay transgender
See above
>Monster Hunter
>DMC See above

Stay mad and stay absolutely DICKLESS YOU TRANNY FUCKING FAGGOT

Now we just need to purge the gym-going, sex having and non-neet FAKE GAMERS from our mist.

Pic related, this is what true gamer performance looks like.

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Yes, but why is it frontloaded? It should have better legs given its critical reception and word of mouth.

>braindead spam good when souls
really? also
lol, lmao even

>One month actually since this is the report up to march 31
Ok, so it still beats out BotW. Gotcha
>isn't it 5? PS4, PS4, xbone, series x and PC?
Wrong. Series X got counted with Xbone.
>as I told you it came out the exact same day as the switch and I'm almost sure the wiiu didn't sell even 12M units
Who cares.

Elden Ring sold more, will continue to sell more and Yea Forums has turned into Yea Forums - Elden Ring


Oh yeah, I can't wait for more AAA devs to haphazardly try to implement Soulsborne combat, worldbuilding style and difficulty curve into their games for the next few years. I'm sure the majority won't take the worst elements from these games without really understanding how to make them work with the rest of their game. I'm also simultaneously fully convinced that FROM's next games won't be progressively more and more watered down and risk averse as their budget and development times grow to match the size of their audience.
Yes, the industry truly feels saved.

cool. Still better than all of yoour games

still not even close to mario kart deluxe 8 or fortnite numbers.

it will never pass rdr2 user
>but if we spam threads about it people will remember it
funny that it already stopped

Yes, there are several puzzle dungeons in ER, like the one with 20 teleporter chests or all the ones with the instant death Chariots you have to avoid.

Try playing the game.

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I really don't even understand how Mon Hun fags keep trying to interject their combat that has even less variety, even worse enemy/boss variety (somehow) and even worse AI alongside Souls games.

Monster Hunter is an MMO that was too irrelevant to hold a concurrent playerbase above 1M. Elden Ring is way better

no, just that one Night's Calvary. though, you can still get some enemies to chase you off a ledge because of their pathfinding. even so, there's only a few notable instances.

>More AAA devs try to copy ER
>fail horribly
>lose even more money than dice with 2042
How is this a bad thing

>Kazuma Hashimoto
holy fucking turbo weeb??!

>Be Elden Ring chad
>hate the game
>love how mad it has made tendies and BotWfags
>Shill it at every turn

Any other chads like this? I've never seen a fanbase so easily mindbroken than tendies when you mention Elden K(dogshit)ino

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More than half of those games are garbage like pokemon bought by retards

This, everyone was saying RDR2 had bad legs, only RDR Online, discounts and the PC version helped to move the needle.

>30 mil
Uhh yeah back in 2016, and right when the special edition had just come out. It's easily over 40 million by now, which is far more than Elden Ring will ever reach.

thats actually crazy if you guys dont understand because its only been 3 months

>he does it for free

You idiots said it would be 3x higher by now.

>he does it for free

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You do know OPs article is after 4 weeks? 3 weeks was 12 million, kek.

Elden Ring is 100% at 17-20 mill by now and it will NEVER slow down. Cope

How many westoid devs is seething right now?

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