Can play MHW

>can play MHW
>can play MH Rise
>can emulate all classic MH games
>portable like MH was intended to be
Here's your perfect MH gaming device bro.

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ok mickey

ok randy

why are you wearing gloves? Are you gay, a nigger, or both?

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Why not just use a PC like a normal person?

Gloves? Are

Steam Deck is a PC just portable dumbass.

Handler getting impregnated by great jagras jizz in high quality portable devices!

Because obviously I go outside and have social interactions while I game. Gotta have the portability so I can play on my couch or under the sheets at night in bed.

A shittier one with a tiny screen. Only people who should be playing portables are children and adults who literally have no home free time, always on the go, can't even use a laptop.

Too big and not very portable. Same issue that the OG Switch has.

>social interactions while I game
so like you go to parties and then just sit there playing a portable device like a nerd?

It's portable if you aren't a manlet.

Don't care. I visit family and friends a lot. It's nice being able to bring my deck and nothing else.

>not very portable
Are you weak? Is it too heavy for you? Even the switch was perfectly portable.

The controls aren't really suited for action games and if I'm going to use a controller I might as well play on PC.

>I'm forced to visit friends and family but I cannot engage with them directly due to austism so I must bring a portable gaming device so I don't sperg out

Why are they not suited for action games? I played Hollow Knight on it with no issues.

I don't wear XXXL size clothes so I can't fit a Switch or a Deck into my pockets.

You know how I know you don't have friends or family? You've clearly never spent days with them in the living room playing videogames and just chilling out. You think hanging out with friends is like the movies where it's all talk and there's no downtime.

Also the steam deck is great for multiplayer games. Load up all the Mario Party games, old GameCube and PS2 multiplayer games, and play with your friends.

Ytber is a jab who does benchmark tests for the deck

MH wasn't intended to be portable. I started the series on PS2.

>he doesn’t have Gamer Gloves for optimal performance

yikes, bro. do you even own ANYTHING with RGB? or are you another filthy casual?

user, that's not how normal people interact with their loved ones. I'm sorry if this is a shock to you.

>manlet cargo shorts wearing fatass only wants handhelds that fit in his pockets
kek, stick to the DS kiddo.

no, monhun was not meant for claw grip. I got sick of that shit on the PSP. Give me a controller

Switch fits in normal pockets if you detach the joycons. At least if you wear men’s clothes it does

>he doesn't have family and friends that enjoy video games
I unironically feel bad for you. Yeah just stick to your PC in your room, no one wants to play games with you anyways.

>angry and projecting

>It started on PS2!!
well good thing not all of us have terrible memory like you. It went to portable consoles and Japanese players would play with each other while walking around or in the office.

More like pity. What do you do when you hang out with friends? Read books? Hahahhahaahaha

>portable like MH was intended to be
MH, if anything, is one of the games that are worst for mobile gaming.
It's mission based, it takes time, and if you quit/fail the quest halfway you need to do it all over.
Even elden ring is more mobile friendly due to you being able to stop anytime you want, even if you're in the middle of a fight, since you only lose souls and you can restart where you died within minutes.

Speak for yourself dumbass. I was playing Freedom Unite with my friend in middle school on PSP during lunch break.

MH games have a pause feature for a reason, dumbo.

Directly interact and engage with them like a normal, adjusted human being.

Playing games with friends is directly interacting with them. Arguably moreso than just chitchatting about politics and the weather.

Go get some friends incel.

>goalpost shifting to specific gaming gatherings rather than the initial premise of normal hanging out

>normal hanging out
Yes, that includes playing games together. What's "normal hanging out" to you? Watching Netflix and talking about the current thing?

Lol, if you're gaming then you're not going to be bringing some baby portable

Why not? It can play any worthwhile multiplayer game, and it can emulate all classic multiplayer games.

>he RAN

It has video out you dumb sperg

Don't worry user, you can just put them in the purse that you definitely own.

>playing split screen local multiplayer games on a tiny screen looking over the shoulder of some fag with a gay little handheld

user, it's a PC. You can just play with someone else over the internet in the same house or set up a local multiplayer server. You can even hook it up to a TV and play split screen that way.

if you’re doing all that shit anyway just bring your whole ducking computer, damn

You actually have to be retarded to buy a Deck after Valve confirmed they're already making an improved version.

Dios Mio, es el abominacion del steam decko.

Yeah but they’re probably making a 3rd version after so you might as well wait for that

All I need is a Gameboy Micro.

Nah. Deck is cheaper and more portable.

You can put trucks and wheels on a deck and use it as a skatedeck. Can't do that with a laptop.

There are people still waiting for the Switch 2 lmao. Waiting for hardware is retarded. It'll be 2025 before you can even get your hands on the next steam deck, and the deck is already a good system as it is no real reason to wait

I'll buy the future version that is actually portable.

They're not going to make a Steam Deck Manlet Edition™ user. Gabe is a big guy.

Nice mittens did your husband make them for you

Yes. He's very sweet.

I'm sure the retards at Valve realize that not everyone is a fat american who use XXXXXL sized clothes with XXXXXL sized pockets.


The switch sold 120m units and it's about the same size. Even kids are bringing their switches around with them. Sounds like you're a literal midget, my obsessed 3rd world friend. I'm guessing you're a Latinx spic?

This isn't like the Switch where the hardware is shit and genuinely needs an improvement. The Deck already has pretty good hardware and software support. All you'll be waiting for is marginally better hardware and maybe some form factor changes

Yes I'm actually waiting for a handheld version of SteamDeck.

t. DCfag

The Steam Deck is handheld. Steam Deck is portable. You're just a manlet from Mexico. Gabe isn't going to bend his knee to you, Juan.

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