4k Resolution feels like a scam

So I finally purchased a 4k TV and I gotta say I am gravely disappointed. The difference between 1080p and 4k is pretty minimal, especially if you are sitting farther away from the TV. I also have 20/20 vision so there's no way it's my poor eye sight.

Most games also struggle to run past 60-70 FPS.

Will 8K be when you could actually start seeing an upgrade like we did from 480 to 1080?

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>like we did from 480 to 1080?
oh no he skipped 720p.
anyway you should have gotten tv with good hdr. compliments 4k well

You need a really big TV for it to matter at all. 8k will require an even bigger TV to notice and it will run games 4x as poorly as 4k.

high refresh rate > 4k

Lol I have a 4k TV and can't even tell the difference between it and my 1080p monitor. I stopped caring about screen resolutions because of having one.

How big is your TV?

depends entirely the game developer / engine. anything on console will still look like shit, because all the developers on there use these tools like speed tree and auto LOD, that look like shit whatever the resolution.
but if you play pure PC only games, that are not some asset flip trash, they are designed to scale up, and the difference is worth it.

this. fuck 4k

Don't run at native res you idiot

>So I finally purchased a 4k TV and I gotta say I am gravely disappointed.
Most of old 1080p TVs have (at 60hz) 20ms+ or even 30ms+ input lag and much slower response times
Modern 4K TV has about 10-11ms at 60hz (Sony is often slower and has 15ms) of input lag and have faster response times, even if you use it at 1080p it's an improvement.

>I also have 20/20 vision so there's no way it's my poor eye sight.
20/20 is still worse than the average person, so it might be your eyes.
>Will 8K be when you could actually start seeing an upgrade like we did from 480 to 1080?
If you can't tell the difference between 1920x1080 and 3840x2160, then you're not going to see any real difference going to 7680x4320

That's why. A 4K monitor is much more noticeable because the pixel density is much higher on a smaller screen.
4K is still a scam though when 1440p exists. On my 27in monitor I can't see the pixels of my monitor at 1440p and I get high refresh rates and good FPS. Why would I ever want a higher resolution? What I would prioritize in a monitor is good refresh rates, HDR and things like that.

You are absolutely correct. Mind you, the improvement is there, but it's more and more meaningless these days. There's legitimately more practical difference between 720p and 1080p than between 1080p and 8K.

There are basically no monitors with good hdr and you'll probably want 4k for 32" and above.
32" with 1440p is like the same as 24" 1080p when it comes to dpi

If you can't see much difference between 1080p and 4K, 8K isn't going to be any better.
The important thing is how much of your field of view the screen takes up, which is a function of size and viewing distance. I have a 32" 4K monitor which I sit very close to, and the difference between 1080p vs 1440p vs 2160p is very obvious. On a more distant TV, unless it's really huge, the extra resolution isn't going to matter as much. I'd suggest running your games at 1440p or 1800p to improve framerate.

Make sure you have HDR turned on and properly calibrated. That's going to make a much bigger difference with barely any performance hit.

>especially if you are sitting farther away from the TV. I also have 20/20 vision so there's no way it's my poor eye sight.
It's absolutely poor eyesight. Not yours, but humans in general.

The vast majority of 4k screens sold are objectively scams. If you buy a 27" monitor, or a 40" TV, you are being scammed, because your eyes physically can't resolve individual pixels at that distance.

Minimum monitor size for 4k is 40". Minimum TV size is 65", with 80" making more sense for most living rooms.

For HDR, do I upgrade to W11 or use Special K for natively unsupported HDR games?

4K only makes sense at 48". Which is basically a TV.

>PC Gamers
>2k graphics card
>20 inch monitor

never not be funny.

Windows 11 is fucking atrocious, so..

>console gaymurs
>tiny fov
never not hilariously sad

This could blow your mind: put your fingercloser to your eye and it magically gets bigger!

so increasing the FOV on a PC hooked up to a tv impossible for some reason? your just outting yourself as a displaylet. PC gamers with 2k graphics cards and TVs are based though.

Why would you use a TV when you choose to sit at a desk? I don't play consolitis third person action trite, most of my games are not fit for a TV.

>The difference between 1080p and 4k is pretty minimal
instead of buying a monitor you should go visit the eye doctor, you're clearly blind

A 24 inch 1080p or 27 inch 1440p is all you'll ever need.

It is minimal. Claiming otherwise only tells me that the first resolution jump in your life was from 1080p up. You don't know what a real resolution leap is.

my first pc had a monochrome monitor at 80x25 lines connected to hercules graphics card
in my current pc I have a 4k monitor as main display and 1080p secondary side by side and the difference is day and night
you are blind, those are the facts

Horrendous ppi, but for wangblows and a lot of (older) games it is the most practical thing.

>Horrendous ppi
Zoomer, computers are built around an expected PPI of 96. Going higher is a bad thing.

ok, retard

Higher resolutions on smaller screens like a tv doesn't matter much since the entire point of higher definition is to enable bigger screens.
You notice it on a monitor though since you sit so close, but unless you've got the money to just casually buy it it's not really worth it since the upgrade really isn't relative to the price increase.

Here's the harsh truth. If the game you're playing is engaging, it'll take at most 5 minutes to forget all the technical stuff like resolution.
If you keep thinking about resolution, you're simply playing a mediocre game where nothing can compel you but specs.


user, it is.

nah I liked Kirby but it was pretty ugly. Anytime I notice individual pixels I'm taking out of it which happens any downtime in the gameplay.

Here's the harsh truth
Higher resolutions and framerates always make everything better. If you keep saying "you shouldnt go over x res and y fps" you're just a coping poorfag lol

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Sounds like you need to see an optometrist. Your vision is clearly not 20/20 if you can't tell the difference between 1080 and a resolution four times greater.

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Robot take. You convinced yourself that this shit matters when it doesn't. Resolutions have reached the "good enough for all purposes" point 20 years ago and benefits since then have been superficial.
>Hey, what did you like about this game?
>Oh bro, the resolution was the best part bro!

>greater latency
>higher response time
>anything but bargain bin ONN trash will have post processing you have to disable to even slightly lessen latency and response time
I am, right now, surrounded by
>1366x768 work laptop
>1080p television being used as a monitor (only true 1080p in vga and coax cable mode)
>1080p monitor
>1280x1024 monitor
>two 2560x1440p monitors
Big surprise, the 1440p monitors look the best and sharpest. Only the blind could look at each of them and not notice any difference. That's not even getting into how much you can actually put on a screen at higher resolutions. This bluestacks window is 1080p. You fill your screen with this. I have so much free space around it.

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You almost had an argument but then you showed a tranime phone game on your PC.
Just... lmao, my man

Is 1440p a meme though, because I feel like THAT is a stopgap?

Anime website, r/the_donald rapefugee.

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There's little point going higher at desk viewing distances. If you get a screen large enough to consistently notice the benefit of 4K over 1440p, you'll be moving your head left and right to see it all.

Ehh, I don’t really see it as a stopgap if we:re talking about 27 inch monitors. No need for OS scaling at that size, looks sharp and is easy to run on modern GPUs. Obviously 4K is objectively better if we disregard all performance concerns, but ultimately the difference is so minimal at that screen size that it’s not exactly something to worry about. 32 inches and more, however, and then 4K starts getting relevant in monitors too.

you're so embarrassing

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higher refresh rate makes a game simply more immersive and more enjoyable
if you think stuttering or screen tearing won't ruin my immersion then I don't know what to say to you

It's a "meme" insofar as everything poorfags can't afford is a meme.

Go back.

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Uhh, sweaty.. LG OLEDs are a thing.
27" 1440p is practically the same ppi as 24" 1080p, so it won't look better unless you sit further away.

That's weird. I went from 1080p to 1440p and the difference was night and day.

>so it won't look better
27'' still fits entirely in your field of view at a desk, so while it's the same PPI, you simply have more screen space with no downside.

if you think it's a stop gap you're mentally retarded
it's the ultimate sweet spot 27 inch screen fits perfectly on most desks and you get higher refresh rate for half the price of some 4k monitor that will be shit anyways because you're paying so little for a luxury product
1920x1440 is perfect for old games and even esportfag games if you play them
only reason 1440p can upset you if you have autism over 1080p not being native which in case go fuck yourself because it makes 0 difference because of bit rate but 720p content will always look better than it did on a 1080p screen

Apparently a 3090 can get like 120fps on 4k vidya. In the future a mid-high tier card could do the same.

>g-g-go away please
typical low testosterone anime poster

How come Atelier Sophie 2 shits the bed when I try to run the game in 4k resolution?
The only thing my new 4k monitor is good for is watching prerendered 4k MMD videos.

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because it's a meme resolution

Speaking of 1440p, does 1440p look the same on 4k monitor as it does on a 1440p monitor with exactly 1440p pixels?

Go back to your culture war hangout, tourist.

Because you need to have an actual GPU capable of pushing 4k and that game to do so.

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I don't know what you're asking here. If you run it in a window, sure. If you scale it to full screen, you get some minor artifacts.

So, I regret buying a 4k montior
If I change my 4k monitor's resolution to 1440p
Will it look the same as a 1440p monitor built exactly for 1440p?
Both monitors are 27inch too.

Probably won't see much of a difference at that size.

>Will it look the same as a 1440p monitor built exactly for 1440p?
No, you'll have scaling issues. This is why you should've done some basic fucking research to begin with and bought a 43" monitor like everyone with half a brain cell.

Sell it to another retard and get a cheaper 1440p monitor if you're scared of having something bigger than 30 inches on your desk.

oops thought I was in Yea Forums for video games for a second there. I'll leave you to your anime faggotry

I was worried about buying a 32' 1440p monitor because of the whole PPI thing but after buying I realized I was retarded and falling for even more retarded memes

if I go for 4k I expected 40+

That's stupid. If you regret it that much, sell it and buy something smaller. These aren't CRTs. They don't have CRTs' one and only benefit: crisp image at any resolution. Your shit is going to be blurry because you're below native res.