You: Fagot

>You: Fagot

Duke 2001 is pure SVOUL

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Oh the humanity

god I hate everything about faggots

Don't like it? Don't be a faggot.

i hate this gay earth, giving faggots a soap box was a mistake


even hardcore liberals in 2001 called each other faggots
stop being a faggot about it



faggots need their skulls caved in

Nuke America

Wait why is "homophobic" censored ? Isn't that homophobic?

actual comedy

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>even hardcore libshits who bent the knee to right-wingers in 2001 called each other faggots
don't care about them

We were robbed anons.


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Didn't something like this happen with Ion Fury too? It's funny how the same faggots who will bitch about devs working over time will start screaming at those devs for having some fun. Faggots are literally the worst.

Why are they like this?

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>a fig leaf to hide his entire masculine glory.


I hate that people can look at stuff from a different time where pop culture was completely different and apply it to today's rigid and whiny culture, get fake mad with other people to appear like a good person, and then fuck other people over

Homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals are literally pawns of S*t*n.

Liberals used to actually be liberal but when they took social dominance at the end of the 2000s under their messiah Obama ha they went full leftist authoritarian about everything. Remember the 'watch what you say' campaign to get people to stop saying faggot or gay, that's where it all started when people allowed their speech to be controlled and now here we are.

And he wouldn't have Adam's Wimpy willy either; it'd should have been a big American sasuage!

>Twitter outrage has gotten so out of control that someone is having faked outrage over a 20 year old, unreleased, outdated (in this case it's known there's another build from 2002), cancelled, unfinished, leaked build of a video game calling the player a cheating faggot for using a bunch of cheats

the funniest part about it is that by censoring the language like that, it makes it so that people who have filtered the actual word will still see the content

trying to be woke and censoring "problematic" words ends up actually harming people who are actively trying to avoid the words

>look up the account
>it literally just has one reply
>it's literally just the OP replying to himself
>guy barely even has a hundred followers anyway

Do you faggots just spend all day on twitter looking for things to be upset at and then bring it to Yea Forums?

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Holy shit that's brilliant. Brb spamming n****r on twitter.

>Losing your mind over an videogame build old enough to drink having a mean word
Burn twitter.

Just don't be a faggot lmao

What a fag.

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>tweet from an hour ago with no likes/replies from literal who
this is definitely not OP

KEK go fuck yourself twitter tranny

i hope the fag gets murdered




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Good, maybe it'll repel them from picking up the game themselves and will be a good slice of exclusive Yea Forums kino.

>implying that OP and the fag in the screencap aren't the same guy
what do you think user?

Douk didn't want God to feel jealous.

Elon can be trusted to clean that AIDS-ridden sewer, or he is also part of "them"?

OP is 99% the guy who made the tweet.

why do people use the slur "f*gg*t"
instead of "two males plunging thier penises into each others shit filled holes, often causing internal bleeding leading to high transmission of deadly diseases like aids"?

Perhaps you've posted too much, OP. Come back in 3 days!

I like how he doensn't mention the porn stuff in the game because its also partly jailbait.

Classic lefty.

How else will he get followers?

Blame the mods for not instabanning all threads that start with a Twitter screen cap, it's clear some group of retards make shit Twitter posts so they can make shit threads on Yea Forums about it. A certain group of asshurt niggarells.

This is the result of the industry taking in too many people who think everyone needs to be on their best goody two shoes behavior in the office and never say or bond over ANYTHING that might offend someone somewhere sometime.
Meanwhile, workplaces full of "rampant toxicity and bigotry" are actually getting shit done until some faggots come in to police people and make the office environment miserable for everyone but them, the anchor dragging the company down.

Yeah, it annoys the shit out of me. Genuinely speaks of a lack of empathy, or perspective or something. They can't imagine being anyone but who they are right here, right now. It's incredibly close minded thinking, which is the irony of it all.

it's supposed to be a classical painting, not a photo.

dont fall for such obvious bate. there are better things to do in life than getting angry over screenshots of fictional people.

Said the Yea Forums poster

I would rather kill this guy in Minecraft

>Do you faggots just spend all day on twitter looking for things to be upset at and then bring it to Yea Forums?
Are you just realizing this is how Yea Forums cherry picking works?

>very real danger
>being called a faggot

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This sounds like something someone from here would say ironnicaly, so probably is just OP itself.

>if you were not privileged
It is the privilege of anybody to stop being homosexual, it's not you who is hated, it's your behavior, simply stop it.

What do you expect him to do?

>It is the privilege of anybody to stop being heterosexual, it's not you who is hated, it's your behavior, simply stop it.
Thoughts on this statement?

>be gay
>call people faggots all the time
>find it hilarious when someone actually calls me a fag
When did everyone become a fucking pussy

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say it then faggot

>I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck
wow kinkshaming... 2001 sucked

He's a delusional, emotionally stunted manchild. The only qualities he has is being a living advert for his companies and pissing off the leftoids.
But seeing the sudden reaction of the media and desperate attempt to stop him, I hope something fun happens.

How about society is in very real danger because casual faggotry was allowed to roost for so long?

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Why doesn't he just do it if he wants people to die so badly?

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Heterosexuality isn't wrong, if you hate what is not wrong that probably means that you are twisted, perverted, probably evil. But yeah it is the goal of those groomers and perverts to convince children to become homosexuals, they don't reproduce they recruit and apostasy for their cult is not allowed.

was I too young to understand it then, or was the world just legitimately more harmonious 20-25 years ago?
Feels like everything has gotten worse. Legitimately feels like people just got along better in the late 90s than we do now.

>type "You = faggot" in the console
>whine on twitter
>screencap again
>post on /vpol/ for street cred
>aut-right/ /pol/ / nuright/etc. are terrified of even saying anything like this
>their enemies have the courage to say this on twitter with their own name attached

Privileged to not suck and fuck cocks? What?

>find it hilarious when someone actually calls me a fag
Everyone is careful to not offend anybody. I called someone a fag at work years ago and someone across the room got offended and confronted me about it despite not being gay.
I genuinely dont want to get my ass beat by 8 white folks because i call my nonblack friend a nigger outside of earshot range.

Yeah, I wish their insane persecution fantasies were real.

It actually was.

phones ruined society having to take the effort of making a computer made it so only those who were dedicated got on the internet

there's no such thing as alt-right faggot, it's a catch all for anything not left

better ban that south park episode

Faggot sounds gay tho, i always say fag or gay, btw your mom gay

yes it's a catch-all term, just like right or left

GameWej is a strange way to spell fagot.

Are the people posting this children? How do you just completely ignore the fact that this word was much more commonly used in 2001?