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Why can't the Tarnished get laid?

Tarne Ished canonically has sex with the albanauric woman.

So why did you post Vaati

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Why is it called lore when people just talk about their fanfic of some one off characters with no plot relevance and few lines of dialogue?

that logo is ugly as fuck

>*pushes up glasses* erm actually tarne ished has sex with albanauric woman
you sound like a frickin nerd dude

That's what lore usually is.

What if Zanzibart is not actually Zanzilord, but instead, he's covering up for the Myrmidon because he never wanted to be king?

love it that 2 months later release we still don't know shit about the story

have you noticed that each demigod with a throne is meant to represent a planet?
elden ring is full of hermetic symbolism
marika-radagon is rebis
malenia is mercury/hermes
ranni is obviously the moon
miquella is venus(that also happens to be the morning star/lucifer)
elden lord is the sun
radahn is mars
jupiter is godwyn and saturn likely rykard

What? There's basically no mysteries left besides a small handful of things left intentionally ambiguous. All the main things are solved.

ok vaatidrone

What don't you know about?

There's a tree in eastern limgrave that makes a unique sound when you hit it

>namecalling on a blue board
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The Erdtree is an invader, a perversion of the pre-existing natural order in TLB. It is reallity controlling and has completely set up it's domain
Was in the hands of a different outergod that presides over deathbirds and Mariners. The Erdtree boxed them out and now claims all the souls for itself. There is an underworld of death in elden ring.
>The crucible
Has always existed before the erdtree and Elden ring, some remnants of it are the ancestors, the elden ring seized upon the crucible and used its energies to make the erdtree
Were some esoteric thing that could dictate fate and predict the future, the elden ring boxed them out and tried to manhandle them into taking over that shit too

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there's already one up you fucking homosexual

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>malenia is mercury/hermes
cant see that

Vaatividya is such a homo. Every video is something like "this character was in love with another character and then they died, isn't that so sad"

nvm just noticed she uses the same kind of cape and winged helm

Explosive Ghostflame:
>Sorcery of the servants of Death.
Strike the ground with the staff, triggering an explosion of ghostflame that burns the surrounding area.
>In the time when there was no Erdtree, death was burned in ghostflame. Deathbirds were the keepers of that fire.
Twinbird Kite Shield
>Shield featuring a vividly painted twinbird. The twinbird is said to be the envoy of an outer god, and mother of the Deathbirds.
There are shit tons of undead in Elden Ring but the GO doesn't give a shit about them because only TWLID can't have their souls return to the roots, which has the GO aping out like faggots because they won't get stuffed in the GW's mouth.

Great Horned Headband
>The ancestral followers keep their distance from the Erdtree, awaiting new buds. They are certain to sprout from their very flesh, and indeed, their souls.
Mottled Necklace
>A vividly-colored accoutrement precious to the ancestral followers.
>Said to be a budding horn. The ancestral followers believe that the horns of a long-lived beast continue to bud like antlers, over and over again, until the beast one day becomes an ancestral spirit.
Budding Horn
>A rarely-seen specimen of a young, budding horn. Material used for crafting items. Found by hunting herbivorous beasts.
>This horn began to sprout on a beast that typically bears no horn. Perhaps it's a vestige of the primordial crucible.
The Erdtree/Elden Ring is not the originator of the crucible.

Celestial Dew:
>A hidden Tear found in the Eternal City.
>Once upon a time, the stars of the night sky guided fate, and this is a recollection of those times.
>Astrology tool used by members of the Carian royal family. A stolen part of a larger instrument.
>During the age of the Erdtree, Carian astrology withered on the vine. The fate once writ in the night skies had been fettered by the Golden Order.
All the fucking dialogue in the trailers and cut intros say the Elden ring has commanded the stars

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>radahn is Mars
I thought I was the only one who noticed that
>red place
>full of dust and sand

Outer God (maybe) > Elden Lord (3) > Empyreans/Beings chosen by outer gods (Mohg, Malenia, Placidusax) > Marika/Radagon > Maliketh > Demigods
Is this correct?

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required reading for newfriends

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You just dont understand the story of zanzibart and his loyal doggo.

makes sense since the last two left but not considered among the classical planets are uranus (morgott, god of sky and/or the place jupiter aka godwyn was meant to rule) and neptune (mogh, that happens to use a trident too)

What a joke. Imagine still discussing """lore""" of a game that doesn't have any, making up headcanons off the world decorations and item descriptions that don't mean anything.

Epic headcanon, wrong though sorry.


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How does this game know Im a virgin and why is everyonr calling a Virgin?

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which part is headcanon?

the only part that is even slightly speculation is how the GEQ specifically used the RoD but literally nothing in the image depends on that speculation being true

not exactly lore but people might find it interesting. I wonder how many people noticed the map changes


Calling me*

Is this suposed to be a power ranking?
Because if so, it's wrong.


Every time I see this guy's logo, I always think the nose is a little smile. Ironically better that way, doesn't look as pretentious.

I hate vaatinand the faggot with the dragon profile picture.
Bloated rambly garbage that doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Ainsel and Siofra refer to elves/fae so the denizens of the underground were definitely elves. As for numen, im not sure if they are elves or they were elves interbreeding with humans


yup, plural of elf

Siofra means elf

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Elden lords are the consorts of Gods (Empyreans who were chosen as vassals for an outer god). Mohg is not an empyrean, but wanted to be an elden lord by becoming Miquella's consort and having him be the vassal of the formless mother. Placidusax was elden lord, so the consort of a God that was a vassal of some outer god (some people say it was the greater will, others say some dragon outer god). His god left him and took the kids.
And I'd say that gods are stronger than elden lords

I studied every artifacts and ruins and architectural piece in Elden Ring and Souls game and came to the realization that it was all nerd retardation

So is playing videogames, but it still is fun

its curious but logic tht miquella is venus and lucifer considering he was trying to charm everyone into being his personal army and trying to make his own erdtree (basically become god)
also haligtree symbol has a lucifer sigil on it mixed with hermes caduceus and 5 points (like the star of venus)
plus they're supossed to be the result of rebis and as such they should be somehting like aqua regia and the eternal life,
aqua regia is an orange acid (like malenias flower) that digests gold and turns it in red crystals/fluids (scarlet rot)

So does he even respond to the accusations that he steals lore stuff from here and reddit or does he just roll with it?

Is Vaati stealing ER lore like he did with DS lore when it first came out?
> B-but he apologised!
But he made his YT channel on the back of someone else who is now a nobody.

I wish there was a way to kill the Outer Gods.
The Formless Mother and Scarlet Rot specifically. They’ve caused enough pain, and their punishment is long overdue.

Gloam eyed queen


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I know what elves are user, but there's literally nothing in-game that shows elves existing.
it's just a throwback, like numen and numenorians.

Gloam-eyed wifey

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I couldn't find her

>each demigod with a throne is meant to represent a planet
>marika-radagon is rebis
>ranni is obviously the moon
>elden lord is the sun

Apparently I'm a retard, and forgot about the planets Rebis, the Moon, and the Sun

Op is retarded, he actually meant alchemical symbolism

Vaati, if you're out there you can steal Godwyn the Goldfish all you want if you make it a major part of one of your videos.

If you could commission a pic of Godwyn opening up his dress to reveal his twinkling sparkly fishscale flesh underneath, Twilight style, I'd be sooooooo happy.

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Vaati is stealing it from idiots and is wrong about everything. See

>mending runes are just laws

Legal laws schizo

Some lore for reddit ponies

general tranndahn summary
>can't even do his only job properly and hold "stars", Fallingstar Beasts are still everywhere, fresh craters
>after death all the "stars" fall down, but don't even damage the country, 1 tiny hole that opens path to Nokron is laughable, holds bags of harmless debris in reality
>defeated like a bitch with 0 difficulty offscreen by Morgott, but didn't die and probably ran away like a coward or spared by Morgott
>failed to protect his soldiers, his lands
>failed to protect his wholesome horserino Leonard he cared about the most in his life, probably a hardcore horsefucker
>obsessed with Godfrey, simps for him so hard he cosplays his armor, probably a hardcore faggot
>can't defeat a triple amputee blind since birth female warrior x10 smaller than him who fights with only a single sword
>Cleanrot Knights >> tranndahn toy soldiers as we can see in War-Dead Catacombs
>Finlay >>>> entire tranndahn army, also not a single soldier will ever respect tranndahn the same way Finlay respected Malenia
>by far easier boss than Malenia, a baby in comparison, even random NPCs don't afraid to fight him when summoned, only Patches chickens out for comedic effect
>completely loses his mind, his legs and turns into a mumbling nigger after a few minutes of scarlet rot exposure, Malenia literally lives with it for centuries
>eaten and digested by a joke character Alexander after death
>dies like a clown to fall damage despite being le gravity magic master
>can suicide bomb like clown into water during his phase transition
>in boss vs boss NPC battle always jobs to Malenia's 1st phase despite having a free thousands of hp damage from meteor
>much less influential than Malenia, literal who in the lore
>universally liked by redditors, by far the worst fanbase of ER, filled with underages and powerlevel spics who can't stop thinking about Malenia for some reason
>is a warmonger nigger in reality, not a "hero" redditors try to picture him as

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What a suprise.
I wish I could strangle Vatti with my fucking knob.

>has no redeeming qualities of his own and is heavily aware of this, spent his entire life idolizing godfrey (who was used as a tool by marika) and radagon (tranny)
>entire personality and goals can be summed up as just trying mimic them, dresses his entire armor and hair to look like them since hes embarrassed and insecure about his own lack of accomplishments
>military weeb tries to be like muh heroes and pretends to be a general, loses in his first and only war campaign against a sewer cripple, runs all the way back to caelid
>still has the gall to call himself "general" after this
>tries to continue the civil war since the alexander the great wannabe has literally no accomplishments to his name yet
>dies again to another cripple and now spends his time shitting and eating not capable of thought

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Stop seething Maleniachud.
I don't want to encourage them.

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Why would he? We do it for free

Malenia is undefeated.

Malenia says it herself. Without any room for debate, plain and simple. That's her legendary title everyone is aware of.

Gideon the All-Knowing says it.
>[324027020] His twin, Malenia, the undefeated swordswoman.

Her sword Hand of Malenia tells you this.
>[9020000] Malenia's war prosthesis symbolized her victories.
>Some claim to have seen wings when the weapon was raised aloft; wings of fierce determination that have never known defeat.

Winged Sword Insignia talisman tells you this
>[2080] The wings symbolize Malenia and her undefeated prowess. Though she never knew relief from the accursed rot she was born into, her blade was forever beautiful—and relentless.

Cleanrot Armor, all 4 pieces, tells you they were undefeated
>[340100] Armor of the Cleanrot Knights, celebrated for their undefeated campaign in the Shattering.

One of her many cut dialogue lines
>[203904000] Is this...my first...defeat?
After the boss battle

You can headcanon. You can cope, sneed, dilate, it doesn't matter. It won't change the facts stated in the game multiple times by multiple sources.
No one ever doubts it. No item tells you otherwise.

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Hey buddy, you're supposed to wait until a Radahnfag starts posting before being a Malenia Simp.

They're both losers who lost that fight

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Now I'll watch tranndahnny tourists from reddit dilate ITT

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I accept your concession and your cope

he obviousy meant the classical planets (the 7 celestial bodies you can see with the naked eye)
including the moon and sun

>[348061000] There is something I must return to Malenia.
>[348061010] The will that was once her own.
>[348061020] The dignity, the sense of self, that allowed her to resist the call of the scarlet rot.
>[348061030] The pride she abandoned, to meet Radahn's measure.

>[349022040] She is one of my dear daughters.
>[349022050] But the rotting sickness erodes one's memory.
>[349022060] I doubt that she remembers the first thing about me.

>[20260000] I dreamt for so long.
>[20260100] My flesh was dull gold...and my blood, rotted.
>[20260200] Corpse after corpse, left in my wake...
>[20260300] As I awaited...his return.
>[20260500] I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella.
>[20260600] And I have never known defeat.

I honestly think she is brain-damaged and thinks the fight was a dream, or otherwise she unironically wouldn't have said that.

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Unironically yes.

Malenia's a literal who in the lore who's only achievments are making Godrick kiss her feet(not even takin his rune) and nuking caelid because she couldn't finish one of the easiest shardbearer by herself.
She's not even undefeated, they both lost at caelid.

Meanwhile, Radahn at least prevented ranni from slaying her two fingers early on during the shattering, as well as rendering sellen immortal for some reason.

>But the rotting sickness erodes one's memory.
its confirmed.

>one of the easiest shardbearer by herself.

Based retard chad throwing a fit about stupid shit. Fuck logical adults. Your rights end where my feelings begin. Men shouldn't be allowed to ejaculate because each sperm is a potential life you're aborting out of your ballsack.

Tell me about Godrick, why does he wear the dragon on his arm?

Vaati won

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>the anons intentionally fucking up the lore with cut content discussions only do this in vaati threads
Based fucking lads.

gameplay-wise, radahn's really fucking easy.
Lore-wise, he's far from his height considering he's holding the fucking stars at bay.

Sure, the intro says they were the strongest remaining, thruth is they were thew only ones remaining wanting to fight, and Malenia should have gone in search of Miquella instead of randomly fighting shardbearers.

Crucible good

Erdtree bad

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>randomly fighting shardbearers
it wasnt random?

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>have brain damage
>can't remember previous fights
>no memories of defeat = never defeated
Its not the most honest way to keep a no-loss record, but it works for Malenia

The tarnished wrecked his shit that’s why

The erdtree is the crucible you idiot.

Just as a caterpillar is a primordial butterfly. The crucible is the primordial erdtree

How did Fia kill D?

>we know more about Radagon's hobbies than Marika's
Now that's just weird

The crucible is a pot. The erdtree is a plant growing out of the pot.

she stabbed em

New Vaati kino when?
I need my lore fix


>[224040020] The General was blighted by scarlet rot and driven to madness, but not long ago he was hailed as the mightiest demigod of them all.
Radahn is a mid-game boss so he is scaled like shit, dragon cult knights (Godrick's dudes) are supposedly knights of the round table tier but you assrape them in stormveil as low level enemies. You can go to Farum Azula to get a good taste of how much dragon cult knights fucking assrape you.

In-game power means nothing, text and implication does. Radahn is a freight train of a demigod.

>Malenia should have gone in search of Miquella instead of randomly fighting shardbearers.
One of my favorite things to see is when people write off a character as just being mentally retarded to justify headcanon.

you accept my conception

Ah yes, and the Crucible would have always turned into the Erdtree, even if it wasn't influenced by a literal space alien.
Wait, thats retarded

>Having hobbies


Correct, she was partaking in the shattering war, it wasn't random.
Your theory is random, why is she topside if Miquella isn't? Why is she completely distracted doing something that isn't saving Miquella. Why'd she never go back? None of this can be explained logically when all the other lore can be. The game tells us she is there fighting radahn specifically, by showing her fighting radahn.
Your headcanon has been completely rejected. Props for trying to push it in a vaati thread though. I can respect that.


>The primordial form of the Erdtree is close in nature to life itself, and this spear, modeled on its crucible, is imbued with ancient holy essence.
its a pot with a tree sticking out of it

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The crucible was created by the space alien. Why do you think elden stars is the oldest crucible incantation and all depictions of the crucible show the elden ring inside it

The dagger had deathblight

What's commander O'Neill's deal? Why does he have the unalloyed gold needle? Is he a redmane? O banished knight? A cleanrot?

>who in legend
Again, there are no in game points showing elves existing. Its just basic "the before times" stuff. Numen were literally a superior race, they are remembered as almost mythically.

I’m not clicking your gay porn link