Which video girl has the nicest smile?

Which video girl has the nicest smile?

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my mom :)

Ichinose Asuna

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>tfw thought the black dot was ykw

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there's something insidious about these smiles...

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The NTR grin is spreading..

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Her smile needs to be protected

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Perun. You don't get to see it though.

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What's the context of these smiles?
It seems like its supposed to be heartbreaking


Why is she so smug?

I kid you not, she is asking Nia to take care of Rex in that scene.


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Katsuragi maybe.

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Why do women look like this?

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Great artist

their friends just told them something really funny

Cobson thread

NTR is a fetish for closet faggots

What it is about NTR that makes it so kino?

who is top right in that picture?

>Out of character doujins
Into the trash it goes.


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>Game ends
>Pyra and mythra have free reins over their relationship with rex
>Pyra seems like a massive groomer
My adult fear alarm is ringing. After nia tells Pyra about the andallyouguys rex is going to have a bad time

Okay, that was pretty good.

Imagine disliking a god-tier work of art.

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unironically from an NTR rom-com

Bullshit, Sauce me.

Stop posting NTR faces you fucking faggots

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to a faggot like you they're called NTR faces, to me they're beautiful women smiling

>inviting Nia into the harem
Uh, Pyra? The Based Department is calling you on line 1.

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That's an NTR smile.

It’s the smile they give you when they catch you peeking with a little boner

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Why do you want to get cucked

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Is that a smile? Looks more like a cruel grin.

God I need a woman to abuse me

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>see a girl smile
>immediately think of NTR
makes you think doesnt it

I'm doing a no-fap week, but this girl's smile makes me want to break not even a full 3 days in. Doesn't help that I just found an mmd of her and Mythra getting railed by a geneeric faceless brown man.

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Post it .

Come on user, you know you want to.

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i love ggyarus

No, I immediately assume she's being dared to speak to me or something. Or its a polite smile to hide her disgust.

How is this tripfag still alive, kill youreslf already geez.

Fairy leviathan

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did that guy make more of these?

Is this the "I farted" face

Girl is Ayano Sasagawa
LN is Kyori-Kan Ga Bagu Tte Iru Deatte Soku O Mochikaeri Shicha Damena No?
No idea what the LN is actually about since it only started two months ago and it has no translation.

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>The Cheerful Girlfriend With a Broken Sense of Distance

An adolescent school caste love comedy at the mercy of an overly daring girlfriend!
Sasagawa Ayano is the flower of the class. When he accidentally saves her from being picked up—
“Thank you, Fujimura.”
Since then, she brings me home on holidays, asks me to praise her like a kid, or stay and sleep over.
I thought I was enjoying my life as a loner in the shadows, but then I realized that her presence had become a part of my daily life…
I am a gloomy guy, and I never thought she would remember my name! On top of that, she became oddly affectionate toward me and started to visit…?!
“You’re coming home again today, right?”
“A loner? Then I’ll have you all to myself!”
“…Shouldn’t I think you’re special?”
He thought she was from a distant world, but now she’s zero distance away.
This is a youth caste love comedy in which he’s at the mercy of a girl who is too daring!


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