Erotic video games

What's the official positions of Yea Forums regarding erotic videogames? Can we talk about them on Yea Forums? Keeping posts SFW, ofc. Or any discussion about this kind of game must be directed to other boards?
I fell like erotic games are on the rise nowadays, especially indie and western games.
As someone who's almost exclusively plays these kind of games, I want to know others opinions about it.

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Just talk about them and let the janny seethe as usual

I hate you people

I am a fan of "erotic" videogames.

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Loli dating sims are the best!

Any recommendations user?

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bro wtf that pic this is a blue board god damn dude

Audrey best girl.

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I'm going through the /h/ threads archive and playing every single game until I find one that's fun. So far Setalia is the only good action game, albeit super simple, and I don't even like futa shit.

I'm aware that "erotic" is a very charged word on this board. But I really meaning it erotic in the broadest sense possible: from eroge games to straight up pornographic.

Not necessarily a dating sim, but Octoberween Special 2017. The highlight for me is the wholesome dialogue (as wholesome as it gets in a porn VN, at least), especially in the several endings. It hits a niche that UAB doesn't deliver, making it a very unique experience.

>play porn games
What would you gf think?

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>making it a very unique experience
That's because you only play wegs. Plenty of moege with all lolis (Onii-kiss) or one loli route (99% of the them).

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She hates it, I've been caught, brother. Not fun

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I thought Evenicle was fun, up until the mind breaking gang rape. Made me drop it entirely.

That's the only other western VN I enjoy along with UAB, though. Plus I'm talking mostly about western lolige in general which is obviously very niche.


I chafed my dick fapping, rubbed some moisturizing cream on it and now it's all warm and tingly, feels nice.

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She opened the door when I was editing one of my waifus on HF. We usually don't lock doors...

Video game erotic..........

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For me, it's Lateshifter. The writing, background and music is worth it alone

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I am still waiting for the masterlist of mods before downloading this game

the grind is worth it

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I like it when games aren't meant to be erotic but still end up being that.

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How did they get away with this?

damm, i got caught one time too, but it was just some anime titties on my cellphone

>What's the official positions of Yea Forums regarding erotic videogames?
They're ok to discuss unless a mod had a really bad day, in which case it's not. Unless it's furry. In that case, it's not ok except when mod is in a good mood and the thread mysteriously stays up for 7 hours and 400+ replies.

They didn't, this is a mod. In the vanilla game the girl refuses

>choicebox appear
>1. Leave it be
>2. Force girl

>In the vanilla game the girl refuses

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Schoolhouse by Sakakumo

>Can we talk about them on Yea Forums?
We have like three eroge threads a week dude, what the fuck?

>2. Force girl

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Talking about them is not the same as talking what they're about.

I always see those threads getting deleted. Usually the OP and subsequently posts are barely SFW though

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I liked Unteralterbach. Any other humorous games like it?

I need some games that have heartfelt romance with little girls. I don't even want to coom anymore... I just want a daughterwife...

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They don't break any rules and are on-topic, so yes we talk about them here.
If some tranny janny goes on a powertrip to delete them you simply make a new one.

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I remember Creature Reaction Inside the Ship Part 1 and Tentacular. Both are very diferent of UAB, though.

just talk about them if you want?

there's truth in these words

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That's a fantastic doujin.

Stardew Valley has the definitive daughterwife experience. Also Maitetsu.

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pic and Amaenbo gave me these feelings

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Saucenao didn't give me anything on it

>What's the official positions of Yea Forums regarding erotic videogames?
Yes, also fuck jannies.
>Can we talk about them on Yea Forums?
Sure used to be able to in the past, MGQ immediately comes to mind.
>Keeping posts SFW, ofc.
>Or any discussion about this kind of game must be directed to other boards?
Good luck with getting that to ever happen.
>I fell like erotic games are on the rise nowadays, especially indie and western games.
I'd say you see more indie western shit showing up thanks to all of group funding scams you see nowadays, but even outside of that the western market seems to be on the rise, yeah.

nah, Beli is best girl. I don't like Indian women at all, but she ticks all the right boxes

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Beli is boring.

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it's shit

Somersault by ootsuka reika. It's very romantic.

Yes, the quality of 90% of wegs are laughable and a big chunk of them are straight up scams.
But, you have to cut wegs some slack because they just in the beginning... Japanese Eroge scene has decades in advance. Looking how shitty the first japanese eroges (circa 200) were and what we have now makes me quite excited for the future of wegs.

there's a shitload of rpgmaker garbage japanese games as well though, I'd say the vast majority are shit with the occasional gem in between


Even the japanese garbage has OK art, that's my point. But regarding gameplay and story: yeah, you're absolutely right.

>HS (Honey Select)
smell you later pedos.

>tsundere archetype

Snow Daze was good. Needed something like a sandbox mode to repeat scenes with possibly different dialogue or different clothing options.
The scene where the MC jacks off on his mom was the hottest one

Snow Daze would be a 8/10 (very good) if not for the absurd drop on art quality on the last CGs. WTF happened there? Did the main artist quit?

The guy who made the game was jewing the main artist I believe.

They look so oddly familiar.

There isn't one. Some days threads will be left up, other days threads will be deleted.
It doesn't matter what's been posted in them. Could have had nothing but cropped porn, could have been nothing but uncropped porn. Could have had no images at all, and depending on the day they'll be deleted or left up.

I've never played a hentai or "erotic" game before. I don't care. Seems like there is plenty of them so I guess it's good for the people who enjoy them.

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