The PS5 launched 545 days ago. Is it time to have a serious conversation about it's lack of developer support?

The PS5 launched 545 days ago. Is it time to have a serious conversation about it's lack of developer support?
When do you anticipate the PS5 gains enough momentum to have a healthy stream of exclusives coming in?

console warriors please stay out

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exclusivity is an objectively bad thing.
>b-but they're incentives for devs to make better games
True in the early 2000s when the xbox needed to make a name for itself, hasn't been true since.

>lack of developer support
>already has about 500 native PS5 games

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>That list
What an embarrassment of a launch *says politely*

also on PC

Why not make this about Xbox which has the same if not worse problem? We're in the age of multiplats.

>no Returnal
>no Deathloop
>no Horizon
>no Ratchet and Clank

Straight up just ignoring exclusives if you want to rant about lack of support first.

For counting everything, that's still extremely low.
Switch has nearly 10x as many–9_and_A)

And? So is every other console's "exclusives"

Xbox absolutely has a similar problem, but is offering a completely different service these days so it can kind of get away with it
Returnal and Ratchet are on there dummy, Horizon and Deathloop aren't exclusive

With the sales of those games can you blame developers for not wanting to make ps5 exclusives? Returnal didn't even break a million copies.

different architecture so its harder to port. Smaller devs need to choose which one to focus on. Switch also doesn't get a lot of multiplat games that the others do but since those come to everything they dont count apparently.

PS5? More like PS4 Pro 2.

I can't even begin to guess when it'll have enough current gen exclusives to make it worth buying. Just gonna stick with the PS4 for now.

Only Yea Forums could see the PS4's forward compatibility as a negative

No it can't get away with it. There's no reason to get an Xbox if you have a PC, and I'd much rather get them from Steam because its better than the Xbox App.

We can't stop winning, Sonybros!

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>Only Yea Forums could see the PS4's forward compatibility as a negative

Its a pretty big fucking deal if all you can do to sell your NEXT GEN system is *slightly* sharper graphics.

Microsoft is in the same situation but at least they have GamePass and all their acquisitions to make them appealing to consumers.

Speaking as a lifelong Sonybro, this is the first gen I've opted to buy an Xbox instead. I could see the writing on the wall back in 2020.

>release exclusives on PC
can you faggots make up your minds?

If the PS2 was just PS1 games no one would have bought it, stoo equating them

FFXIV will not be exclusive

New systems should have new games.

clearly the only solution is for Sony to become purely a third party developer

I hope it is just so FF can die

You should see the shit on the Switch eShop.

It's true

Bibi bros. Our time is now.

holy shit 500 games you could have already played on previous systems, or on PC

please take my money sony i must consoom

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The PC industry does literally nothing BUT sell hardware on sharper and faster graphics. And they were so successful at it, Sony started porting games to it.

It’s the bare minimum

Exclusivity is fucking awful, and only tendie and xbot drones defend it

every game on there is garbage

even multiplat next gen exclusives are garbage

>When do you anticipate the PS5 gains enough momentum to have a healthy stream of exclusives coming in?
See back in the day long before you retards were even born, consoles were actually different. the NES had different architecture, programming and hardware capabilities compared to the dreamcast or the ps1. Thus a game made to run on a console and exploit its abilities and quirks couldnt run on the others. this is also why porting was rare.
Now consoles have become homogenized, everyone uses ue4 or unity, everyone has the same amd cards, etc. You literally lose out by staying exclusive.

kek wow I just looked this up, the artist Kevin Bao was fired from his studio, dropped by his agency, and has basically vanished completely from the world since this happened

Though I really enjoy exclusive games, I'm well aware that we're living an era of multiplatforms and Switch - the console with most exclusives nowadays - is the exception, not the rule. Reasons are pretty well known at this point.
So if you keep using exclusive as the most important feature on a console, everything will look bad except Switch and PC.

Even the shit on the e shop sells more than most ps5 games

Yes to both and you're the faggot

>And they were so successful at it, Sony started porting games to it.

If I was guess, I'd say Sony are porting games to PC as a way of trying to future-proof the Playstation Brand.

There will come a time when a we don't need hardware anymore. We're almost there. What happens when you can buy a TV and simply install a GamePass app the same way you do for Netflix or Disney?

How is Sony supposed to compete? Microsoft OWN half the fucking industry now.

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>Fifa got yeeted
Never ever again

What other metric is there for consoles? Graphics and performance will always be PC, mobility will now either be Switch or Deck(if you wait for years in a queue). So what does Xbox and Playstation have to stand on?

It's not rocket science: Your platform has to offer something I can't get anywhere else. Otherwise, don't waste my time.
That means, either a wealth of worthwhile exclusives or a platform that offers some kind of experience I can't get elsewhere.
Right now the PS5 can limp along by being the best way to play a bunch of multiplats but that's not going to carry it through a whole generation, especially as more and more of these games come to PC

That's the thing: I actually agree with you. Nowadays games sucks, compared to 4th-6th eras and I loved them because of those exclusive games of each console.


>So what does Xbox and Playstation have to stand on?
none. They had a presence in all those fields earlier and now have been completely outclassed. There's a reason people say PC won the console wars

Far as I know, PS5's biggest issue from a consumer perspective is just supply issue perceptions
It's gotten positive game reception but even Sony saying "go buy PS4s" in response to PS5 being tough to get is a tone setter
I work in the industry doing post production for projects and PS5 feels like more of an incremental upgrade to PS4.
It's going to quietly sell over time but it doesn't have that momentum of PS4 because of how its been marketed
Hell aside from the one I use at work I don't actually own my own PS5
I'll probably get what ever inevitable slim model comes out in the future as long as its backwards with all PS4 stuff like the current ones are
But that's the main reason I'd want one, which says a lot about the state of the system
I predict it will slowly but surely sell well

exclusives are the only games that truly sell consoles, you unbelievable faggot

>Is it time to have a serious conversation about it's lack of developer support?
What did you expect? Covid, scalpers, the chip shortage, all this shit gelled together and made it impossible for the average person to run out to a walmart and buy a PS5. If you're making a game exclusive to the PS5 during this time, you're shooting yourself in the fucking foot and you're not going to see all that much from the game's sales numbers. Even Sony knew this, that's why they hastily scraped together a PC porting department and changed the development of most of their previously-exclusive games to also be on PS4. If people could actually buy a PS5, Sony wouldn't be doing any of that shit and would have kept Horizon and God of War as PS5 exclusives as originally intended.

>Why not make this about Xbox
Why do you want the thread to be about [Other Thing] when absolutely nobody is talking about it?

cool PS4 games bro

>backwards compatible games are excluded
seriously can we report this? it's a literal lie

So exclusives are a massive detriment to the industry? Good to know you agree.

>So what does Xbox and Playstation have to stand on?
Right now? Availability and subscription models. PS+ hasn't stopped sucking ass since at least 2015. Games with Gold also sucks ass but at least you don't need to be actively subscribed to Gold in order to access any games you redeemed through it.

Convenience and price compared to pc

the most successful xbox was the 360, and during those days Microsft literally paid devs to NOT release xbox games on PC
detriment to the industry? no
detriment to consumers? yes

Isn’t gamepass just streaming games? Ps has Ps Now, which is streaming games and its getting rolled into psPlus in a month- isn’t relatively the exact same thing?
I’ve noticed over the past few months theres quite a few older games on Psnow I’d like to play again (such as FONV, MGR)

Nobody does exclusives anymore other than first-party studios that don't get a say in the matter and completely cucked jap studios like Square Enix and Atlus who do it willingly free of charge out of loyalty to the brand.
Since neither is being very productive lately (Square Enix is a gigantic mess of poor management and snoy first-party studios work with blockbuster budgets that take years to bear fruit) you end up with no exclusivity, which is a good thing.

>not inherently detrimental to the industry
Gee I wonder which breed of bug I'm talking to here

>Isn’t gamepass just streaming games
no lol

>Isn’t gamepass just streaming games?
lol no
You download the games and run them in your system, Goypass is a subscription service, not streaming.

Due to covid. Please understand.

sold 500k copies total according to Sony report to investors

oh I get it, you're a pcfaggot
I like GAMES
I don't care where they run

>likes GAMES

>Square Enix and Atlus who do it willingly free of charge out of loyalty to the brand.
Are you joking? Square Enix strikes exclusivity deals with whoever will pay them out the ass, or did you think all their games on PC went to EGS first just because they like it better?