Which one, Yea Forums?

which one, Yea Forums?

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Not enough information. We don't know how much HP we have in total, or how long the orange potion lasts.

Depends on the health pool. If I have a thousand health I'm taking the HoT every time. If I have 15 I'm taking the red potion.
Unless there's poison.

Whats my max HP?

Neither. Items are for nonbeaters.

Right while I stand still for 40 seconds

>it depends

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>or how long the orange potion lasts.

> how long the orange potion lasts.
actually we do know how long it lasts

If you don't play the game with constantly 1 hit away from death, you didn't actually play the game

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>how long it lasts

it says the rate and how much it heals, you can work it out.

Right if I'm safe, left if I'm in danger.

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Orange would be 40 seconds. Since it's .5/sec for 20 HP.

If it's easier to aquire and stacks orange is good for our of combat, red in combat

health doesn't obey diminishing returns, because there is a single point of failure (death) that renders any additional health points potentially significant

>or how long the orange potion lasts.


You mean 60

Does orange's regen stop if you take damage?

is it an instant chug or a slow-ass drink? cooldowns? satiety? not enough info op

None, I'll just dodge.

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orange potion and run away to hide till healed

Healing over time implies it's an action game so if you git gud there's no need for the 10 HP one's immediacy

Neither of the potions work with percentages of your maximum HP, only flat numbers, so knowing how much HP you have is irrelevant.
Furthermore, does Orange's regen stop if you reach max HP, meaning you can't keep healing if you happen to take damage again (you can tell I've been playing DS2)

If you're so gud at the game you won't need it at all.

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>or how long the orange lasts
bitch are you retarded?

He's posting on Yea Forums, of course he is.

>heals 20 HP at a rate of 0.5 HP/s
The wording makes it sounds like there's no time limit and if I chug it while at max HP then it will heal me whenever I get damaged

Games like diablo, path, last epoch get the red potion

ACTUAL dungeon crawl rogue likes get the orange

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I think the left one would be better to glass a dude with.

No I don't

how about this

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>knowing hp is irrelevant but if it stops at maximum hp is
holy shit Yea Forums is brain dead

I drink all three at once.

I want the mislabeled koolaid

>but what if your max hp is really high
Then right is also useless, but you wasted 40 seconds too

>rng healing
I’ve played enough darkest dungeon to know where this is going

Gud =! perfect
Also could be some unavoidable damage like a poison cloud in a battle

Smartest poster on Yea Forums

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idk man, 40 seconds for 20 hp sounds like too much even if it out of battle

you mean 41 because 0.5000000000001 is 0.6 and 0.6 times 20 is 41

Bind red potion to a button and use it as armour

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looks a little faggy for my taste but make it 30 hp and you've got a deal

left for when in combat
right when not in combat
you can't refute this

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i'm going insane

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Even more retarded when the orange potion is a choice.

But it explicitly states it will heal 20hp,

at 0.5 per second it heals for 40 seconds.

>little faggy for my taste
This enough?

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>Consumable dice rolls
no thanks.

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>dies while reading potion description

Based retard

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man, I fucking hate computers

If I'm about to die and I need burst healing I choose red because pink has a chance of not healing me and letting me die. If I'm safe and I need to recover lost health, orange is better because I get more hp on average. RNG is almost always worse unless theres a huge benefit.

Pre-drink orange right before combat. Save red for emergencies.

how do you drink the brown one?

you eat the poopoo

Am I still in combat? Left.
Am I out of combat? Right.

You younguns and your darn stupid questions.

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these threads are fucking retarded and have nothing to do with videogames

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what now idiot?

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>or how long the orange potion lasts.

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>start run
>drink blue

>so knowing how much HP you have is irrelevant.
It will, however, give you a general sense of the game's balance and the expected amount of damage taken per enemy, as well as hardiness on the player's part to imagine how effective stalling tactics would be.

Since orange doesn't have a time limit but does have a health limit I'll just drink as many as I can whenever I can so I have constant healing when I do get damaged

Id go with the red potion regardless of health pool. .5 hp per second is too slow. During a boss fight or something, that seems too slow to do anything. if it was 5 hp per second i would take the orange potion

user... your prudence.

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it's good for all-or-nothing last chance situations, either for getting through them or ending them unceremoniously