What Spirit Ash did you use the most in your playthrough(s) of Elden Ring

What Spirit Ash did you use the most in your playthrough(s) of Elden Ring

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I used jellyfish because that's the first one i got and jelly fish is my friend.

>that's the first one i got
How? You get like five in Limgrave alone.

Greatshield Soldiers are the GOAT

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I fought my way to Roderika's hut, she gave me the jellyfish.

So in other words you used a guide.

You do realize the game is open-world, right?

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Didn’t even buy the bell, never bothered to talk to the blue puppet
Took me 12 hours to find the crafting kit
Still haven’t made one thing

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It looked like she pissed on that dude in the thumbnail.

yeah, the guide of grace

None. If you used summons or spirit ashes at any point, you didn't beat the game.

what, how do you even miss it? it’s right by a fucking bonfire on your way to the first dungeon

epic hardcore gamer moment

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I don't feel like learning how that faggy shit works, I just want to poke shit with my swords.


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just like how I didn't summon for Souls games or BB
and didn't use shinobi tools in Sekiro

No, as i said i fought my way to the path, so i was very low health and suddenly wolfs fell off the sky so i ran away until i found a site of grace that happened to be on Roderika's hut, talked to her until she gave me a quest and the jellyfish.

Thematically relevant ones for a playthrough (ie: skeletons for a necromancer).

I only use Dung Eater, and only because I like the idea that I’m making my shit-eating faggot slave suffer every time I send him into battle.

God, I love Nuezou

Mimic tear when I want to farm runes, skellebros when it's a 2 vs 1 and I need the extra boss distracted

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Wolves. They're really good for clearing out areas.

Skeletal militamen throughout most of the game.
Sure tiche and mimic are busted, but those guys helped my shitter ass the most when it mattered

>This utter lack of SNIFF posting

There's like two or three other spirit ashes between the start and Roderika, that he beelined right to her says he used a guide.

Not because he's good, I just think he's super cute swinging his whip like a tard.

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from the thumbnail it looks like she's squeezing out one of those blowtorch farts you see on deviantart where its starts small at a singular point then enlarges, like a flamethrower.

Mimic because her name is Asimi and she is my gf

I used Tiche because she makes me hard.

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The grace directs you on that way. On my first playthrough I never used any ash, but I got the jellyfish first. Why? Cause I used to play linear games and open worlds with 9000 travel points so user, when the guidence told me, go through the fucking door. I did. And the best part is that I never visited patches, I never went through the river, attack the dragon on the lake until level 130 etc etc etc. user. Its an open world. But people will go straight into the fucking mission if you put them a signaler to go there. Why would you do something else, if you are inexperienced and have no fucking idea of how the game will go. Exactly. But you are a retarded schizo who thinks that if you dont play ot the your way, you used a guide.

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I used Polearm bro for the double fights and repeat bosses

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He went to the BIG FUCKING CASTLE you can clearly see

>Not using a core feature is the default.

>using ashes
You didn't beat the game

out fucking skilled

Sounds like cope, because game is beatable without summons and it isn't even that hard, but takes some passion to learn boss movesets.

yeah their revival helped me draw aggro away from bosses

first playthrough was a completely blind playthrough so i used Delores. her sleep arrows saved my ass several times

Second playthrough i looked up what was op and used rotten pupper until i got mimic/ tiche

Why do people always think people only use summons because they make the game easier?

Shield Bois, those skinny little shits are perfect for destroying the 2 on 1 optional dungeon fights.

Dude, I thought she was peeing from the thumbnail

Latenna is my favorite but she doesn't move from one spot so I only use her sometimes. My other favorite is Engvall, I love his armor set and that whirlwind dive he does.

>core feature
Easy mode is an option on every single game that includes it, ER included.
If you cannot admit you are playing the game on the easiest difficulty, it's on you.

I don't use Dex builds, sorry

>wolves for aggro
>spin birds for fun
>skellies for can't keep me down
didn't get further than that before quitting

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Mimic once I found/upgraded it, wolves and jellyfish before that.

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because they do

Not necessarily? Look at how many people use Jellyfish just because she's cute and the first one they got.

Kristoff is a bro, but since he isn't a woman he'll never get the attention he deserves.

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Mostly Mimic. Added Tiche as well later on for variety. Honorable mentions to the greatshield squad, Oleg, and the bloodbound knight dude. Also the normal foot soldiers summon is surprisingly hilarious because they can staggerlock the enemy (much like they can do with you in groups) with their retardedly fast combos.

I used the eagle cause I thought it was cool and it fit my fashion. I wish there was an item that made the spirits look like normal.