Which Genshin made the biggest Impact in the gamers gaming world?

Which Genshin made the biggest Impact in the gamers gaming world?

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Why is there a giant fingerprint on her ass cheeks

Venti is literally the only correct answer, I don't even know the names of the other literal who retards in this shit game.

JPEG compression artifacts.

That's banding and it's because of shit compression. You can tell by the white line on top this is some ghetto screenshot and repost of a photo because zoomers are literal retards with worms for brains and don't know you can download pictures and they just screenshot ever causing an endless cycle of compression.

>reddit impact
no one cares, go back

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that's not a compression artifact, the art is drawn that way. jpeg compression artifacts never result in banding.


Imagine huge log of shit dropping out of that ass

>he thinks he has to be allowed to play games that are considered cool by Yea Forums


imagne going through life like this..." i want to play this game, but is it cool on Yea Forums? I better check by pretending to make fun of it first"

>literlaly made an OC image starring shadow the hedgehog, showing exactly what type of gamer he is, namely brazilian

She accepted the frenzied flame.

dont reply to the shadow posters, theyre just retards trying to force a meme. its cheap bait, dont bite

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saving for yaoyao in 4 months

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I would impact that genshin, if you know what I mean

i will make fun of any and all posters who call genshin impact bad

game literally has more SOUL than 99% of shit that comes out, newbs won't realize it until it has completely passed them by and they missed being part of it.

Genshin is a game? I thought it was some hentai type shit


it's a quite competent game


no one will ever respect you or reddit impact, go back

oh heavens no, not your respect, random tribal thinking child who thinks Yea Forums is his in-group :)

summer event..

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my wife yukikaze

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>have a dog named Dodo
>missed Dodo King/Dodoco Tales event
>have no Dodoco Tales

so incredibly bricked. but I also just got a mistsplitter at 60 pity and 0 path.

Genshin fans be like "which hebe has the best ass?"

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it's keqing. her asshole would actually smell good. not like good for an asshole, but good. like candy and flowers combined

Objectively? Hu Tao, Zhongli, Kazuha, and Raiden

In my personal experience? Klee, Qiqi, Diana, and Sayu

Best girl isn't playable

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What's this game? Good for running around, exploring, killing time?

For me? It's Paimon

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shes a liar who uses teleportation magic to pop into all the major cities

Jesus Christ Imagine going to your favorite noodle stand and then seeing a 15 year old with an ass that fat.

For me it's looms always surprisingly large chest

yes, yes and yes


for me, it's Barbara

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Do I need to know something very important before starting?


more like ballbara lmao

not really, just start and if you enjoy it you can look up stuff later

yeah if you try not to get too overwhelmed by gacha mechanics
I remember first starting and wondering what the hell all these gems and shit were for
they throw a lot of items at you connected to the gacha system but if you played one before it might not be bad

For me, it's seafood

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What's the next patch supposed to be about if it ever comes out?

barbara needs a ball bra

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I just want you guys to know that I enjoy the male characters and think theyre cool! Ajax and Aether will always be my main!

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>Posting on Yea Forums - Video Reddits


>Which Genshin made the biggest Impact in the gamers gaming world?
The one that have to been censour all the time to avoid overshadowing the others

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>another coomer thread

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>another coomer thread

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incompetent you mean, as seen by their inability to make unique characters or even fix the damn teapot

Just imagine Mona taking a fat shit, how does that make you feel?

>Unique characters
They're all pretty unique.
Side function, no one cares if it's broken.

Which Genshin has the biggest ass?

not raising the bar much there bud

>Asian game
>99% of the porn is huge asses
What bizarro world did I get teleported to?

Earth-1260, no supers, all coomers.

lol chinese overwatch where there is more porn than players

>no one cares if a in-game feature is broken
Geez, thats the sort of mentality I'd expect from actual chinese shills
>They're all pretty unique.
Next patch comes with 5* Xinqui and electro Qiqi, whats unique about that?