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tobyfox is a hack

So how you pronounce this?
at first i literally called it "yee-k" but then i realize is supposed to be "why-two-kay"


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yiikin ain't easy



Aw shit Yiik up

Its YIIK as in "sleek" as in "The game isn't even about the fucking millenium bug and the authors know it, call it Yeek since they fucked up and deserve the mockery for their absolutely bonkers pretentious bullshit." New patch might actually be cool tho.

this game sucks balls

But it is about the YIIK bug
>Game time advances to 2000
>Can’t escape 90s
>Reset to start

Isn't this game becoming somewhat of a cult classic?


>Alex dresses like a modern hipster and the vinil shit wasn't even 90's, stores like those probably shouldn't even be that plentiful
>Scene kids were fucking early 2000s for fucks sake, why is Suicide kid self describing himself as a culture that doesn't even exist
>Murakami novels were post 2k as well and Alexius YiiKius still fucking quotes em
>There's like two mentions of y2k actually being a thing and 2 enemies, its not actually anything about it
>Blackboi is way too based for a anime guy in the 90's, those fuckers used to be greasy native language importers that dubbed shit themselves out of love, the guy's a fully functional fucking guy with a record shop and a jeep, no way
>Hula hoop craze or something about chondra I forget about her like everyone else except for combat utility
Also lmao no, its
>Game time ticks down to the apocalypse
>Can't escape Alex YiiK
>You are Alex, there is no reset, live on FuckboY

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I saw someone get banned for suggesting that. Why do the jannies fear Alex Yiik

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You're walking through downtown New Jersey and this cheap Scott Pilgrim knock-off lookin', Borderline personality disorder-ass havin' hipster SLUT flashes you her pantyhose. What do you do?

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Yeah no shit retard it doesn’t actually take place in 1999, Alex is living in the past. Y2K is just how he is interpreting his delusion falling apart

Ask her what the hell is going on.

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No shitdip, the game IS 1999 but the writers didn't give a fuck about what really was the subcultures, the effective tech status of the time, the different thought trends and more and just lumped in shit THEY liked into the game over and over to fit in their hodgepodge aesthetics. There is no grand conspiracy of thematic chaos due to an unreliable narrator, it's just bad writing so don't go YIIKing out about it Brian.

>Nooooo the devs are just stupid all the frozen clocks and impossible timelines are just a coincidence

Like really


Yick, like ick.



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Look Brian, I'm sorry your mother died halfway through production, I'm sorry you had to live in with them slowly dying and I'm sorry YIIK wasn't up to the expectations of the public but you can't just pretend all of these things are masterful ruses when you put "Verbosity is the soul of neo-classicism" on a wall and make Alex so bad that even "Gamers" can't handle how much of a prick he is.

No, you not animating the clocks isn't some massive big brain moment, it's not symbolic, its you two not wanting to animate a clock. You made the main character the most abhorent dude you could really write, and then you scrapped the good ending, dangled the keys to it for over 3 years while also showing it off on a dev youtube account and then now are releasing a newer version that might be better sometime soon. You weren't timelord planners, you boys were just kind of pricks who now have a good shot at saving face and actually using your skills to make a good game with less god awfull gimmicks. For what it's worth, I do hope it turns out better and that you win, but don't come coping with this shit Brian, it's sad.


actually, the two I-s are prounced the same way as the ones in Hawaii , so it's Yaiaik

I don't get it

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The K is silent, so it's pronounced YII

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>Temptation to shit out Vella and Android porn increases
>Don't want anyone to see it and think this game might be worth playing
Its irredeemable

>Two paragraphs saying absolutely nothing
Alex pls
You didn’t get your game it’s ok
You probably didn’t even play it


Do it, the sacrifice is worth it.

>no y2k like it was called back in the day
Found the faggot zoomer.

>Finale never ever

Dammit, Chris


I dunno, I think outside of a few coomers people can distinguish between porn and vidya quality.
Life is Strange is pretty much only good for porn, for one example.

>worse dialogue than any Kojima game
How did Andrew Allanson do it?

Yiik girls are hot

How broken will the new Karta/bleed battle system be?

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Isn't there supposed to be some big update coming to the game that fixes a lot of problems people had? Or did it already come out?

that's how you pronounce it, I typed the way Y2K sounds, what every individual character is pronounced as.

broken but enemies will abuse it too

Incredibly busted. It's either burst as fuck abilities you tank through or you blitz a motherfucker hardcore with little in between, and I'm gonna be curious to see how they pull it off.

i can respect the ever living shit out of devs who make updates and improvements long after they got their launch money

these options are also extremely hilarious

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>Silent Protagonist
Damn. Thats just admitting defeat

I think the developer calls it Yick

This. YICK.


Supposedly yes

it looks mostly the same dialog wise except alex monologuing is way more obviously bizarre and in his own head

there is way more cutscenes and camera cuts to depict what THE HELL IS GOING ON instead of talking faces

there is a new battle system introduced to you by coombait character

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I implore you. Make it happen, especially with Sammy/Semi.

Any word on if the battle system itself is improved somehow or did they slap on the new girl and call it a day?

YIIK is far more interesting than Undertale/Deltarune

in a fail sorta way.

It's completely different, you should just take a gander timestamp is 32:00

It's much faster. Loading is instant
speed system is visualized
There are also now CARDS
Cards can either be played for effects or used as health to tank damage

no minigames at all. they are gone

visuals are also cooler. Skill menu is a thought bubble from your head. Characters change poses depending on player's choices, like if you open inventory, character will turn away from fight and start rustling through their bag

i also really like the death animation

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The mini games are gone entirely it’s some system with an action bar and every character has overshields where if they run out and get hit they take constant damage till they bleed out

we all shriek for alex yiik

what did they mean by this

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coom bait. but im hooked on chondra

Leftist, posed trash.

Doesn't stack up to the actual new waifu

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I'm convinced it's the creator making these threads

The only 2 niggers who actually played the game and didn't drop it after Alex intro
always praised the game's weird visuals
glad to see that the update focuses a lot more on that, just look at this trailer

Play my game

>Game was profitable at launch due to nintendo blog blurbs in japan, ESL countries liked the game unironically
>Every time a video such as Running Shine, Oney Plays, etc came out the game experienced a noticeable boost in game pass plays and sales
>Yiik IV is a Persona Golden/Royale style expansion, but also implied to be a sequel

Yiik haters lost

That RunningShine video was top tier

Wtf but Yiik is MY game