Can you faggots believe this retarded drama is STILL going on?
Here's the recap:

>World First clear of newest Ultimate is done by people using UI mods and callout bots that make the game easier
>Devs denounce it and firmly remind everyone that all 3rd party FFXIV tools/hacks/mods/cheats are against the game's ToS
>Claims they'll look in to making some popular QoL mods in to game features
>They've had to warn people multiple times now
>This was the final warning however
>Takes down the World First VOD of DSR clear
>5ch start mass reporting streamers using mods, there's several confirmed cases of streamers being banned live
>Official Forums is a warzone, but most people are supporting devs
>Reddit having a meltdown, front page of several FF Subreddits are swallowed by drama
>Big name content creators start having absolute MELTDOWNS
>Pyromancer starts stream with mods enabled, chat warns him he'll probably get banned, has a meltdown, yells at chat, ends stream early
>MrHappy hasn't said shit, most likely because he's in the clean and he's supporting SE's decisions
>Arthars is shitting himself, being mostly quiet but showing clear fear
>Xenosys is highly vocal because he's also scared, being intellectually dishonest and saying retarded shit like Discord is cheating

>All they have to do is not fucking stream using mods enabled

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>mfw playing this on console with a controller with no issues
>mfw watching PCfags cry because Simon says is too hard for them

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I started this game last week. I was told its "pretty casual" which I respect as a full time worker.

If its so casual, why do you need external tools to play it? Did I get tricked?

You name-drop people like I'm supposed to know who the fuck they are, but in reality you should kill yourself for knowing these """"""people""""""

You don't need external tools in any way, streamers are giant babies and usually complete shitters at the game

>Streaming with mods on
>Even though overlay for them is off by default
>Streamers have to show dps meters to chat for w/e reason
>TFW they get suspended for years old policy

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"High-end" raiders are delusional cheating faggots who think it's okay to use addons that start cutting corners to the point where they' do 50% of the work to get a clear.

At least a vocal portion of them are. No-one really knows how many people use cheats.

No-one really cares... all people have to do is not boldly fucking announce that they're using cheats.

>he doesn't watch MrHappy
Have fun wiping in your savage

>Pyromancer starts stream with mods enabled, chat warns him he'll probably get banned, has a meltdown, yells at chat, ends stream early

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Nah it's just westerncucks who can't do high endgame raiding without training wheels. Most people don't even bother with this so the game is pretty casual as long as you don't dothat kind of raids.

No you don't need any external tools of your memory ain't shit and your willing to learn. Only parse fags are having a stroke over this.

What’s 5ch? I thought it was 2ch?

>mr crappy

Ok guy, enough with the jokes.

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reddit says it's Yea Forums

I believe 5ch is like 2ch but edgier.
So I guess to Yea Forums what infinity chan was.

>reddit is retarded
Nothing new here.



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This will blow over in a couple days anyway, why are you making these shitty threads?

from looking at wikipedia the web hosting company (some pervert in the Phillipines, also the guy behind qanon) got greedy and stole the domain to 2ch from the 2ch admin, now the 2ch domain is called "5ch"

>TOP end raiders from multiple MMOs
>None of them even have necro
>Beaten by an Asian kid who gets it multiple times a week on different classes and doesn't even use a mouse

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>"I fucking hate the FF community"
What does he have against Ivalice and XI fans?

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>to get the titel

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Why exactly do you need Lv80 for MCH? Don't you automatically sync to 60 for PotD at Floor 50+?

It's too bad the autists at KF don't have a thread on him because they would've archived how he has at least a minor meltdown every single stream

Once upon a time FFXIV was a moderately difficult game.
Too difficult for the average player often, but far too fucking easy for decent players.
So, the devs made the casual content even easier (and is sometimes somehow STILL too difficult for some retards) while making the hardest content even harder.
Then eventually the hardest content became too easy so they made newer harder content called Ultimate.
Except Ultimate was far too hard for most people so then they started using cheats and third party addons to make it easier, and then those same people started claiming that Ultimate was becoming too easy.
Then SE released a new Ultimate, the hardest one yet, which is the pinnacle of difficulty they've ever made in that it's still doable without mods but the dev team could not beat it in a clean run... and then cheating faggots blasted through it in a week while using their entire repertoire of cheats.

SE, now having had enough, have decided to take the nuclear option (or really, decided to enforce their own ToS which they should have been doing like 6-8 years ago) and streamers, scrubs, and redditors are having a bitch fit.

But, as far as the casual content goes... it's still very easy and middling difficulty at best.



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>Crybaby meltdown on stream
>Tells other people to go outside and get a life
Loving every laugh. How do you still get mad at shitposters on the internet in 2022?

Good. Fuck those faggots. Especially xeno

It's as hardcore as you want it to be, if you want to stay casual you can do so with no problem.

Ultima Refrain is a lot cheaper, wonder if top end guilds are already being hired out on these sites.

Probably to make them buy their regular boost

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He's a fucking crybaby. Just had to turn off his shits, he doesn't, gets clapped and now he's crying like no tomorrow. Not that I care about wow but seeing how fast he had all the merch and stuff replaced was kinda off-putting.

>Then SE released a new Ultimate, the hardest one yet, which is the pinnacle of difficulty they've ever made in that it's still doable without mods but the dev team could not beat it in a clean run... and then cheating faggots blasted through it in a week while using their entire repertoire of cheats.
I thought Yoshida said the dev team managed to clear Dragonsong Reprise without any mods. If anything, I thought people would be salty over datamining.

What's is this nigger on about.

They cleared each phase individually by using dev checkpoints, but apparently they just weren't able to get a full clean run.
I could be talking shit for all I know since this is all just hearsay.

I haven't resubbed since before endwalker but no one cares about ffxiv streamers even now, right? Seems like this is blown out of proportion.

Posted wrong image nvm lol

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>play on PC
>not a single mod, plugin, or addon
>not even alexander
>friends and FCmates are sweating and screeching because MUH MODS MY QOL
>still clearing content mod-less
This is pure entertainment for me.

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Chat saying he should be banned for using ui mods.

>>Pyromancer starts stream with mods enabled, chat warns him he'll probably get banned, has a meltdown, yells at chat, ends stream early
He apparently also put a copyright claim on the vod using his real name. what a champ

it always pissed me off that at the end of stormblood they stopped using warning zones and shit as well as instant death attacks for normal/leveling modes. between rotation and trying to not die i didnt want to fucking watch which animation was what for the fucking boss

Sure, you can pull that shit in hard/extreme/legendary/the final fantasy tiers but let me do my fucking roulettes in peace

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for me its the when he got to thordan and yelled at chat because he couldn't understand how the archbishop became a primal


This has got to be the fakest most forced drama I've seen here in a while

It's essentially just a "laugh at microcelebrities shitting themselves" event. It wont effect the average player even remotely.
Individuals might get affected if they're retards who openly brag about using mods.

All it takes is one person to make a report with evidence and any streamer/modder could get banned.

It’s not that difficult to understand. I bet he’s not even writing in his books.

This shit has literally been rules since the game's inception. I mean don't get me wrong, I use some third party stuff (mostly just G-Shade and a couple plugins like chat bubbles), but I'm also not announcing it to the world while posting my character name or account ID.
I mean come on. It's like wearing a "kick me" sign. Actions and consequences.

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its just a bunch of entitled streamers getting banned. They arent even getting perm'ad, its just like 10 days the most.

That's the sad part user he is

You'd absolutely think that, but it's NOT.

He was writing down about the Twelve when only Byregot and maybe Rhalgr were any relevant to a casual player, he overthinks too much.

they dont
the devs only release content they have confirm cleared in house, including the new ultimate, with no third party tools
meaning everyone that uses them is literally saying they are worse players than the people that make the game, therefore any argument they have about "needing" these cheats is invalid

>People warn him against the UI mod
>Gets angry for no reason
>Chat gets increasingly mad
>Starts sperging on chat

Now it seems hes doing DMCA takedowns because it makes he look like a onions baby

The only mod I use is viera hats. If they'd just let the ears fucking clip I wouldn't need the mods.

FFXIV devs has always been very hands off with mods and plugins, while the say its against ToS its very much just "Don't let us catch you" since most of them are just to add QoL changes or clear the game up a bit.
Recently though people have been using mods/plugins to cheat at PvP and some have apparently been using them to exploit major raids and content so Sqaure have had to start enforcing their stance on these things a bit.
Pyro isn't using anything to give him an advantage just stuff to clean up the game a little but obviously it all still falls under breaking ToS and could result in a ban, my guess is chat is telling him he may be banned or reporting him to Square just to piss him off.

A lot of people seem to forget that the biggest counter argument for mods being banned is that FFXIV is a multiplatform game, and a significant amount of players are on the PS4/5.
If common knowledge becomes that "playing on console is the worst experience because console players are disadvantaged since SE lets PC players use mods!!!" then Sony is going to get pissed off.

You don't need ACT to know something is wrong with the party DPS if I'm 2nd or 3rd on enmity list as DNC.

I thought they were worried about investors bullying Yoshida over degenerates on Twitter posting XIV screenshots of them fucking each other.

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you guys know ther game support nvidia reshade, dont need to install anything, just push alt+f3

Right now its a bunch of angry streamers with no job and 100k+ salarys saying the gaming equivalent of "let them eat cake"

did pyromancer got banned?
i cant belive rich campbell is less cringe than that gigantic fagot

we could've just played video games you ego inflated gorilla niggas