Why is it so much better than Elden Ring?

Why is it so much better than Elden Ring?

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Sekiro threads only get replies when Elden Ring is mentioned.

better Combat
better Story
better Artstyle
more SOVL

Surely we'll get a sequel, right? Right?

It has masculine/manly energy
Elden Ring comes across as fem/tranny

Deflect and posture bars means bosses doing anime combos for ten minutes doesn't put the fight on pause
Story is coherent
Best bosses in the series

Better exploration and combat.

posture system rewards aggression fuck tranny ring shit roll spam combat so bad

Better level design

Becasue unlike Elden Shit, it's actually good.

This. Stay obsessed Sekiro babbies.

It's not Dark Souls 4

I noticed this too.

when you press parry - you parry instantly
when you press roll - you roll instantly
simple as

well designed world
engaging combat
cohesive story
interesting setting
all things Elden Ring does not have


Not so much being bad on purpose like the more traditonal souls formula.

It is not

It's funny isn't it?

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Yep. Get ready for a forced Sekiro vs. Elden Ring rivalry perpetuated solely by Sekirofags while Elden Chads don't even know they exist.

OP btfo

why is elden ring so bad in general? worst fucking gameplay they've ever done, i had such high hopes after sekiro

From really took 6 steps forward with sekiro and 5 steps back with Elden Ring. The only people who prefer ER havnt played through Sekiro

>press dodge




I'm thinking Elden Ring newfags are just obsessed about making everything about themselves, like trannies.

>Sekiro combat

>Souls mainline combat

Yep. This forced rivalry is entirely one sided. Sekirotards stop embarrassing yourself.

Just started charmless/demon bell NG run for the first time and Juzou and Lady Butterfly kicked my ass a few times before I managed to beat them. I hope this is a case of "early game is actually harder because shit stats" otherwise I'm fucked.

I never been good at parrying. Will it help me get better at parrying in other souls games?

>I hope this is a case of "early game is actually harder because shit stats" otherwise I'm fucked.
Sekiro doesn't have any stats in the game.

kek true

It has upgrades though that make it much easier

The physics. Plain & simple. You feel every sword deflect in your body, the animations are precise, you feel like you're in the same universe.ER feels off, the balance is so off at times, you can see it, watching a boss move like in Bloodborne/Sekiro with their aggression, speed but in an already outdated Souls combat system, its exceedingly jarring.

I mean HP and Attack. Juzou was one-shotting me and low attack means low HP and posture damage.

Not really since Sekiro has much more forgiving windows. But it's worth it to practice parrying in Souls. I don't know if it makes the game easier but certainly more fun, ER especially. It's a great feeling to parry a fucker off his horse and kill him while he's on the ground.

Personally for me, it's mainly that Sekiro emphases a much more aggressive playstyle than most other Souls games that makes it more enjoyable.

Sekiro has better combat but Elden Ring is a much more fun and memorable game. I beat Sekiro twice and never touched it again. I have over 500 hours across 3 saves in ER. I recognize ER is more jank and clunky and the combat is kinda shit but it still ended up being a better game to me. Sekrio just feels like a boss rush.

Because you have piss poor taste.

Its not. Its a good game but its too short and the gameplay is very restricted. I got 50 hours out of it and I didn't even use savescumming for the other endings, got all of them legit. Not sure if I'd say its worth 60 bucks.

This. Autistically fine-tuned combat doesn't make for GOTYAY. Ocarina of Time has pretty shit combat for example but I've played it 20+ times in my life. Elden Ring is my new Ocarina of time.

OoT's combat is simple and unemphasized, not poorly tuned.

I just couldn't get into ER, I did like 3 playthroughs just to make sure, cuz I aodre Miyazaki, but i just couldn't fall in love with it like I fell in love Sekiro or Bloodborne. I can't pinpoint why, it just feels off

>poorly tuned
Ohhhh. Sekirobabies are the ones crying about bosses taking them more than 2 tries to beat.

This. I can't stop playing Elden Ring. I was easily able to stop playing Sekiro after beating it once.

Dying is only tangentially linked to balance and polish. Did you forget to take your meds?

Elden Ring can't compete with excellence, simple, no game can.

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Out fucking skilled

I'm getting tired of Sekiro fags. They piss me off. It's a middling action game. Holy fuck there's ONE weapon. It has ONE combo Shut the fuck up already and play something else for perspective.

Is this supposed to be a reference to malaria turning around on a dime?

Unironically working as intended, what were you hoping to showcase?

>Holy fuck there's ONE weapon. It has ONE combo Shut the fuck up already
A lot of people just use one weapon so what are you prattling on about like a retard

shut the fuck up nigger

Was 100% case for me, almost dropped it few times early on because of that, but after coming back found simple enough to master past the early wall.
You get somewhat stronger by the end of the game, but more importantly master skills tools that you were supposed to use and game becomes way better, its much more enjoyable to beat the boss through learning perfect counter to his every move, than beating boss because of latest meta build/ sufficient level stats etc.

No, but Sekiro is easily GOTY 2019, and there isn’t a game that came out between ER and Sekiro that can touch either of them.

fuck outta here faggot

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It's not and you're only making this thread because Elden Ring is popular.

Why would an enemy not turn around in that situation?
Are you trying to make a point here?

Games breaking the mold of "ai starts motion = ai will 100% go through with it", which is unrealistic and boring.

What we see in the webm is actually somewhat realistic and dynamic
>draws back his spear to attack
>pauses as player jumps over his head
>turns around and impales player
Its perfect.I haven't played Sekiro yet but this makes me wanna check it out.

I've grown so fucking tired of the age old boss tactic of just baiting them into attacks so you can exploit their animations going through with the AI acting like fucking robots just "doing as theyre told"

i have beaten 5 ng cycles back to back and just want to play more. there are few games that truly reward you for mastering the "skill" of the game and experimenting different ways to use the tools available as Sekiro. it does end up becoming a boss rush by the 3rd playthrough though, as normal mobs just get in the way and offer zero reward to engage with.

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What games have you played that came out in that time frame?

>Can swim
>Can weapon parry
>Can move in 3d space
>No roll which means you can't cheat the game with iframes
>No way to overlevel boss since all upgrades past a few mandatory ones (the stomp thing) barely do anything - you need to kill bosses in a legit way
>No oversized pointless map
>No repeating bosses, outside of monke twice
>Actual story
Should I continue?

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>one weapon
>one move
>one game

>one folk
>one reich
>one fuhrer

sounds like fun user. think i'll give the game a shot!

>one nothing wrong with me

I don't know, I sometimes like experimenting to try and find stealth solutions to certain situations

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That’s a fairly big list. Not a lot of 2020 titles, though, not going to lie, it’s been a shit couple of years for the industry. If you’re going to disagree, you should just name the game you think is better than both of them.

i never thought to use ninjutsu on the little guy, i always stealth kill the samurai then straight fight seven spears. when i was bad at the game i would deaggro seven spears for a stealth kill but not anymore.

Didn't really care for Sekiro that much after I beat it at launch but after playing through Elden Ring I recognize how fucking good Sekiro really was.

>No repeating bosses
brazen bull, chained ogre, headless, shichimen, owl, genichiro, corrupted monk and thats the ones that dont appear as regular enemies too

Is the ninja gaiden master collection worth getting?

>You cannot compare ER to a better game
Why are ER babies are so insecure?

>better combat
>feudal Japan and shinto mythology are infinitely more interesting than generic Tolkien inspired setting number 20,557
>no filler, instead of riding a horse around a bland open world, Sekiro is always funneling the player towards another fun boss or mini boss
>no way to cheese the game with summons or OP builds. You either learn how the fights work, or you don't finish the game. It's the reason so many Souls casuals hate it
>art direction inspired by some of the best Seinen manga of all time, instead of "dude, what if we ripped off Tolkien, but gave everyone big swords like in Berserk, so epic!1!!1"
I could keep going, but I won't. Needless to say, Sekiro is a game for actual gaming enthusiasts who recognize good game design, while Elden Ring is meme shit for redditors and streamer watching zoomers.

>better Combat
The one thing that Elden ring desperately needs.

This. Sekiro had its time on this board pre-ER and is only here now as a meme to push the anti-ER narrative. No clue why the anti-ER people are fighting so hard, but they've thrown everything at ER at this point even trying to somehow claim DS2 is better.

P.S. I love Sekiro and for me it's a better game, but they're apples and oranges in terms of design and not really comparable.

One weapon thats fully fleshed out instead of ton of different types but most feel half assed is decent trade off imo. tools, platforming, stealth, skills change enough for it to feel like completely different and for me, personally, more enjoyable game than bigger but lazier approach.

>ongbal is back to sekiro posting
it's over ERsisters...

>fully fleshed out
lol it has one move. Real action games give you at least half a dozen weapons and all have moves and combos..

Absolutely not. Pirate it if you want to try it out.
Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden II are the only good NG games. I also pirated the [Master Collection].

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>>feudal Japan and shinto mythology are infinitely more interesting than generic Tolkien inspired setting number 20,557
This is a very contrarian statement lol
I personally never give a shit about the setting as long as the game is good
But one of the many parroted ""critiques"" of the game is that it's setting is weak
Which I heavily disagree with

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