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This "game" is now coming to Nintendo Switch, and already it's downvoted to hell for making it very woke.


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Share the downvotes screencap


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not op but not many votes anyways

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Too early to properly shit on it then, but lmao at state of play one

>the absolute state of play


the music sounds terrible then i discovered this is supposed to be band?

frfr nocap

>even Sonyfags hate it
I see humanity is not 100% helpless.

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i literally do not care enough about this "game" to care

How are you seeing the downvotes? A chrome plugin?

remember when nintendo said they'll never publish political games?

Amazing, that trailer told me jack shit about what the game is even about

But I guess I always wanted to play as a group of coasties acting out their daily lives in the globohomo big tech art style

Is it political? I just saw a bunch of overdesigned characters go to a diner or something.

I dont think nintendo cares about literal shovelware garbage they know nobody is going to buy

>Game made to make chuds seethe
>Makes chuds seethe
Many such cases

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its not even a game, its animated episodes being released preiodically, there's no gameplay.

Everybody is free to publish their games on the eShop but I think Nintendo was talking about their own official release, rather. If game producers are too retarded to realise woke shit doesn't sell it sounds like a personal problem.

>still no XRA game
The only time I'd ever play a walking talking simulator

Someone explain me what's the gameplay about, watched 3 trailer and I don't know what are you supposed to do in this game, is a graphical adventure?


I have no idea, but I saw a picture of a character wearing a black shirt with white text on it, so therefore I must be disproportionally upset about it.

I feel like we always see trailers for games like this but then they never come out.

Then why did they didn't just pushed it into netflix, this is retarded

>the thing that was intentionally designed to make me angry is making me angry how could this be happening to me

You're free to report it to Nintendo, its been confirmed time and time again that Nintendo doesn't actually check any of these eshop titles until its too late.

This is how that shitty chink game with stolen assets and zelda music got uploaded.

What is wrong with thinking something shit is shit?



I mean this shit was just way too big on the tranny scale

I don't think that shirt is in the new trailer. Are you sure it wasn't just downvoted for being shit.

You are not from this site. The way you type is very shitty.

And here I’m told I need at least 3 years of confirmable dev experience to be able to submit a game to the eshop

why is it always a melodramatic gay/trans LA band fantasy with these kinds of devs?

This. As far as a third party platform goes, the Switch is pretty open-harbor as long as your game isn’t AO or the equivalent rating wherever it releases.

very tumblr game
not gonna buy it but i will fap to 34 of thick big titty girl if any comes out

This game will flop, why even get mad at it?

They're called dislikes, you retarded millienials.

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Corporate art style, soulless millennial character design, forcing relevancy, constant social commentary, lower mid music, etc. take note how this is a biopic about a band that made their first and so far only appearance at the 2020 game awards that few people actually liked.

If you truly utterly despise this game simply do not bring attention to it.
All you will do is make retards who like this shit cry and then suddenly you have eight million articles bringing attention to this game due to "horrible whateverphobes" attacking it and now the game is famous and the company cashes in on the publicity and more shitty games like this get made.

>Black Trans Lives

why do they have to just go and add Trans literally for no reason. why isnt there one for ever orientation then fucking dumb.

Go back to plebbit.

This ""game"" is just an animated biopic about an irrelevant band that came on E3 once to perform lol there is no gameplay

>"game trailer"
>doesn't even show a hint as to what makes it a video game
no wonder it got downvoted

obsessed with trannys

Because it's not it's a literal scam it's an animated series about a tranny band there's no game it's not even a VN

Thank you NoA, for bringing this piece of shit to my attention, thats exactly what im looking for when playing games to escape reality, more propaganda and political dogshit.
They should just burn down the whole branch, the recent firings and move from commifornia clearly wasnt enough

The official Yea Forums term is tumdownzies.

Sorry newfag it's actually negative zozzles


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they were trying to create the ultimate victim.

>haha look at this retarded shit


big boobs on a woke game? how the fuck is that even possible?

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This has the artstyle of a website for a startup lol.
When will games reach peak diversity and say that Black Trans Autistic Muslim Lives Matter?

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>The band is so unpopular that you have to specify on Google that you are searching for them instead of the game

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Are you telling me that punching the screaming child in the coffee shop won't magically solve the problem and will backfire in my face? You're telling me, that even if other people are annoyed by the child's screaming, they'd be more bothered by open physical violence to said child? That they won't suddenly all stand and applaud for me and then the world will collectively decide to silence all screaming children and everyone will always be happy forever after? I think my version of events is far more likely to happen because it's what I want and I'm really angry. You might even describe me as a screaming child, but I'm better and everyone just knows that.

Are these guys like real "REAL" industry plants? They seem to have even less presence than Red Vox, does Yea Forums knows who they are?

For the indie showcase Gunbrella is the only game I hadn't heard of before that looks good. And maybe the crab one.

>5 Interactive Music Videos
>Fully-voiced interactive dialogue
This seems to be the gameplay
>Emotional texting, thirst texting, meme texting, emoji spamming
And maybe you get to text?

it's almost like virtue signalers love virtue signaling and not actual humanitarianism

Laughable that garbage like this gets direct marketing deals with Nintendo but stuff like "Going Under" that's actually a well designed, fun game; flies completely under the radar into obscurity.