Let's talk about carol's game and why tortibaubble swamp is the worst area

let's talk about carol's game and why tortibaubble swamp is the worst area

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Is that a real costume in the game?

it will be in the next update

>no samurai boss/enemy that deflects bullets

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>I have to wait a year to get muh arabian nights barefoot carol
it's not fair

might not even be a year, user
might just be a few months

hold strong

When's the last time this game went on sale? Planning to buy the game. Pirating this is a hassle.


isn't it, like, $17 or something

Went on sale during christmas for 10 bucks. It'll probably be in the summer sale.

Blocking Carol's path so that she tramples me


Playing a game that might put me on a watch list is not worth $17. Also i'll be playing this offline so i can't contribute to the player count.

>tortibaubble swamp is the worst area
It's not amazing but the hidden secrets more than make up for it

>hidden secrets
like the sick mario kart level?



>Three years old game
>Still early access
Why is this allowed?

It's big game, and it keeps getting bigger.

>co-worker brings up video games
>what do you play user?
>Onirism, it's this cute game I found on steam, there's even a dedicated website where we discuss it

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Yes, also the arena and the hidden door. I also remember the crayon level being pretty challenging. Exploring that area blindly for the first time was such a treat.

the crayon level is hell at the end

also, I can't remember how to get that hidden weapon and it's killing me

>Oh, nice. I play that too. Want to do some co-op when it releases?

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>Playing a game that might put me on a watch list

>this will never happen

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There are 3 radio towers around the edges of the swamp. Turn them on and then go to the hidden door inside the big central tree.

*MIGHT* put me on a watch list.
no i will not elaborate

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Rare scared Carol!

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>3 days in a row of onirism threads
carol pls, I can't keep doing this

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>N*beta shills wondering why this thread isn't on autosage

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nice looking water

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What's with the scale in that image, why is she so small


>why is she so small
She's a child.

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Don't stoop to their level, friend.

>not stooping lower so you can licky lick nobeta

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I'd prefer to lift her up to my face, personally.

I would lift her up and toss her into the trash where she belongs.

Is there a list of all the weapons in the game?

Not to my knowledge. Speaking of, a wiki would be nice to have.

I love carol's game so much, bros.

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What game they be playing?

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Slimy Beach 2

You ever notice how nice the slime girls sound? haha

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This will never happen because you are afraid to talk about video games whatsoever with your coworkers.

So is bow kid just a destined to be player two for any game that features of white little girl? Because that be cool.

it could be because it doesnt have the name in the title
There was a thread this morning which was deleted as soon as this image was posted.

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I'm gonna be honest bruh, I'd delete a thread if that was posted too.

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uhh what's wrong with that image? looks like a cool oc but not worth deleting a thread over.

It looks cursed. The "gun" is especially unsettling.

Is that an IllusionSoft reference?

The Arab city is looking good. I hope it has some interiors to really make it feel substantial.

Looks neat, I thought it was gonna be another empty town with just a bunch of enemies hanging around

I would actually love an empty city full of enemies if it was huge, like the size of Borealis Sea. And then the boss could be a kaiju that you fight in a big version of the mech.

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based Onirism enjoyers

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the not-mini-14 is cool and satisfying to shoot

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It got new sfx with the update.

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I like the scoped model more, honestly


Wouldn't be hard to mod a look alike, we already have an ebony Carol.


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