Is Reimu the most recognizable indie character?

Is Reimu the most recognizable indie character?

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I love Sanae!

Drawing from the side is hard

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Minecraft Steve
Any given helltaker character except maybe the heltaker himself

god I love mikos

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Steve has transcended indie at this point, especially with microdick buying the IP its hard to consider hime indie, but yeah thats the real answer to OP

Yes, and it's not even a contest. She far exceeds recognition than any of her contenders.
not indie

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Maybe Baba or the Hollow Knight, although I really don't know how many people play their games outside of Yea Forums.
Oh yeah, and this, but only if we still consider Minecraft indie. His design clearly is, but his recongizableness may be due to M$ pushing him hard?


Oh look, another troonhu thread, we sure needed one of those again amirite guys

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who is that on the bottom?


its simple.
Look at the mirror sideways, imagine a pair of tits on you, and draw!

what are they doing?


Hugging :)

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read the filename

Sans and Steve exist, so no.


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why Urumi and Eiki specifically, I dont remember them having any sort of connection


Eiki = Yea Forums janitors
Urumi = the NSFW picture of Urumi that got posted many times


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>Maybe Baba or the Hollow Knight, although I really don't know how many people play their games outside of Yea Forums.
lmao no especially to baba

>lost to this dork TWICE in a row

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Zoomireko... sus...

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Why does it matter if a normalfag recognizes Reimu?

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I managed to order a Reimoo on amiami

Realistically it’s that fat skeleton from Undertale or Freddy, the titular villain of the smash hit Five Nights at Freddy’s

Some nigger outbid me by 500 yen for a miko fumo on yahoo jp auction.

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What will you do once she gets there?

[ember] Not installing [ember] [ember] your bitcoin miner[ember] , faggot.[ember]

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same except its just i'm lazy

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Giga based

>bitcoin miner
its literally open source

No, not even in the slightest
as or said sans, steve (minecraft was still more popular when it was indie), and freddy are more recognizable to most people

>see 2hu thread
>click on it
>it's another /2hug/ spill

>in japan
Yeah easily
>rest of the world
No, not even close

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You don't need 4chanx
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You don't need filters
You WILL use vanilla Yea Forums and you WILL be happy

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So... how about those, uh... fangames...
I'm looking forward to the steam release of Koumajou Densetsu, what about you.


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>posting thumbnail to circumvent janny banning the image
is this the hacker known as 4-chan?

not with that atitude

buy hina book

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