Saw this game called Songs of Conquest, anyone know anything about this? Art style looks dog shit, but...

Saw this game called Songs of Conquest, anyone know anything about this? Art style looks dog shit, but, figured it might be alright.

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Looks like a modern Heroes which means either it's too good to be true and it's actually shit or I'm gonna play it for the next couple of years.

What advantage does a comically huge afro haircut offer in combat?

arrows get stuck in it, pick them out and shoot back

+15% Blunt defense
- 4 INT

+25% review score

is it just a shitty homm with loads of dialogue?

>put politically correct niggers in your game

I will now pirate your game and encourage all my friends to do the same.

>bix nood

Its literally just HoMM clone with woke agenda

Why would you play this instead of just playing the original?

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>I will now pirate your game
nope, i wont even touch it. such blatant pandering leaves no hope for gameplay.

>blacks not as african tribe clothings in a european fantasy game
yeah, i pass too

>Art style looks dog shit
It looks amazing. Not sure what you're smoking.

So LGBT zoomers can claim "their game".
Same reason why everything is made woke these days.

I bet they'd even have issues with the black heroes in HoMM for not being appropriate enough.

And the first time they made the thread they said “shit name, but figured it might be alright.”

I have never made this thread before.
Name is kinda shit though, not gonna lie.
As for the art style, pixelshit looks fucking dreadful man, they clearly have artists on staff, why not make actual art rather than this pixelshit where you barely make out what the fuck it's supposed to be.

oh ffs, just shut the fuck up. I'm so tired of fucking retards shitting on popular things just because they think it makes them stick out of the crowd.
Don't like it? Then fuck off.

>Leave me alone to eat my shit, you don't like eating shit? I bet you think you're so cool for not liking popular things. Everyone shits don't you know?

>banner features a skeleton vs a strong independent woman

Hope this will fail harder than humankind.

>It has niggers in it
Ill pass

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Played about ~30 min of it, seems all right so far but can't say too much about it.
Combat is very similar to Homm3, down to using the same hexagon grid but they included things like destructible obstacles and elevation changes which gives bonuses, also units now have "attack of opportunity" radius around them so units can't just run past melee and hit your ranged unless they go around. If you've played Battle Brothers it works very much like that.
The spell system seemed kind of interesting, though I haven't used it too much. Essentially you start at 0 mana (without items/overmap power-ups) and you get some each time one of your units gets their turn.
Every hero now has an innate skill called "commander" or something, which you need to level to unlock more slots for your army. You start at 3 slots and have to use levels to increase the amount of stacks you can bring around with you.
Every unit now has their individual capped amount (can for example only have 20 archers in a stack for humans) which I'm kinda skeptical about but haven't played enough to see how it changes combat beyond.

Extradimensional storage space.

makes you seeth as fuck

>black afro bitch
shit no doubt

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It's racist when it generalizes blacks who don't commit crime with blacks who do merely because they share the same race.
Why compare the entire black population with the population of crimes perpetrated by black criminals when black criminals are responsible for their own crimes ?
The fact is, lots of people use that statement to support the idea that blacks in general are violent and dangerous, despite an overwhelming majority not being violent criminals.

>lefites "not all blacks are criminals

It's pretty hilarious that a game from 1999 looks less pixelated and more visually consistent and readable than a game made in 2022. I fucking hate this pretentious faux retro style so much. While we're at that even HoMM2 looks better than this. More visual noise and richer gradients doesn't translate to a richer picture when you have objects that don't blend in, these thin pixelated edges so prominent in indie pixel art, and no idea of how to make objects on your screen stand out from background. For what it's worth the combat screen is okay.

Pic related is H4 made 20 years ago and even though it was unfinished and unrefined it still looks head and shoulders above this new game. Insane.

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Looks shit

I'll buy it because it's giving a lot of polincels asspain. Sending a lot of them on vacation too.

Looks fucking miles better than the game in OP.

Looks like a chink mobile game.

Go away SoC dev I'm not buying your game if you're desperate for ideas play Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters to see how it's done

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It looks like someone from deviantart scanned his sketches onto the FNAF engine.

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Missing the point. It still looks miles more cleaner and readable.

Nigger it's from 1999.

>only OUR side can use generalization and hyperbole for their rhetoric!

OP's image is perfectly readable, how bad is your vision?

Interface doesn't look too bad. The rest (map, units, etc) hurts my eyes.
Other than that it's an early access so I wouldn't even buy it with your wallet.

>I-it looks like shit but it's clean and readable....

I'm talking about adventure map not inventory screen. Look at it and try to tell me at a glance what's supposed to be props and what's supposed to be objects. If you think the devs are not aware of this problem, they are, there's a button to highlight objects you can interact with.

>another no content EA game
Every single time. Then they release after a year or so and despite constant updates the game has content for like 20 hours because they had to focus on QA and QoL stuff instead of adding actual meat to the game.

Cops aren't race or skin colors

Yeah, I can immediately tell


begone shill, BEGONE

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objects you can interact with literally glow or sparkle nonstop. Did you even play the game, virgy?

When you are the oppressor, equality looks like oppression to you.

Played one scenario so far. Game's pretty fun, I like the ideas with the mana system, the town building and the visuals. It could use more spell variety and more towns though. Too bad it's impossible to discuss it at any measure, since for some reason this game incites immense butthurt in some people.

>Art style looks dog shit
It's top notch and the only good thing about it, faggot zoomer.

I smell.. NIGGERS

This totally isn't a shill game, just like yesterday thread totally wasn't a shill thread.

I'm already sick of this new tactic of "This game is totally shit, but...what if it isn't?" followed by totally organic post about how the game is actually good.

>people talking about a game that looks like a spiritual successor to homm3 = shilling
Take your fucking meds schizo

Looks better than whatever this shit is

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And it makes me so upset that white people are afforded the right to autonomy, while POCs are considered a monolith that represent eachother. When a black person does something bad, suddenly it's "See! I told you black lives don't matter!!! All black are violence!" but when a white person is bad they are just...bad.

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Vignette edge? What?

That's because whites do not have the right to association.

Thank god they put black women in. So it filtered toxic gamers (since they all anti black & white supremacist )

are you seriously criticizing inaccurate scale?

fuck off nigger

Yeah I noticed it with Valheim, another game by the same publisher. Like I enjoy that game but the way some "anons" talked to each other was reeking of sales pitch (again, a person enjoying the game noticing this... it's not that I couldn't understand people enjoying it it's the way they talked about it).

Obviously every post pointing this out is going to be labeled as schizoid.

Here good quote for Yea Forums user
>Any who would seek to twist your creative vision to their own ends cannot be trusted. They will tarnish your creation and shatter it. Any other answer given in this thread will inevitably fall under this umbrella, no matter what group of losers it is . Stick to your vision, and follow your own muse where it takes you. Fuck anyone who doesn't like it.

Black people want you dead. Commit suicide to make Black people happy.

Ahh yes, white fragility

>nigger bitch with afro
i already don't want to know anything about it, and your post screams "SHILL"

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No, I'm still here

It's fine if you have a vision and you want to follow it through but you're not free from criticism and you're not entitled for sales.

Spoken like a true nigger

>Help help. I cannot cope with culture not centering the cis-het white male identity anymore that I have latched onto as a substitute for having a personality

Makes people not buy the game

Look clusterfuck

Aryans are the only oppressed race in the west

>Makes Yea Forums anti-black & white supremacist not buy the game
And that was good thing

>black woman with mandatory afro
Yeah nah, that's an ignore list for me.

Yea Forums is not echo chamber

You better believe in shill threads
you're in one

Because overwhelming majority of them are low IQ violent savages. Thats exactly why we should generalize, because its something in general applies to a group.

>that icon of the neega

When you are the oppressor, oppression looks like equality to you.