Lunar Princess Ranni

Lunar Princess Ranni

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I love my wife Ranni!

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1000 year honeymoon with your wife Ranni

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scuttlebug ranni

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A e s t h e t i c

extremely racist showcase of albinauric stereotypes, Ranni should be ashamed of herself

>my wife is a racist
How do I correct her bros?

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Post smol rannis

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my cute racist wife.



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cutie wife

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god you guys are pathetic

I love Ranni!

Get off the computer Ranni

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Ranni Love and Appreciation

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Elden ring but the MC is sir gideon offnir, the all knowing and every interaction in game is fully voiced by him.

Ranni is...

hat too small

my wife

You're wife is the best!

Your wife is a slut who has married millions of tarnished.


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for breeding with TARNISHED men


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For me?
It’s Leonard.

...what is she doing there?

Using Seluvis puppet potions to turn you into the perfect obedient husband

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So did the ring actually help Ranni in the end, or was it just a proposal letting her know we want to go with her too?

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ranni's is extremely racist, she killed 6 million merchants and is also the one who told dungeater of blackguard's location

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i think it was mostly just a proposal, at least that's what it says on the description, right? but she also seemed to instantly perk up when she got it so maybe it gave her more mana or something, or maybe she was so happy that she forgot about just having fought to death with a god

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Reminder that Ranni chose to have a perfectly flat, smooth, and featureless chest and if you don't like that, you don't like her.

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Of course she did, because her cause is just

I'm normally a tits man but trying to add tits to a design that doesn't have them is cancer.

my wife is a neet...

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Gimme Empyrean Ranni

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>Lunar Princess
>red hair and red jewelry
i think current doll ranni is more thematically appropriate

>if only you knew how bad things really are

Middle ground it is

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I'll never forgive her for turning the realest nigga in the Lands Between, Godwyn, into a living dead fish tumour.

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