Now that crypto is dead will i finally be able to buy a graphics card

Now that crypto is dead will i finally be able to buy a graphics card

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just get a 1650 at the very least, 750 ti can't even run newest games cuz of DX12

I just bought a 3060ti at msrp

how is crypto ded? current value seems way too high for that to be true

You will never be able to get a GPU for a decent price anymore, thank the cryptofags for it.

>current value seems way too high for that to be true
Don’t worry about, just keep buying NFTs and shitcoins

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Blackrock and Citadel kikes took out a 100k BTC loan to fuck over Terra/Luna which caused it to depeg and then had Janet Yellen call for stablecoin boomer-regulation for their eventual CBDC 666-coin.

It's all bagholders now

Just wait for the 40xx series

You been able to buy this for $200 for months now

It's as strong as a 1060 or a 1650 SUPER

(You don't need more)

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No because....war? They'll come up with something

If monetary institutions fight crypto they will kill it, but if they don't and crypto lives buy the dip

i'm not paying $200 for something slightly better than my 1050ti

>Friend gave me his 1070 SC

I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet since I don't play at 4K, but I'll upgrade later.

been sitting on my 1050ti for so long now. considering getting a 3070ti and a 1440p screen, or waiting until the new 4000 series, hard to choose

well, i hope that makes these retards understand that they don't -really- want decentralization

>1060 3gb
>Just upgraded to a 3060
I got a lot of milage out of that 1060, but I'm glad it's finally gone.

Most are msrp right now.
So sure.

>Great Recession 2 is happening
>spending money on vidya
I shiggy diggy

not gonna lie
even msrp is too high for what you get 2bh

msrp was always inflated as fuck tho, especially for this gen

The fuck else am I going to do?

Play games on emulators.
Buy food and toilet paper.

I didnt know G-Sync's been around for that long

I decided to put the money i was going to use for a high end GPU towards a down-payment for a new car.
I only play Monster Hunter and Roblox anyways.

Buy gold

Bros... I bought steamdeck because it was more affordable...

buy booze

Did the same.

I did too back when it launched. Its a good fucking card.

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Just bought a 6700 XT, how badly did I fuck up?

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I bought a 6600 XT three days ago.
I just wanna play my backlog of 5 year and earlier released games.

None it will be a great card for Linux

Me too, user, stuff that I already know that it will run perfectly is all I really care about and if it can play the handful of new games that look good to me then all the better.

>I just wanna play my backlog of 5 year and earlier released games.

Before I got a 3060ti, I had my 2080 commit suicide and I had to go back to a GTX 470. It was actually perfect, I cleared out a good 80% of my backlog because I literally couldn't play newer games.

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Nobodies gonna buy your bags cryptokike.

What metal band does this dude play bass for?

Smashing Non-GMO Organic Pumpkins.

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Bro, what part of "you will own nothing and be happy" do you not understand?
We're probably never going back. And most of you retards STILL don't fucking listen.
PC gaming is a huge waste of energy and resources as far as the globohomo is concerned. That means it's got to go. Notice how they have tied it to "incel culture"?

Crypto has died twice now, best to get a graphics card now before it revives again

Meds. Now.

They're telling you and all you do is listen or read "debooonking" articles or hit pieces. Idiots.

don't give them hope I need it to go 300% lower so I can buy it at extreme discount and fucking /make it/ 6 years from now
My 40's are going to kick ass

I haven't the slightest idea what exactly a bitcoin or blockchain (the thing its made of?) is, and how someone goes about buying / selling it.

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I recently bought a 3060ti.
I don't even thing there is anything worth playing with it.

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Regardless, you're future proofed until at least 2025 easily.

Based 1050Ti team.

How can anyone think it's a good deal that a current $200 video card is basically equivalent to the $200 video card I bought 5 years ago?

Also kind of nice getting into the boomer years because I play less and less new releases meaning I have less and less reason to spend money on upgrades. I might upgrade for TES6 if it's needed, but I just play old shit every day and don't even know what's on the horizon.

Will there be videogames in 2025 worth playing?

i live in finland and a rtx 3060 costs like 400€ here now. i guess i should be happy with that and eat shit but its still over msrp and ampere was launched almost 2 years ago now so the price still pisses me off.
ill hold onto my 1650 super until i can get a 3060 ti or equivalent for 300€ tops.

Nigga if I had a time machine I'd be rich.

It's a mcdonalds virtual funtoken you get given for doing big math. Because it's mathematically scarce it can serve as a vehicle of speculation.

maybe if youre a vrfag. but then, even a 3090ti is not enough for VR.

>a vehicle of speculation
a what

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Exactly. Games peaked years ago.

dont get a 3070 ti, its awful value.

pastor at the church gave me his son's 3090 and his mother's 3070 Noctua Edition, a friend of mine got a 3060 from an old man sitting next to a news stand, apparently he was reading a celebrity magazine and an article with Oprah was talking about charity, then my brother got gifted five 3080s Ti so I sold my 3090 and 3070 to my uncle for below MSRP, I think he's posting in this very thread too

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Same, will finish my build this weekend

You need to clean your feet with bleach and a steel bristle brush.

What the fuck is this post saying

for what purpose exactly? I'm listening

It's a speculative asset, in some scenarios it could be worth a lot, or it could be worthless. The powers that be will keep propping this mofo till the wheels fall off, at that point gold, crypto, any currency will be worthless. food, water, gas, and bullets will be most valuable

You're probably one of the people responsible for there being fecal matter on so many of the surfaces in public aren't you?

should i?

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I literally never leave the house, I think you're stupid and that you are great at wasting sources, thanks for coming by