Post games that let me explore small towns

Post games that let me explore small towns

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She's hot

Persona 4 Golden.

Shadow of memories/destiny

Yokai Watch series

I had fun with that but the dungeons were a chore

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Shenmue 1 and part of Shenmue II

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Silent Hill 2

What game is the op?

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

life is strange true colors

I'd argue The Witcher 1 but it's been a while.
Alan Wake has a wonderful diner.

Yakuza series, Deadly premonition.

>I had fun with that but the dungeons were a chore
That's why I put difficulty on minimum in every Persona game and just play dating sim

do anglophones really?

I loved the setting of Alan Wake so much. It makes me want a Deadly Premonition style game set in Bright Falls, maybe you could play as a field agent from Control or something.

The town felt fake, like it's just decorations and not a real place where people live
Arcadia Bay from the first game felt much more real

The thing, made by the dude from deadly something something. God i wish i could look it up and tell you the exact name. 28v8x

Meant for

The Good Life
It's dogshit, and I say it as a SWERY fan


Jenshin Impack

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came here to post this

The Painscreek Killings and Kona, Painscreek is a small town and Kona is more of a canadian/alaskan wilderness. Both have light Detective sim gameplay though Kona has combat and Painscreek is much more of a detective sim

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Absolutely love Shadow of Memories/Destiny.

Port this shit to Steam, Konami. God dammit.

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>forced as fuck chromatic aberration and blur

you should feel bad for recommending this and you should feel doubly bad for making my eyes look at that screenshot.

boy do I have a treat for you OP

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Thank you user

Didn't ask fuckboy

>call anyone fuckboy
>Recommends fucking walking simulators with chromatic aberration covering the whole screen

you don't belong here, back to tiktok with you

I'm actually a little unclear on how small exactly it's meant to be but I think the town in degrees of lewdity is meant to be on the smaller side

Calm down champ yeah?

So what was the consensus on this game? Many of us were intrigued by the eccentric concept but I hear it was more tedious than interesting and overall a flat experience. Still I find myself drawn to it mainly because I've always loved games set in small English towns—or games set in England in general.

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I never played these games but isn't that the point?

You can usually edit that out in config files

it's the type of game that, if it succeeded in its concept, would've had threads. people were waiting for it.

i've seen zero threads ever and forgot it existed. i just know it's tedious and flat, otherwise there would've been threads.

>quaint english town comfiness
>obnoxious american character

yeah ruined from the start

i gave it a whirl but it just amounts to walking back and forth really fucking slowly with some empty boring nothing happens plot so i just deleted it after 2-3 hours

Oh I see you meant life is strange

Yo i also told you what it was, why you being rude and exclude me? Jerk

if a developer slathers their game in chromatic aberration, they don't understand a single thing about video games, so there's no reason to play it. this is a blanket statement that covers all vidya that exist.

yeah im just gonna laugh at you midwit lmao

INFRA, you're mostly exploring the outskirts of a city and some random parts of it. Not really a small city, but boy is the game still gorgeous

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Tedious, loads of backtracking, Stamina bar, can only run for 15 seconds or less, you need to eat, upload photos to social media, slow as balls walking, day/night cycle, you need sleep, crafting mechanics
Having fun because I pirated it but I'd have been dissapointed if I had spent money on it

Is this game any good?

You don't play videogames.

No, you said
>The thing, made by the dude from deadly something something. God i wish i could look it up and tell you the exact name. 28v8x
Like you were having a stroke. You even wrote the captcha in the post.
Get well soon, user.

>so there's no reason to play it
Could still be a good game, You can play it without supporting devs

i don't play any video games with chromatic aberration, that's for sure!

I enjoyed my time with it. But it came out when I was grinding out 75 hours a week at work, desperately needed an escape, and had no brain capacity for any other game. It's worth trying, but it's a very barebones game, you gotta know you're playing kind of a mess and just want to turn your mind off and take pictures of things. The photography is literally all there is to the game besides the NPCs and their stories and they are completely nonsense. It's got heart and some great music but that's pretty much all its got. I've played every Swery game since DP and will likely keep playing them even if they aren't actually good, I'm invested in his creative endeavors at this point.

Not liking things is not a personality.

The original Black Mirror game let's you explore a mansion and the nearby village

>Could still be a good game

No, it can't. What I'm telling you is that if someone covers the screen in chromatic aberration they cannot develop a good game because they do not understand video games end of story

How many videogames have you made?

I tried man, i fucking tried. But thanks, in 2 weeks i have th nxt apontmt.

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i have art released on a retail cd that says activision and quake on the cover. I made the first flashlight ever in gaming in dehacked. I made the first jumping ever in FPS in dehacked. I made the first quake mod with moveable boxes which was also a first in FPS to my knowledge. I worked on After the Fall conversion, the first TC in all of video gaming.

what about you?

oh, thats what I thought.

>reddit spacing

Super Mario 64

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The Mystical Ninja: starring Goemon and Goemon's great adventure have a few towns to explore each.
I think Nightmare Creatures takes place inna town
Wuppo takes place in a hotel that you may enjoy exploring
BloodBorne takes place in one
Bothe The World Ends With You and TWEWY:Neo are entirely set in a city
Spiderman 2 is good for a city explorer
The name escapes me, but I know there was a Yea Forums flavor of the month point and click game released a few years back that took place inna town.
The 2D pokemon games, the 3d ones just don't hold a candle in terms of towns to me.

I mean it sincerely, get well soon bro.

Im Shigeru Miyamoto, so slather your tongue across my taint you midwit

attack of the friday monsters

Neither is liking things


doesn't contradict anything i said or any position i took

are you that dense that you can't understand what is being said? the decision to cover the screen in CA says more about non-graphical decisions than it does about graphical ones.

oh you've never even been involved in a mod and are now coping hard since i've been fucking released on a retail product by activision

yeah suck dick, you asked for it and you got it. next time don't talk trash to every fucking person here like every person here was 100% irrelevant in gaming

Rean games

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hey i dont think anyone cares about your reddit opinion buddy take it elsewhere

what videogames have you made tho lol

not an argument

do you have a drivers license? kissed a girl yet? :)

>it’s actually in the dialogue
I heard this game was shit but I might get it just because she’s hot.

So thats a no then?

Cringe kino, the homunculus was voiced by Mario

the zoomer playbook, try to extract a win no matter how inconsequential

ive been published in a retail game, ive been relevant in modding, i can go touch my wifes tits right now. whereas you, even if i offered you $100, wont take a picture of the room you are in right now and post it, because you know i already know your reality.

I'm thinking those houses should be bigger

My bro enjoyed it. The ads and shit make it all look like influencer-dew valley with transformations but its actually really fucked up.

Unironically Oblivion.

Some of these towns are the best places I've ever been in. No need to play the core game, just have your little adventures in the towns.

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