Why is Helltaker still so loved despite being an hour-long free fotm game?

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Harem but demon girls

Is this the "Le poopoo artist" thread?

Wish I know, I envy this Polish bastard to no end

what's with the all the coomer threads?

This artist does fart porn

Let's be honest this is a coomer thread but I've seen much less veiled threads surviving, and the previous one got b& while it still was mostly sfw

Imagine the rimjobs....

Why this game is being shilled no-stop today?

>free appeals poorfags
>solid casual gameplay appeals normies
>coomer bait
>catchy music
why wouldnt you like it? Literally no downside


> Why is Helltaker still so loved despite being an hour-long free fotm game?

Because it's made with soul. Something most western games lack these days.

Cute girls.

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pancake recipe

Its fun

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Oh hey, I posted this image a few days ago because I have a smoking fetish.
I also have an intoxication fetish.
Games for this?


Ost is a banger

There's sexy stumbly drunk girls in Yakuza? Thought that was only Fable 2, great

It turns out making a free little game with waifus is a good way to get essentially endless amounts of free porn of your OCs drawn

Yeah some sidequests feature that. In 0 they also have the hostess club minigame but I dont remember them getting excessively drunk in those.

Terriffic. I actually own the whole series on PC and forgot, lol. Thanks for the suggestion, open to others if anyone has any

and that's a good thing!

Stop lusting after demonic beings.

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Which girl eats ass?

what does fotm mean?

based waifus but it's unremarkable as a game unless you fucking love sokoban I guess

Judgment, Zdrada, Lucy, Azazel

It means "game I don't like"

>why do people still like this fotm game
Maybe because you were wrong and it wasn't fotm. For a while there, fotm was just a buzzword thrown at every game that a person disliked which was also above average in popularity.

Where is the bub

Before coffee she eats your ass, after coffee she pegs your ass.

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Dev literally learns how to unity because he wants the internet to make demon girl fanart, releases it for free, throws in an art book and pancake recipe, and gets exactly what he wanted.
He's made it without even asking for a single cent, unlike most nodevs that are permanently ngmi

I'm not even joking or shitposting.
That's unironically the reason.

She looks hot

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Smart of her to hold an apple and a banana for a quick snack, a girl needs her daily fruit

Heaventaker when?

Should be announced today (anniversary) but VanRipper is a slow nigger. It's the Toby Fox situation all over again.

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>Near perfect drawing
>No Fingernails
Why do artist do this?

Is cultist-chan still a thing on /tg/? It's been so long since I've last seen her.

No worries there, instant bonerkill

Dunno about that, that third leg looks kinda lively

>Why is Helltaker still so loved despite being an hour-long free fotm game?
short answer :
Katawa Shoujo General #3925

I'd play Helltaker, but I hate male MC games


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yuri is for fags. Women need penetration.

>endless triple blowjob cerberus hentai
>never includes a rimjob

>Helltaker still so loved
the porn has died down a fuckton
only people still shilling it are coomers who can’t stop fapping to the same pics in every thread

i only watch POV so if one of them was rimming it would be pretty hard to see

i love justice

Reminder that Andro Juniarto aka "GassyTank" posts on /aco/ quite frequently and has been known to explore /trash/ as well.

Also, in case it hasn't been made quite clear, fartfags are the new footfags

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He just dropped a Yuffie in the /aco/ thread last night, its glorious.

Literally built for irl shitposting

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want that girlcock in my mouth

It's hard being best girl in a group of best girls.

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imagine how much she can cum