Who the fuck watches these and genuinely likes them

who the fuck watches these and genuinely likes them

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zoomers and trannys

Don't know but indies games are better than AAA these last 10 years

These would get half the viewers if Silksong's news cycle wasn't in a perpetual drought

Nobody. Everyone who watched were just hoping for Silksong

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Children? The LGBT community these games clearly pander to instead of making a legitimate good game?
Gunbrella/Elec robo looked decent and they were the only ones where the devs didn't show up to brag about themselves

you do

People desperate for Silksong news.

People have been watching only for silksong the past 4 years which is weird since Team Cherry never seemed to care about indie worlds. E3 and games awards, yeah, but not these shitfests.

It's a video game announcement reel, I don't know if I'm gonna like anything until i watch it.

I watched it cause I happened to be on and saw a thread.
Had many of good laughs with other people on Yea Forums

Take the Indie Live Expo pill
It's two days this year and is happening on the 21st

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some people do, thats why they keep making them

I do because I like to see what indies might be coming out for the Switch. Elec Robo and Cult of the Lamb have my attention at least, possibly Card Sharks.

I watched it because i had 20 minutes to kill. It was pretty trash, not a single original or interesting thing

Nobody watches commercials for fun OP, it's to get excited for new products.

Independent games interest me more than big games. This one was shit.

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This dude gets it, I watch them to see if something interest me to buy later on.

I watched a lot of the first one but never got around to seeing any of the second, will watch for sure

>It's two days this year
Holy fuck, will they survive?!

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First day is live gameplay of already available games so I have no idea how they'll do translations. Second day is the traditional rapidfire previews

So this is the highly original indie scene I've been hearing about? I kneel

>The same le uber difficult procedurally generated pixelshit roguelike over and over


I do. It's a good place to find indie games on PC. Most of these devs have already made a PC port or will do a simultaneous release.
There's not a regular indie update video for PC, and the ones that do exist, are tied to an annoying eceleb or a shitty gaming news site.

>Gunbrella and elechead

Hell yeah. Those both looked solid. I think Card Shark is getting a demo today too which I'll probably check out.

Sports Story/Silksong will be at E3 if there is anything to update us on with them. They're both too big for this sort of show I think.

Oh yeah tell me more of these modern Star Fox style games
I'm sure plenty of them exists

Sometimes there’s some bangers. But usually you don’t miss out by missing out. Card Shark looks fun as hell though and I am hype to try that demo


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Already played that demo on PC months back.
It was meh

I mean, the more options we have, the better. That being said, nothing in that presentation particularly interested me.
Indies are definitely the better option if you ever liked certain niche genre forgotten by the modern market.

I'm quite liking how much bigger this show is getting, and more people are starting to know about it.
Definitely deserve it compared to other events

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I like game showcases in principle but I've never enjoyed one of these.

IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR AN INDIE DEV TO MAKE A DECENT ARCADE RACING GAME?! We have Hotshot Racing, Xenon Racer, and Inertial Drift. More, please.

Don't play this if you haven't played Space Harrier, children.

Based Masked Drummer. Last year with him and the shamisen guy was pure kino

I like the Jap they have but I fucking hate the other retard. He's insufferable

you are not my dad , dont fucking tell me what to do

Is this the "stop watching what indies do and go back to consuming blockbusters" thread?

More like idiots acting once again tribal over pointless shit.

I am ready.

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He’s a citizen of Japan. You can’t hate him.

Don't forget making fun of Silksong

frankly I don't follow most the games shown there, but their enthusiasm is endearing to watch and the threads much better than what this board is used to.

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This, the show itself alongside the threads its just max comfy
Hours pass by and i still have fun

Yes, "innovation" is just change for the sake of change. No one who likes omelets wants an omelet with the egg change to sawdust because muh innovation, only people who don't like omelets do and those people should be ignored.

what's so remarkable about space harrier?

>30 bucks for Soundfall
fuck that, I'll wait on the torrent

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>who the fuck watches these and genuinely likes them
I just watch for the inevitable Silksong seething

brooooooooo low poly pink and torquoise visuals heckin EPIC

Mostly true. Rogue Legacy 2 isn't pixel art, but it is better than the triple-A that have been released in recent years.

Was going to watch it but it sounds like this is literal who garbage games so I guess I'll pass.

finally, zelda is a girl

>Fucking meme crab souls game
>Still no Sports Story
I am in eternal pain

Lmao they went out of their way to make her body androgynous and unsexy. You can tell in the original art she had big butts and a cleavage, you can feel it

This is kino





Is this the type of shit normies like? I saw like 3 games I kinda want to play.

Fuck shittendo for no normal direct

Im so fucking sick of these character designs. This shit is about as unique looking as grey blob Timmy Turner

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>playing oneshot on console

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We keep telling you, global homo

It's trend for artists to be "wholesome" and "inclusive" now. Sorry, but we have another decade for this shit before anything truly unique arrives

Alao stay hydrated lol!

If only "wholesome" and "inclusive" didnt mean void of creativity or sense of style. Its painful

Hollow Knight fans who are still coping

You expect actual effort from a creator in 2022?, thats a heckin' yikers and literally Hitler

I only support high test indie devs

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There are a lot of cool creators in 2022, but they arent in these dev teams and they shouldve been, because these decent looking games have a disgusting aesthetic

Meme crab souls game looked fun.

Japanese version of the direct had some games that didn't make it to the western one, notably Omori's release date announcement (June 17th) was super popular and got a ton of japanese twitter interaction

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Yeah I'm down for the crab souls, looks like a lot of fun

Is onori not woke enough for noa?

It's trying to look like the superfx games you fucking retard

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Its too woke. So woke its not family friendly

looks neat