If you kill him you'll be just like hi-

>if you kill him you'll be just like hi-

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i really do hate that fucking trope

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But here's the thing
What if I kill TWO of them?

>not my problem

> if you kill him you'll be just like him
> yes

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Congrats, now you are just like him. Now I will have to kill you too

Has this ever actually been justified?

So I'll kill you too and then I will become like you again.

But then you'll be just like me.

>protagonist never kills
>protagonist risks his life saving the villain
>villain kills thousands after being saved
>protagonist still saves the villain

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We're not so different, you and me.

I can't even select the rude choice, i would feel bad

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>villain is undeniably, unabashedly psychotic and revels in it
>protagonist does everything he can to save him

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I killed countless of his goons. They all deserve death for standing in my way. Such a suggestion this idiotic has given me enough proof that you never were an asset to me.

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>yeah i may have spent the entire game mowing down every enemy which crossed by way, in the most brutal and violent way imaginable, but you see i cannot kill the main villain because killing is wrooooong!

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Is there a game where this is said and the protagonist tells them to fuck off?

>Kills him anyway

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are there really people so extreme to believe killing is always wrong regardless of circumstances?

No. There are people who will say that because it sounds morally good though

Based savior complex guy. Hes just like me

>are there really people so extreme to believe killing is always wrong regardless of circumstances?
yes, and they are retards

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sexy tummy

did he died??


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>Kill him.
>Then go kill an innocent baby
>Become innocent again
Heh. Life hacks


Was it the gameplay or story that was critized?


Damn that's clever

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Redshirt raped and killed the shooter's son, then the shooter got revenge.

>pedo kidnaps kid
>does molesty things
>gets arrested
>local news tips off dad
>dad shoots pedo on live tv
>sentenced to community service
or read the wikipedia article

guy rape daughter, dad shoot guy the end

built for weight gain until she needs to be moved with a forklift

gameplay is exactly the same as 1, so its not bad
story is depressingly bad. super unsatisfying ending that makes you feel like a complete cuck

the belief and the actions taken are often opposing. the intention of an act doesnt make it good or bad, but the act itself.

Based Balancechad

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if you say killing is NEVER justified, and then kill, you are by default bad.

Not even Kirby agrees with this philosophy lol.

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yes, that is what I'm saying.

>He wore a baseball cap and sunglasses, so no one recognized him.

Add in how the guy was a dear friend of the family of the kid he molested and raped for years and you can get why the father felt so vengeful beyond reason

except that's literally kirby's copy ability lol

He's killed Nightmare, Dark Mind and 0.

>beyond reason
i disagree, i think it was very reasonable

what I meant was he literally becomes the things he kills (when eating them)

You make fun of it but it does help at least a little, kind of like shaving yourself bald
Long as you don’t got anything so immediately recognizable like a comically long nose or something you can probably get away with a cheap disguise and hang out in a crowd or peripheral vision
That said I think nobody really knew or care who he was in the first place, all eyes on the rapist and not as much attention on the victim and the family, the usual

I swear, all they had to do was give the player a fucking choice of killing Abby.
That way both the cucks and real people would be happy.

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Oh yeah I thought it was reasonable too, I’m just saying that if you had to get in his way you’re not going to talk or reason or him out of it
It’d also be reasonable to turn a blind eye if you happened to know the entire story beforehand desu, betrayal that deep and evil would make anyone snap

>gunshot fade to back
>credits roll

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If you are aware of what goes on in your life at autism levels, then no, you won’t end up like the person you killed. Normies won’t understand. The same thing goes when they say you will find love one day. I say, if I allow it, which I won’t.

Still the most based thing this show ever did.

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>which I won’t
Holy based

when you boil it all down there are people out there that just need a killing

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>newspaper won't stop fellating some dead ugly fat cunt that was nothing but trouble
Arnold Abrams must have been some woman's pen name

The ending is just one of many issues with the game.

so be it

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If you think about it thats how it worked back in the day, you commit a crime or sin, you sacrifice an animal to be forgiven.

Its such a weird japanesey thing guess it's cultural values (e.g that whole sex is OK violence is bad, vs the burger violence is OK sex is bad etc...) or some shit, someone could rape your wife, try to kill you, kill a bunch of other people and behave like a generally unlikable unhinged lunatic but nooooo you need to spare them because 'they can be saved' or there was some point in time where they weren't a murderous psychopath, just an insufferable dickhead and you were casual acquaintances

added irony in any setting where the MC/PC has also slaughtered several mass grave's worth of faceless goons prior to the pacifist pontification sequence