EA is evi-

>EA is evi-

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Ugh... This is so frustrating.
How much do poc/queer/female/trans folks have to suffer because of white fragility?

>former lighting artist

Now i know why most modern games have trash lighting.

This is why western games are so shit, all these developers are DESPERATE to virtue signal.

How about a fucking alien? Why is it always human characters in a galaxy filled with aliens?

>EA actually wanted to sell their games for a change

notice how it says black/female instead of black female, they only wanted a protag with minority points instead of an actual charcater


This. Why light artists, hardressers and fashion designers always have the worst, most anti-practicality driven tastelet takes?

>Black Female
Why are westerners so unimaginative? Even Biden is committed to hiring only black females, and I can't help but wonder why.

Because an alien protag would alienate normies. Most people are literally incapable of epathizing with beings that don't look like them If Dogs were cyclopses with just one eye women wouldn't find puppies cute.

>ea wants to make money
Imagine my surprise.

Holdover from film days where makeup human = alien

I'd like to see something like, Humanity has spread across the Milky Way, doing it's thing and growing increasingly concerned that absolutely zero signs of an intelligent civilization ever exist anywhere we looked.

And after 300,000 years, we notice a species of crystals in the depths of a gas giant which appear to be emitting radio waves in a fashion we recognize from our ancient past...

Fuck, we really ARE the first in our Galaxy.

Do zealot libloids not realize there exist races other than Debra Wilson

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>make a redhead male, an extremely underrepresented group of people
>sjws come out the wazoo that gingers are still just generic white males and havent suffered discrimination whatsoever

Literally every redhead male gets bullied in life.


When am I going to get a new Star Wars action game with character creation?

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You just know they wanted her as the protagonist. Thank fuck someone had the sense NOT to make her the MC

I haven't seen a more notable example of that happening since CopperCab was popular

I literally do not buy any games whatsoever featuring anyone other than white males and it’s only because game devs clearly hate white males. I do it as sort of a protest statement with my wallet. You can see a direct correlation between failure and games starting minorities. The worst thing about an industry captured by a cult is that business and creativity comes second to ideology. Sucks for fans but at least I keep my money.

>Unironically ditching the "strong" black female for a straight white male
You'd think they'd double down but it looks like (((someone))) was afraid they weren't gonna get that extra million lol

why not try making a character creator and have multiple voice options, saints row 2 did this low ago

Do people honestly not realize that the vast majority of the country doesn't want much to do with blacks? Even my liberal ass dad who listens to NPR and watches CNN locks his doors driving through black areas and will cross the street to avoid them.

He also says "whats up my nigga" when I come over for dinner

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It's crazy that they've never made a Jedi Academy 2 or something. How has there not been anything like it since?

where does it say it was EA that shot them down?


>another white incel thread

>increasingly concerned
what for? never meeting aliens is the best possible outcome

who else could it be?


Next time baby.

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but the game was still of woke stuff.
the protagonist was written as a weakling and idiot who constantly gets beaten up, resued or told what to do by woman and never rescues a woman even once.now compare that to female protagonist like ray or the nick avocado ogre who always shit on male characters and are written as better then them at everything

Could have been a couple of devs shot down by senior devs at Respawn.

No matter how much they posture, they fucking know better than to actively shoot themselves in the foot with a franchise they want to make money on

They can throw the fucking diversity shit out all day long and get no return on it while screaming "DAS RIGHT WHITEY" at the top of their lungs but suddenly it's actual profit at risk and everyone in the boardroom shuts the fuck up and puts a generic white guy in because they know better

how many atlanteans had to drown because you are a space criminal

>Bigot Wars

Because they're cheap as fuck and just wanted to facescan+mocap, welcome to the future

does this count as black on balck violence?

full pvp action lobby games are kinda dead these days no? only active games like that i can think of are all pure shooters.

nothing is ever good enough for these people is it? you ask them "how much diversity would it take to make x acceptable to you?" and they'll either deflect, dodge or just call you racist for asking that question.

Thankfully this game turned out to be such a massive success that it made both EA and Disney realize they were undervalued Star Wars as a gaming IP.

>welcome to the future
well fuck you and your three seashells

Shit like this makes me laugh when autists on here unironically believe that "wokism" is being pushed by the executives as part of a conspiracy by the elites to spread globohomo or whatever it is you think they want.
They want money. That's it. If at any point it ever seems like they want something else it's because that something else will make them money.


Debra Wilson could have played two characters?

One of the most iconic villians kneels before an empowered black woman

>Even my liberal ass dad is racist
Funny that you use “even” as some kind of exception when it’s long been exposed that liberals are THE most racist towards blacks than anyone. They treat them like novelties and slightly-smarter-than-an-animal pets and love pretending to be their friends for virtue points, but when they think they’re in safe company they’ll reveal who they really are, just like your dad.

God what a fucking disaster, glad I dropped this after 3 hours

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How much do you want to bet they're referring to one of the multiple concepts that were being deliberated over that just wasn't chosen and that there wasn't some grand conspiracy

Yeah fucking totally, they totally wanted that and are just brave enough NOW to talk about it.
Sure dude, fucking totally.

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-dently not retarded enough to take creative direction from a literalwho lighting artist?

Please tell me it's a fucking meme edit

oh noes what diversity it could be

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This. They literally fight against any effort to make black people as successful as races that are doing better socioeconomically. The one ones that truly think they are helping just fall for lies because they're gullible

Whats with the obsession of casting black people and females at that?

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Ayo hol up. Is it the same actress for each one though? Western devs have a bad habit of trying to make the character look like the actor

Leftists believe that it helps society to represent everything equitably, regardless of actual demographics

Not the person but he's literally letting her "overpower" him to push her to the dark side, it's not as though that's a new concept. Give into your anger/emotions and jeeze look how powerful you are sort of shenaniganery

>want a nigger
>get a gnigger

No no, I mean this face.
No way this is real game.

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oh fair enough, fuck if I know. Maybe that's how mad black women look.

Holy shit thats such bs

It's a real game. This is what happens when leftists take over an industry. Beauty disappears.

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if you played the game like that no wonder you got filtered retarded fromdrone. not every game is dark souls you dont have to roll every attack

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Sounds like the producers saved the game, further proof corporate game devs don't have any creativity whatsoever, they just chase trends like sheep.

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>finally get a male protag with red hair
>everyone right out of the gate shits on it because its not a black person or a female
>continue to shit on it long after the game releases
>in game, Cal is constantly getting shit on and getting his ass whooped while the black female mentor character literally makes Darth fucking Vader kneel to her

Ginger bros...we'll never be real people, even in the wokes eyes

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why not, put them in OC and stop changing established characters

This article is just meant to stir shit up.
It's like that Insomniac employee that got fired because she kept trying to stir shit up calling the female lombax a lesbian. She basically forced Insomniac to call her out publicly about how much of a shit stirrer she was.
She left Insomniac to work of the KOTOR remake and then "left" that because of "creative differences".

lol even women and minorities want to play as a handsome white lad

>deathloop devs telling them they dodged a bullet

She'll probably blow her way to another studio. Such is gamedev in the west.

there really is an association there to liberals and them being anagrams isn't all there is to it.

The game would have been so much better without her.

Didn't help her virtue signaling got shut down by another female game dev calling out her bullshit.

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>trying to make
it's literally mocap you brainlet

>niggers are so idolized that the word black is capitalized in the middle of the sentence
>still shoehorned a major black character into the game anyway
>Respawn Entertainment, LLC is an American video game development studio

I genuinely hope Putin will nuke the USA into fucking oblivion.

wow, I'm going to buy this game immediately.

A lot of people used it for that but Jedi Academy did have a single player mode, y'know.

How many white people have had to suffer because their retarded left wing kin pushed for racist, sexist, and homophobic "lets hire people because they are black, a woman, gay" practices in the workplace to begin with?

And let's not get started on the "How do you do fellow PoCs, women, queers?" shit that's plagued western entertainment for years now.

Makes sense, shame it doesn't let them actually design a character's face at all. So you're saying that it is the same woman for every roll?

Cal is cute, so I'm glad

>i intentionally made an autist of myself in the work place because the animal character was going to be given slight bumps on her chest area

Jesus christ that monkey is hideous

Same actress. She probably has a contract that allows companies to lend out her likness for vidya which is why she gets used so much.

If she went over to the Dark Side would her Sith name be Darth Watermelonus?

White people can't suffer from media depictions of them. You can only suffer if you are on a level where you care what others think.
White's don't care what others think of them if you haven't noticed. Nothing about our world shows any sign that white people give 2 shits about anything a non-white thinks of them. They are so removed from your concerns it isn't even a part of their reality.
Its a part of yours.

>the game is shit, but that doesn't matter because it's slightly less woke than it could be

high tier cope

Please remove actors from video games. It's always been an awful concept and it always will be.

Darth nigus

dud she actually casts abara Kapernickera on Vader to get him to kneel.
Vader does it as a shitpost just so he can stand up to show her she has no power. It was some Fentanyl Floyd type limited hangout shenanigans from jump street. Vader stays shitposting on em.

I mean the game is hot garbo and that goblin niggress is so fucking ugly I'm not sure if they made her like that because they are woke or actual racists making fun of ugly blacks

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