How did you feel about Tsumugi?

How did you feel about Tsumugi?

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Probably my favorite female character in DR. Thank you for asking.

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That's not Tsumugi

Best Mastermind

damn she's got wide hips

How do those tiny feet and legs support those giant thighs?

In need of a good dicking.

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She's underage...

I knew a girl in college who looked exactly like Tsumugi but with black hair and she was jewish. God I wish I had asked her out.

Nice forehead

i want to lick her butthole.

main antagonist (somehow) of the worst danganronpa story with a "quirk" that only works if everyone around her has 60 IQ and never asks questions
Moogy and her dumb plot makes v3 less enjoyable than Ultra Despair Girls, which I guess is impressive

get in line

if i roll a 6 i get to be first in line

Why isn't she pooing

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my head
those thighs

betrayal plotlines only work if you make a character that's interesting both before and after betrayal, and i'm being generous saying that she's mildly interesting in the "after" phase

based pube eater.

I want to dick her

One of the worst characters in the series

Horribly bland even at the end. I want to ignite her thighs with my dicls friction though

I think she'd look great in cow print

I want to suck her anal hair

now that's something i can get behind.

eat those dingleberries

Her swimsuit sprites in Summer Camp have a bigger chest than Miu's, this is clearly favoritism.

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i want to have cosplay sex with her that's what i feel


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She’s a good final boss for the series in that she perfectly encapsulates the fans. I’d still like more Danganronpa games, though.

if 5 i go first

looks like we gotta go to the back of the line user

Rerollan 6

damn bro you should check this 4

Look at this 6.

I fucking love knees

They don't, women are immobile cows

nice 0 bro you will always get 0 bitches and eat 0 ass. now watch this 1

I want her to sit on me and not stop.

Stupid cunt

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Tsumugi is the best. She can cosplay any character you want and she'd be into roleplay.

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looks like she does anal

good antagonist but she's a shit twist villain
by the time chapter 4 ends and she's still alive you know she clearly has some plot relevance and/or is probably evil. The problem was that she was too much of a "literally who?" character that it was impossible to believe she was just a normal survivor. Himiko and Maki at least had their moments with Tenko and Kaito that clearly showed they weren't the villain. It's like in SDR2 how despite being mainly filler you knew Akane and Sonia weren't the villain either because their interactions with other characters like Nekomaru and Gundamn were genuine.

All of that being said, her design is pure sex so everything I just said is pointless and should be ignored. Great character.

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My least favorite character in the entire franchise

Belgian thread

Moogi's the greatest only child brocon and stinky nerd of all time.

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for me its tenko

Impressive, very nice.

>How did you feel about Tsumugi?
I can fix her

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Are you one of those people that got butthurt at chapter 6 and take out their anger on Tsumugi?
If that's the case, you never should've taken Danganronpa's shitty story seriously.

>by the time chapter 4 ends and Hiro's still alive you know he clearly has some plot relevance
There's plenty of filler characters that make it to the end, so I don't think that's necessarily true.

god I need to slurp a pusi so bad bros

If she didn't have glasses I wouldn't care about her.

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I love my precious, lovely and wonderful Chiaki!

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>le heckin' basedface girl

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hi chiakifag

No idea who is this "Chiakifag" you are talking about good sir. I'm just a random Chiaki poster on Yea Forums.

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everyone knows semen contains magical properties, so it wasn't a lie

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like diarrhea ontop a shit sundae? nothanks, subvertfags.