World of Warcraft: Dragonflight


Have you peeped the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight trailer yet bros?

Easily the best WoW trailer since Warlord's and that's on god.

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This is looking like MoP 2.0, slept on by most people but actual fucking kino.

Actually I would agree, it's better than Legion/BFA/Shadowlands trailers with their insulting levels of forced melodrama and retardation. Still, there's absolutely nothing inspired about it either. The same applies to everything I've seen and heard about the expansion itself (which isn't a lot, I don't even care anymore).

dragon footjobs

People actually liked this dogshit trailer?
>muh stonebro

its stoneBOI, xivtroon

Warcraft is rapidly reaching the stage where it's not even fun to mock and ridicule the franchise, it's just so stale and dead no one cares at all. In 2-3 years people will barely even remember it exists.

dragon tailjobs

Trailer was great and I haven't played WoW in like 10 years, get yourself a soul

Cope. We are about to enter the WOWnaissance. It is going to be bigger and better than ever before after Bobby melds the game with The Metaverse so we can all PLAY TO EARN NFTs from home revolutionizing the way we work and play. Very soon WoW will BE the economy.

Which is really good if it turns out to be MoP 2.0, however the Dragon race is clearly pandering considering we've had multiple humanoid dragon models already that they just fail to use and even then their backstory of being Deathwing creations already exists as well in very different forms. Everything looks good other than the new race models.

>day one flying
>cross faction play
>account wide everything
>azeroth kino
>devs confirmed to listening to the players
>only 2 pvp ilvls
>solo queue rated

Yep, I'm thinking retailkino is back.

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Nice reddit meme to go with your reddit trailer you retarded mmo addict. Bet you can't wait to waste another 500 hours grinding for pointless dogshit.

man, i had no clue that a new wow expac had been announced. this shit looks like second life now. a bunch of aids infested furry homos seems to be their target audience. can't believe i spent so much time on this game in my youth

Back to /xivg/

you gonna copy and paste this thread every day?

Stopped playing in Legion. New xpac looks just as bas as the last two.

I'll play Wrath Classic tho. That will feel nice for a few weeks.

bruh im finna peep this trailer then preoder this shi fr no cap

where my dragon homies at?

for me it's tier 1 druid

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super gay

Dragon tail pussy...

you needed at least five more frs
shame on you

Dead game

Theme park for children

why was warlock tier 2 so chad?

>People actually liked this dogshit trailer?

I want to breed a human female in the priest t3

Remember: Ironic shitposting or shilling is still shitposting/shilling

meds, now

I don't even want to watch it. I can feel the cringe coming on already.

>few weeks
It'll feel nice for a week and then you realize you'll be doing an easier Naxx and Malygos for months after you've capped.

Sadly true. After wotlk it was fun to ridicule people slurping up actiblizz's diarrhea but now it's just completely stale. The people who play it now are either a completely different audience or genuinely lobotomized. It's a dead horse at this point, and a dead game to boot.


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Don't be like that, you've helped play a part

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I genuinely think the only people who actually still enjoy WoW are just people who mindlessly fly around grinding for rare mounts

this time... it will be kino for sure...

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Grabbed an already good design in the necromancer from wc3, made it green and on fire.

poor hunters

MoP wasn't kino and turned the franchise into what you see today.
This is just another curve in the road to diverge the series further away from its core.

No, its people who are basically stockholm syndromed and refuse to enjoy anything else. Hypocritical people who have poisoned their own mind by playing so much WoW and thinking its a fantastic social game full of deep criticisms and systems and its only bad because of borrowed power and not the myriad of other reasons inside and out.

It's legit like watching a domestic violence victim apologize for their abusers shit and continue to stay in the relationship because they can fix it, they can make it better, it's still fun, there are just bad days.

well yeah but my point is the people you're describing don't actually enjoy wow at all

Sneed's Shredder

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>paying to do time-gated chores
Why do people still buy this garbage?
Are you telling me a multi-billion company can't do better?

Mostly that, but there is one actual thing in its favor: it actually feels smooth and responsive to play, which cannot be said about the competition even to this day. And seeing as that this affects roughly 100% of the time playing the game, it's a huge fugging deal.

Of course, that still doesn't justify playing retail. You could get the same smoothness (better, in fact, due to reputable - and even some unreputable stock core servers - not being laggy pieces of shit that fall to their knees if there's more than a handful players in a zone, as well as smaller technical differences like transactions being processed instantly) on private servers.

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mhmmm cloacas

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tier 3 was right where shit started getting out of hand

>Literally the worst announcement of wow expansion in history.
>Hardly any hype except from people who depend on wow.
>4 bad expansions in a row, but "this time it will definitely be different!"

I like the way it feels to do those timegated chores.

Legion was good, though it was like a self fulfilling prophecy where it was only good because a lot of good players stuck around until the end of the expansion - had very little to do with the actual game design

Why the fuck isn't AQ40 gear considered tier 3 anyways

Random legendaries that aren't the "right ones."
I don't think people really remember just how frustrating the game was in Legion.
FFS you spent half your time in a guild hall doing Facebook-tier nonsense.

What does the druid forms look like?

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Legion is mediocre and there's nothing wrong with that.
My problem is that people can't stop sucking it off because it wasn't as bad as everything else.

I don't think it would be possible for them to actually have a positive response after everything you just listed. This is clearly a soft-reset of the power-ramping, and "win your trust" back expansion focused on QoL.

Will they pull it off? I doubt it.

Tier 1 hunter is underrated
Shame about tier 2 though

shill thread

the random legendaries was only an issue for the first few weeks of the expansion, and emerald nightmare was such a pushover that it hardly mattered

It was good up to Suramar and the mana tree in the first patch. Blew it's load too FUCKING EARLY

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>the random legendaries was only an issue for the first few weeks

They were an issue until 7.3.5

Look at the archive and see this retard is a marketer. A whole page of this shit.

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only if you were raidlogging
but i guess you just believe whatever daddy asmonbald tells you huh

Antorus was the only raid I had 2 class specific legendaries that weren't trash tier.

That being said, Legion was heaps of fun, it just suffered from a few key issues (shit pvp loot, weekly chest, trinket and legendary power gaps)

You should probably get your brain checked retard, its clearly shitposting

take your meds schizo

Tier 2 pally forever and always

It's a retarded shitposter, a shill would be paid at least.

Fuck WoW
Fuck XIV
Fuck all of (You)
Nothing will ever beat ToonTown

Trailer was dogshit.
Cope harder.


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>Only 5 pieces (Tier sets in Vanilla had 8 / 9 pieces)
>No unique model for each class
Obviously scuffed reasoning in hindsight as Blizzard downgraded tier sets to 5 pieces and repeated this uniformal skin for each armor type later on, but that's my best explanation.