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Reminder that the entire game boils down to “Perfect Block” every single encounter. People who screech “deep combat and NPC daily routines!” are retards who are complacent with mediocrity. This game’s combat is as deep as a fucking puddle.

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Horrible game with horrible combat.

oblivion has npc routines lol, i respect what they did with bethsda formula but im not a fan of medieval games.

Soulful game that feels like a real place (it kinda is), great RPG elements, and a nice way of learning some history.

it makes it worse than the entire game is just wait, perfect block, or stand somewhere where NPC path finding is broken and shoot arrows. you can even break the economy by breaking into houses, and stealing a bunch of shit then selling it. you never have financial issues

This game has shitsouls combat. I don't get why are you zoomers so upset about it if you love garbage like dilden ring so much.
It literally locks on and autoaims you at the target, so all you need to do is to press X in time as if it was a rhythm game, which makes it EXACTLY like shitsouls garbage.

Czech jank is not soulful.
>feels like a real place
Ah yes, trees, farms, cities and castles.
>great RPG elements
Use sword, get skill in sword, choose perk related to skill usage. It’s barebones and uninspired.
>neat way of learning history
5 minutes reading an article vs 100 hours of a mediocre RPG to learn the basics.

>open world
>graphics almost as good as crysis
>oblivions UX
hmm these seems like its going to be great
try combat
>:autolocked, movement is limited, tic-tac-toe mechanics resolves everything
fuckin dead game

Well if you ever have been to Bohemia this feels very much like it. I am a big fan of the game, and the jank I kinda like.

>:autolocked, movement is limited, tic-tac-toe mechanics resolves everything
That's your generic console combat. What's the problem again?

You’re either a journalist, or a retarded child that uses non-grammar like this.

>shit combat

once you master the combat and pull of combos it becomes a whole different game where you actually feel like a master swordsman.
everything else is just cope by people who didnt git gud.

It’s not even tic-tac-toe. It’s like Scissors, Paper, Rock - except you can see what he chooses 5 seconds before you do. The entire game is
>enemy telegraphs attack
>Perfect Block
>do this 5 more times each enemy for 100 hours

It's a really good game and anyone who says otherwise is a faggot

is there a mod to make the combat easier

>Ah yes, trees, farms, cities and castles.
Fucking amerimutt. Not everyone lives in a bugman box.

>master the combat
>either swing a mace like a sperg, or perfect block for 80 hours to win
You’re a liar and a faggot, or delusional and stupid.

You have to do the training. Combat is easy once you learn your skills

Yes, basically like any console exclusive. Zoomers love this shit. Your point?

It’s a really bad game and anybody who says otherwise is a faggot

I agree the perfect block was a mistake and dumbs the combat down. Still one of the greatest games ever made though.

It isn’t a console exclusive, why even bring that up? What’s your point, you stupid nigger?

The best WRPG since Knights of the Old Republic.

its got no movement influences like mount and blade is good at
its move sequencing is nothing close to chivalry like games
it has no enviroment interactions to bring into situations like dark messiah
it denies everything other melee games do well and gives nothing else as an alternative

just started my first playthrough. can you FUCK theresa?

>19 posts
>10 unique posters
looks like some twitter trannies got filtered by the game and went into a complete meltdown about zoomers, dark souls and oblivion

It’s not a WRPG - it’s a ERPG, dipshit nigger.

Genuinely a good example - Mount and Blade already did what Kingdom Come tried to do, but better and with less jank.


Yes. You can even hyperfocus her quest once the first one unlocks to do it in like 30 minutes. You can also fuck a couple of whores with a Pasture in a quest.


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And combat like that is popular among degenerate zoomer masses, so what's the problem again, you stupid nigger? You somehow never bitch about that when playing dildo ring.

This is literally the only game in existence to nail that dark, dense, european forest feel.


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Melee builds are for fags. I'm like Robin Hood but I steal from everyone and kill any witnesses. I stole enough shit so I could learn to read so I could read a book that taught me how to brew poison. I then put that poison on my arrows and shot fuckers in the head while hiding in the bushes fifty feet away.

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There's a mod that makes it better, but also harder.

>swing up down up on 100 bandits that ambush you and can’t damage you with their weapons
Achievements are impressive.

I hope you're not using the crosshair mod

still seething you filtered faggot

Fuck that
All I need is Jesus Christ

dont care, still the most immersive game ive played in the last 10 years.

Yes, there was a mod that almost completely disabled entire lock on mechanic. This breaks the game because you cannot execute any combos at all and thus cannot progress in a couple of quests. But otherwise it makes the combat look like dark messiah where you can spam basic attack and stunlock the enemy.

Also a viable option just to go full ranged ninja, but I use both.

>Ah yes, trees, farms, cities and castles.

It’s a WRPG, get mad faggot.

This game could be such a nice medieval hunting sim, but the wildlife is too scarce.

there are hunting hotspots you need to discover or look up where the animals spawn. otherwise you will hunt rabbits until you are old.

I’m playing it right now for the first time. It’s so good bros, haven’t felt like this about a game since morrowind. Blows shit like oblivion and W3 out of the water

>he didn't take the horse archer pill

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Why is there still no sequel?

>Enter combat with two or three enemies at the same time
>Entire combat system breaks and is janky as fuck
Nothing personal kid.

nah. stephanie is where its at. theresa is more of a childhood friend than anything

I've handled fights with up to 5 enemies fine. My main complaint with multiple enemies is that the lock on isn't strong enough, when you move your mouse to line up a strike you sometimes switch targets and the enemy gets a free hit in. I wish they made the lock on absolute and only let you lock off by holding the button.

Comfiest game ever imho

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What you gotta understand is, 99% of the people bitching never bothered to learn or to use the combos whatsoever. I doubt they even did the tutorial to learn all the moves.
Defensive tricks work, but combos are king in this game, and OP and all the reseterafags seething about this game is just a matter of them being dumbass zoombers who can't adapt to a new game.
I hate combat in 99% of games, and yet i had close to zero issues with this one.

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Why do you talk like this?

its cause his personality isnt real, and if it is, it sure as hell isnt organic

You have a problem with that, nigger?

Nice reddit word of the day.

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