[GAME] is amazing and here's why

> [GAME] is amazing and here's why
> The downfall of the [GAME] series
>So...I've tried out [GAME]
> I'm sorry I didn't like [GAME]
> [GAME], I guess...
>99999 Patrons

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>[GAME] - Wha' Happun?!

>I played [GAME] So you don't have to

>[GAME] is better than you think

>[GAME] is better thank you think
>[GAME] ISN'T better than you think

>[GAME] before you buy

>[GAME] is worse than you remember

>[GAME] years later

>[GAME] Is the future of gaming

>[GAME] is kinda problematic...

>The story of FIRE EMBLEM FATES in an under rated gem



>I, Really Really Don't Recommend [GAME]
>Here's why you shouldn't buy [GAME]
>[GAME]: what went wrong?
>[GAME]: anatomy of a disaster
>How bad is [GAME] really?
>Why [GAME] failed
>What critics don't tell you about [GAME]
>[GAME] didn't just die, it was murdered
>[GAME], after 7 years of wait
>Why we don't talk about [GAME]
>The Rise and Fall of [GAME]
>[GAME], is it as bad as they say?
>[GAME], misunderstood masterpiece or bad game?
>The Misunderstood Ambition of [GAME]
>[GAME], 3 years later
>[GAME] is better than you think
>[GAME], worth it in 2026?

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And of course who could forget

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>it's a video on Postal

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>There will never be another [GAME]
>[GAME] is bad, and i like it

>Dishonest level design
>Post-open-world inversions
>Ludo-narrative dissonance
>Grating indefinite amateurish graphics
>Post-Isekai inversions
>Gatcha Game Iconography
>Proto-Slysoy Disenfranchisement peddled as NEET/ entertainment/Herbivore Powerplay
>Neo netouyo hangups: scene schizophrenia and meme dialogue
>Meta-Structure syndrome (refusing to build narrative structure is just as problematic as indulging in See: BB/DeS)
>Stoicism as social currency inverted through solipsistic ToC fetish
>I really wanted to like this game, I really did
>[Game] hasn't aged well
>Insincere combat system
>Deceitful user interface
>Disingenuous menu layouts
>Duplicitous movement mechanics
>Conniving progression system
>Machiavellian core gameplay loop

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>>Ludo-narrative dissonance
sounds pretentious but it's a strong, valid words of criticism.

>In Defense of [GAME]

>[GAME] Analysis



>Indian with self esteem issues gets mad at you for enjoying a hobby because he forced himself to quit cold turkey and is suffering from withdrawals
It's fucking called moderation you idiot.

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In fairness Postal was legitimately controversial when it came out thanks to some hackery on the reporting about it.

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It's still not the most controversial, that would probably be like Night Trap or something thanks to the senate hearings.

I like death of a game. It's kinda interesting to hear the history.

I mean if we're talking senate hearings. It's probably overwatch or something then because


Yeah but lootboxes had been a thing since what, TF2 and hats?

>This pro speedrunner challenged me to race in [GAME]
>Fake Discord conversation in thumbnail

At least he puts in more research into the development of the game than kotaku articles and wikipedia pages.

>I did something pointless and/or excessive in a [GAME]
>This is what 1000 hours in [GAME] looks like
>Can I beat [GAME] and get all achievements under 2 hours and refund it
>10 minutes of useless information about [GAME]

>I did something pointless and/or excessive in a [GAME]
Eh, it can sometimes lead to something fun.

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So has any controversial topic. But it's controversial because normalfags finally found out about something.

>video is under 8 hours
you didn't review the game

I need the image someone made of increasingly larger analysis videos. The only video I specifically remember in the image was the Pokemon ORAS 7 hour video by that scottish guy

>at least he is a little less shit than literal shit
same fuckin thing, kill yourself Matt.

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>why [game] has the best feet

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How do I use these so I can filter out my YT recommendations?

Exactly because niggers are too stupid to write down even the most basic sentences.

An extension just for blocking video essays would be absolutely wonderful.

>tranny autism is.... LE GOOD

>t. hbomberguy

>Why [GAME] is problematic
>The physics in [GAME] are amazing...

>Is [GAME] as good as you remember?

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Based i love what happen

Ludonarrative dissonance is shit Yea Forums complains about all the fucking time
>be badass in gameplay but die like a bitch in cutscene
That's all ludonarrative dissonance is, it's just gameplay not matching up with the story the game is trying to tell you

>[GAME] A quick retrospective
>[GAME] A critique
>Everyone told me to play [GAME]
>Is [GAME] as good as I remember?

>the queercoding of [GAME]
>finding meaning in [GAME]
>what [GAME] says about eugenics
>why you enjoy [GAME] for the wrong reasons
>Why [GAME] is secretly [Political Ideology] propaganda
>why is the team behind [GAME] so white?
>why diversity is the future of games
>why [GAME] is racist.

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>Sand niggers
They have no chill in anything they do

This one's based though.

>Sonic...*sigh*...had a rough transition to 3d

>Defending Nic Cage
>Implying an Oscar winner needs defending

Read this in the voice of Pudge from Dota 2

I mean it's objectively true.

No you don't, you get an artificial feeling of satisfaction because every other video on the plataform is so much garbage than when you watch a video that is slightly less shit you feel like you are watching something good but actually it's just as bad as everything else. Kill yourself i hope you feel like you are being punched in the face when you read this.

But its a big scary word, so my caveman monke brain has to screech about how its "le Reddit" and pretentious so I can fit in with the rest of the contrarian, jaded retards that spend too long here

pretty based honestly. he's kept quality up to a respectable degree

Insubordinate controls and churlish gameplay loop

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I have no idea what this is about but the title sounds based.

>Play her game!
>doesn't name it
>You have played this right?
>doesn't name it
>Why aren't you play his game?
>doesn't name it

>[GAME]: A Brief History (12:01:34)

To be fair it's also partially people using it incorrectly. it's sort of like hypocrisy people will sometimes mislabel things as hypocrisy since some people think it just means "Bad person say don't be bad is hypocrisy"

Give it a watch, it might inspire you to go /fit/