I for one can't help but be amazed... We live in the Golden Age of gaming

I for one can't help but be amazed... We live in the Golden Age of gaming

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aren't those rocks a bit too big for being river rocks? where's the dynamic erosion feature

t. consolenigger who will never ever have a game with planetary engine
Cope, seethe, dilate.

>people will reply unironically to this bait

Depends where this is supposed to be. I live in the Rockies and there's plenty of bigass rocks in mountain steams.

I don't get it. It looks okay.

those are usually the result of mass wasting, ie big rocks falling from the sides of mountains and canyons and shit
from the pic it looks like it's just a forest


Those look like pine trees to me which are typically at high elevation.

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nice water for a pc game

it looks so bad
renpy porngame goblina of rivers

I've had a blast at the river actually, hiding out in the trees with my sniper rifle, tapping the heads of people coming to take screenshots next to the little lake. It's been great.

>no fun allowed
kys retard

geology is fun

Sunk cost fallacy

>kill one guy and get wanted level
>someone picks up the bounty and can see exactly where you are

Actually the river is in a wooded valley that snakes through some mountains

incredible that this series is literally free to watch, it's kino

>kill one guy and get wanted level

Now that's where you're wrong friendo, why on earth would I not take out the comsat first?

jfc RDR2 looks better than that.

roberts-sama, i kneel

my sphincter is puckering up from all the fidelity

That's one more river than ED will ever have.

When I can get into my spaceship and fly to Europe from the American Midwest in RDR2, I will care.

So I've vaguely heard you can work from the shittiest ship to the best one from grinding in-game currency and such.
What's the cheapest bundle I can get?
But first, is there a free trial or anything?
I'm not sure if the game will run fine on my PC

Where do they keep getting their budget from holy fuck

just pirate it to scratch that curiosity itch, don't fall for the scam

Probably selling drugs and or people

Every month or so they roll out a free fly weekend.

You can get by with the Aurora MR starter pack of the mustang alpha starter pack.

Cheapest bundle is like $45 and you get to refund within 30 days no questions asked so you can test your setup and if things don't work out you just refund it

There's a free fly event once in a while, don't buy anything until one of those. As for ships, yes you can buy ships with ingame currency but you'll lose them all during big updates so keep that in mind. Some user did a good writeup for the current star citizen experience, I'll try to find it in the archives.

There's free fly starting like a week, do NOT buy anything right now when you can play then for free with a bunch of ships from small to big.

It's called the Invictus event, they hold it every year, it's an in-game show that ties in with a free fly for all, so you can get in without paying anything and you can have a look at some ships you probably wouldn't be likely to see for a while.

Alright found it. This is from september so it might be a bit dated, I think they updated some shit since then but here goes:

1. Performance
The game runs like complete and utter dogshit, and it's not going to change for a long, long time, so get used to sub 30fps on planets and random frame drops when navigating space. There are however, steps you can take to minimize the agony your privileged gamer eyeballs endure. Firstly, use your native monitor resolution and turn all of your graphical settings the fuck UP (except for cloud detail, set that to medium). It's retarded, but the game's more optimized for its high settings than its lower ones. I dunno, ask Chris. Other than that, as long as you have like 20+ RAM and a GPU/CPU combo from the current decade, any performance issues you have are entirely the game's fault. If some flyboy cocksucker asks you what your specs are when you absentmindedly voice your displeasure at the game's performance, tell him to take his $600 jpg and shove it up his ugly ass.


2. Basic gameplay mechanics
You start off on one of the horribly unoptimized planets, lucky you. I'd recommend just wandering around, taking in the smooth 10fps scenery, and finding both the nearest shop and transit station. Each planet has a transit system that will take you to the planet's spaceport so you can promptly get your ass to Mars. But first, grab some medical supplies and some basic armor and weapon upgrades from the planet's local shops. After that, once you've somehow managed to find your way to the spaceport find the place that radiates "Hangar Elevators" energy. In that area, find some ugly orange panels. These are how you call, store, and file insurance claims on your ships and vehicles. If one of your toys gets blown up by an chunk of space debris with seemingly infinite kinetic energy courtesy of Chris Roberts' bullshit engine, you're in luck, because it's basically a non issue. There is however a waiting period for ship claims, which you can expedite for a small fee. Once your ship is assigned a hangar and you take a definitely physically accurate elevator to it, get in the cockpit, and expect the magic to start, now might be a good idea to take a look at your keybindings and change whatever seems pants-on-head retarded to you, which will probably be a lot. The main things to look for are as follows:
"Flight Ready"
Landing gear/mode
And "Quantum Mode/Jump"
All that will at least get you off the horrendous chunk of rock you've been stuck on for the past 45 minutes and let you navigate the solar system you will be forever stuck in. Once you've gotten your shit sorted out, open up your Pipbo- I mean "mobiglass," and select "Comms," "Friends," and then whatever name looks like an airport name. Congratulations! The homestead faggots have released you from their grasp and you are now free to explore the stars!


The grind is actually the easiest it's been in a long time since they just added valuable loot to the FPS bunker missions. You can go there with nothing more than cheap SMG and your noobship, walk out with backpacks containing 200k credits of gemstones. That still doesn't mean do it, I was just clarifying that the in-game grind is doable and currently it's the easiest it's been for a long time.

3. Making money/Having fun
Ahahahahahahaha. That's a good one. Anyways, once you have your bearings, there are a few core activities you can partake in during the alpha freefly. They are as follows:
Trading (which is broken as of recent updates)
Mining (also currently broken)
Investigations (broke as fuck)
And Bounty Hunting, which is pretty much the only viable money maker currently, aside from lugging boxes around for like 9k a pop.
To get your Spike Spiegel career started, go into the contracts manager of your pipboy, and under the general tab look for "Bounties," and "Mercenary". Under mercenary, go ahead and pick up "Call to Arms," as it pays you a nice little bonus for pretty much every bad guy you blast away. Under bounties, cough up the certification fee for tracking down NPCs, and go to town. You'll get the basics of the space combat pretty quickly. After that, grind up money and experience until you're confident enough for the next certification, and rinse and repeat up until your Very High Risk Targets. These can be trickier, but have the best payout for a single player.
So that's all well and good for making money, but what about having fun? Well, that's where other players come in. In any server you join, without fail, there will always be someone looking to play with someone else, someone that needs a gunner, someone who's willing to show you the ropes, and absolutely someone who is somehow even dumber and newer than you are. You can get into all kinds of crazy hijinx with others. Wingmanning bounties together, breaking someone out of prison, assaulting a moonside base of hostiles on foot, racing through asteroid fields and space stations, and generally troll other players if that's what you're into.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone new, is to boot up the game, go into the chat, and type "is anyone doing anything cool?"
9 times out of 10, someone is doing some kind of interesting bumfoolery.

Just don't join the Discord.


As someone who has been playing SC a lot since early 2019,
Is totally accurate, except for the performance. Quite literally the previous patch that came out about a week ago improved performance dramatically for me, even on the shitty city planets you start on. It was the 3.17 patch which changed something I don't understand anything about in the rendering system and almost everyone is reporting much improved performance.

The problem with SC's performance has always been server side iirc. They try to make the servers do and track too much, which is why performance was shit regardless of how good your rig was.

I believe you, I think the servers do influence performance. I'm just saying what I see though, my shitty computer gets 50fps in NB now.

Rockstar on suicide watch

Are they bragging about a river?

>but you'll lose them all during big updates
Ah so you grind for nothing. They even scam you out of time, not just money.

Yeah basically. Theoretically the world will finally be permanent when it releases, but whether or not that will ever happen is up in the air.

How come my post was delete fucking jannie?
Star Citizien is the biggest scam ever and I'm in my right to make fun of the fools who threw money into it.

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> I heard this exactly 10 years ago.

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Currently yeah, but there's been stretches of time where there were 18 months or more between "Wipe" patches, they're becoming less and less common.

I am telling you now, you can get in an aurora today and by slamming bunker missions be in a in-game bought 600i in a week.

>Now they're going to dump revenue into another stupid shit feature

Thanks fuckface.

Nevertheless last wipe was one year ago

he is openly mocking his donators now lol star shitizens are braindead

Planets still run like garbage for people with weaker cards. I got 60 fps in space before the patch and still get 60 fps now. Planet cities are still 20 fps if I'm lucky.

Star Citizen isn't even an actual game. There IS no game, you can't download it, there's nothing to play. They just keep pumping out CGI video after CGI video to hook people on youtube and then when someone buys it and it won't run on their computer it's all "Oh your computer just isn't good enough to run it, there's totally a real actual game which is playable right now lol" when it's just a complete lie.

The people in this very thread claiming they play the game? CIG employees.

I agree, great looking water

>it's a scam because I say so!

shorting terra luna

I don't expect the game to ever come out. Yea but it still happens. I'm assuming paying real money for a ship means it's persistent. To me this reeks of trying to get people to keep playing and potentially paying to keep that ship they grinded for.

>the dynamic erosion feature
You should go ask about that! They'll actually put it in instead of making a FUCKING FUNCTIONAL GAME

My fucking 5500xt (A three year old budget card) gets 90fps in open space at 1440p, what sort of a goddamn toaster are you playing on?

>It's not a scam!

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Who gives a fuck about space? Show me a webm of new babbage


Brandon Fraiser owns a 600i

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Lmao dont give them ideas. They might do it

they finally caught up with skyrim graphics

You're the one who mentioned your space fps? you high bro?

Yeah paid shit is persistent. It might partially be to get people to pay real money, but I think a lot of it also might be to placate the dipshits that sunk hundreds or thousands into the game, since if other players could just keep their shit the paypigs might start wondering why the fuck they wasted money on this.

>If some flyboy cocksucker asks you what your specs are when you absentmindedly voice your displeasure at the game's performance, tell him to take his $600 jpg and shove it up his ugly ass.
fucking kek

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So you literally admit that you have no arguments, and you are here just to shitpost. Good job, underage retard.

If needing an SSD is "Flashing around your high end rig" then yeah, the game isn't for you, considering an SSD is like $30