User... why did YOU let me die?

user... why did YOU let me die?...

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No L2 R2, no thumb click, retarded tiny sticks. If you're not going to have thumb clicks, I'd rather have the disc like on PSP and 3DS.

Nice try, Sony.

My name isn't Sony so it wasn't my fault

Why would Sony support a console when you can hack it and steal from their servers so easily?

Handhelds aren't consoles and you basically got replaced by smartphones so I'm glad you are dead.

I use my Vita every day to emulate Tetris DX

Because my phone does everything you do but better. And on top of that, when I am out of the house, I don't have the time to be playing vidya on a handheld in the first place.

hopefully the switch is next

Dumb touchpad gimmick. Not enough games to justify buying one especially for the price at launch. Priority storage more than 300% more expensive than a regular sd card with less than half the capacity for the price when more than half of the games were digital only releases.
To add insult to injury development for a high end portable device was to costly to not do multipatform and the 3DS not being powerful enough to port to, If the multiplatform option was the PS4 why even develop for the vita. Put the game on PS4 instead.

The last time I played Persona 4G I was 14 and I never touched my Vita after finishing that game.
>is called Vita

>why did YOU let me die
I didn't have my charger


100% the memory card problem

I got it in hopes for a djmax worth playing. It got xonic and I put 500+ hours into it and got my money's worth.

>He didn't put a 128gb SD card into the game slot using a $5 adapter

i'm sorry bro.... the 3ds just was more interesting at the time and less expensive....

>proprietary memory cards
>literally no 1st party support after the first year
It's like it was created to die

The adapter became a thing like 4 years after Vita's release. It was already on life support at that point.

i didnt care for the games you had

>snoy dropped an update on the vita yesterday
it's over vita bros...

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your memory sticks were like $4 per gb and your thumbsticks are constantly drifting

other than that you were amazing and I'm sad you're gone
Jesus this hit right in the feels
Can't believe it's been 10 years already

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Such a soulful UI compared to something like the Switch

110 million and counting. Seethe

>user... why did YOU let me die?...
Because Sony is barely capable of supporting one platform already. Trying to support two platforms was just sheer folly.

Mine is very much alive. Been replaying FFVI with the GBA Script minus Popculture References and Racing Lagoon.
I'd dump pics of my library, but the pictures I took from my phone are too huge for Yea Forums

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and Nintendo is scared of their upcoming transition despite that

and your transition into a woman failed

Oh shit they're not too big

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does it work now? i heard shit of many digital games getting fucked with by snoy

Leaning into 3G as hard as they did was fucking retarded, but ahead of its time.
It still baffles me that the Switch didn't come with a SIM tray.

Look at my cozy ass Vita, anons

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why did you die on me you pos, i bought your games and hardware

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I never figure it out how to add the Bubble thing for PSP and psx Games

You don't have to worry about licenses expiring if your copy of the game is unlicensed. I bought a lot of these games in the past, but I just download the roms and isos from third party sites so as to not deal with that sort of bullshit.

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I dont, im currently playing tales of hearts R on you while posting with my laptop

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I didn’t. I played Black Panther 2 on you last night.

I didn't, but I wished The Binding of Isaac got some of the expansions. I've poured so many hours on the Vita version.

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I was interested in a Vita but never got to test one out because my local FUCKING GAMESTOP's test models kept dying and then everything I cared about got ported to PS4 anyways.

i just want vita3k to become able to run everything on the deck so that i can permanently retire mine.

Bought the $350 Uncharted bundle.
Played all the time.
Kept buying digital/physical games after the system had been hacked wide open.

I didnt do shit.

I didn't. I love my Vita. I updated it just yesterday.

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Sounds like an absolut mouthbreather thing to do.
>I want to get rid my oled, good sized pocketable handheld to play the same games emulated on a shittier device

revived mine to play p4 golden and possibly some other jrpg

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>Implying he actually owns a vita and doesnt just want to shill steamdeck

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no one cares

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Sorry fag. Enjoy the dump.

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Guess i had luck with my gamestop. Got one in perfect condition on patch 3.5 (only had to replace screen because some scratches caused screenissues)

i like having an all in one device. my deck can run yuzu, pcsx2, rpcs3, xemu and cemu among others, my vita cannot.
also i fucking hate oleds, after a year my vita already had dark spots

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Was a good game, but ragequit it because i got tired of googling where to go

Fuck off shill, nobody cares about your retarded emulators

No games
No reason to use it for emulation when Odin exists

How does Pcsx2 and rpcs3 run? I'm also looking to retiring my Vita by moving to the SteamBoy. My reservation window is for Q3. Biggest thing for me is if I can run Gen 6 games on the thing. Also looking to connect the thing to a TV as well, so definitely would want to be able to run those emulators at 1080p.

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I didn't you triple nigger you're still in my desk drawer and I just played YS 1 and 2 on you last month

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i fucking hate the 3ds btw
the vita is extremely ergonomic but the deck just pisses all over it in every aspect
my hacked switch is now largely relegated to fitness games lol
fuck you too bro
ps2 runs flawlessly, ps3 games of course use a lot of battery and make the fan sound like a tractor but many can run at full speed.

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