What weapons will you main in the new MH?

What weapons will you main in the new MH?

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Magnet Spike

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Going to go with my standard affair: GS for the initial run through then bows and hammers for endgame.

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Swaxe 4 lyfe

Longsworders are scum. You know this.

>2 wyverian girl Hunters and one Hunter shitter that can't even wipe a rampage wave with a single blow
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>The premise is that he's leaving the Village to help some stinky westerner
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HH if they bring it back to its GU/World glory
GS or IG or something if they dont idk

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I'm a Gunlance man.

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Every time I've tried a monster hunter I go gunlance and I never play more than a few hours. Is it because I only ever use gunlance

What new MH.
All google tells me about is rise, and rise is several months old at this point.
You mean the DLC? That's dlc, not a new MH. And I have no interest with what they did with HH.

Never played a Monster Hunter game before. Wanna play Rise because of Minoto and Hinoa. Any tips for a newbie?

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SWAX, Funlance and Hunting Horn.

>410,757,864,530 dead Rathalos
About two rubies huh?

>Not liking to bully and ryona monstergirls
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Probably. GL has been gutter nerfed repeatedly so if you played it in Generations for example you kinda got fucked.
For new players the recs usually bow (for ranged), LS, SnS, DB or hammer, because those are brainlet weapons that are incredibly easy to use, have good mobility, low commitment to most of their moveset and tend to be okay or really strong.
LS gets overbuffed about as often as GL gets nerfed.

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I've become an SnS convert over the last few games, so I'll just use that. And some LS and SA on the side.

>maining weapons

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Any good tips for killing Nibelsnarf faster other than the usual bombs, fishing, and hitting the uvula/gills stuff? He's covered in shitzones and hardly ever exposes his weak spots. I'm not saying he's hard, but he's like Iodrome where he takes too long to die.

Gen 5 SnS is an abomination and anyone who prefers it needs to be condemned.

Don't care, it's still fun to use.

I'm just glad the twins will be back in the expansion.

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Are the twins capcom's apology for the handler

>Charging the sword into savage axe, just to counter, refill everything into hopping axe
Yup, CB kino for me, god bless the new system

Post weapon usage lets see your 100% equal number of hunts with each weapon

Bow and LS

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Those fuckers better give me back the ally slinging on the uppercut

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Really enjoy this guys stuff, wish he would stop spamming faggot shit randomly. Or at least do it on an alt name so I could avoid seeing it out of nowhere.

All the weapons

Dont buy Rise. Google the porn.


I don't main any weapons but I'm also not OCD enough to maintain an equal usage across all of them, I just use what I feel like and regularly switch depending on my mood

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Honestly same. I might just buy Rise just for these two.

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>HH if they bring it back to its GU/World glory
I wish

I was being hyperbolic, my point is everyone uses some weapons more than others, nobody who says they main a weapon means they dont play around with other weapons too

I don't recognize the one on the right

So how do I get into Monster Hunter as someone who doesn't know squat about it? I'm interested in taking down big monsters and such. Is there crossplay between console and PC?

>nobody who says they main a weapon means they dont play around with other weapons too
A lot of people do this

All of them. I never use one weapon for more than maybe half a dozen hunts in a row.

Except the longsword, get that fucking shit out of here

Play Rise. Enjoy Rise. Beat village. Then play 3U and 4U because Guild Sweetheart and Guildmarm are best girls. Or you can play P3rd if you want more weebshit but with a chinese theme. Then play GU and have said girls in your room.

Want to learn how to Git Gud? Spend the first few minutes observing the monster when fighting it for the first time. Figure out what it does and how long it takes to recover after each attack. You're in no hurry - you've got 50 minutes for something that will take less than 15. Use that knowledge to get big damage in. You'd be surprised how far good fundamentals will take you even with something as simple as only using the hammer's superpound. Wirebugs are flashy, but it helps a lot to understand the basics first.

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Looking to play more GS and CB, but sorta dependent on CB and crit draw being unfucked.

Aisha (sweetheart) mogs every other girl in MH history so hard it's not even funny and the shakalaka retards are by far the best hunting buddies, 3 was truly a gift

Actual best girl coming through.
Yes, in GU she can be your housekeeper.

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>So how do I get into Monster Hunter
If you just care about getting into the newest ones, just get rise or world, the tutorials are pretty thorough and they dont just throw you up against a large monster right off the bat if you dont want that, if you want to play an older one maybe watch some youtube videos
>Is there crossplay

Now I see it.
Really weird choice of monster girls, but something about the body is just so fucking hot.

just watch youtube videos, it's an extremely autistic series with tons of systems and mechanics

For me, it's the Tanzia girls

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I like LS, IG, and SA...
what does this say about me?

HH as usual, I will always main it. My side weapon for Rise is SnS because it's more like a Blunt weapon you can cut tails with, plus Shoryugeki is incredible.

Being realistic, I have hope for a third Mode that has you stringing multiple notes together for a melody while still doing your Performance, even if it's still a little streamlined, with better effects on exchange for being slower to set up than Performance or Echo. I miss Valor HH and World's Setlist too but evidently the team put in a lot of effort for HH in those games and 99% of people never touched it.

World is better but rise has better characters, still decent.
Pick a weapon and master it dont try to master them all, long sword is a newbie friendly choice

Fuck they keep getting bigger

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Hard enough to the point they'll have to start thinking of a lot of names.

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Ayame better be a Follower option. She has a whole arc about coming out of retirement in the base game.

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Bazelgeuse's bombs are a great choice for this because I'm about to blow.

Yeah, that's how i want to go out...

i have one more where she is in flight , if you want