The Steam Deck is still incompatible with a huge number of games

Meanwhile, the GPD Win 3 is compatible with EVERYTHING.

What was your excuse to not get the GPD Win 3 last year?

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steam os is incompatible, not steam deck
you can install windows if you want

And what? Lose compatibility with everything the Steam Deck offers if you install Windows?

Twice the price for similar performance and no trackpads.
Also Windows.

Steam Deck you mean that thing that was a waste of money because how shitty it is?

the gpd win 3 sure is compatible with heat and throttling most of all
not as much with actual games performing well

that just looks stupid and uncomfortable

This proves you never owned one. GPD Win 3 was never hot at all, even with extremely demanding games.

It isn't. It's actually extremely comfortable to hold for long periods.

>Damned if you do
>Damned if you don't

OP is a faggot, however

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because i own the win max :)

I'm waiting for the Win Max 2.

>Lose compatibility with everything the Steam Deck offers if you install Windows?
I can say the same about buying GPD WIN 3. And GPD is a shitty Chinese company who intentionally lying in their promotion videos and steal other's people content.


>Implying people who plays games which incompatible with SteamOS need soul in their device
>Implying those people have soul


Yeah think God I’m not retarded and make decent decisions in life

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yeah but you gotta have some options available for when the battery bloats

the trackpads suck

the trackpads are the best part
I wish that the right one was swapped with the buttons like on the Steam Controller, though


Just buy a PSP

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lmao even

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If you install windows (just like that chinkshit) it can run every single game, God you retards are fucking stupid.

sir please understand fractional scaling on Windows is a complete garbage

I don't get it

i managed to run cemu through wine and i installed both the updates and DLCs for botw, but i can't get second wind to work. how do i install it manually? to use bmcl i need to install python, and i really have no idea how to install python on arch linux.


>Shitdows 10
>Not unbloated
>Photo instead of screenshot
You should consider killing yourself.

look at the reflection

> he uniroincally trusts "compatibility" lists
> he doesn't know who GloriousEggroll is
Grow up.

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what do you mean, its a perfectly generic battery and the win max is by far THE most user servicable of all of them
also i think the win max ryzen actually released a year or a half after the win 3 so mine will live that much longer than any win 3 in the wild

oh yeah sure just buy a new battery for $50 (plus another $50 for shipping)

Because they take up fair too much real estate for something literally no one asked for.
"Hey! Let's bring back one of the core design features of our Steam controller! The thing that bombed so hard we had to stop making them!"
Brilliant logic. :rollseyes:

They're the worst part, only coming closely behind the OS which barely plays any games.

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it costs a lot more
I'm fine with 100+ games from my library working on it + emulation

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>They're the worst part
I see that you have never used them on either Deck nor Steam Controller
the right touchpad is amazing and gives you nearly mouse-like precision, which is great for any games where it controls the camera (high-precision absolute movements where finger movement translates to distance, not to speed like on normal joysticks)

the trackpads are what turn the deck from a plastic toy into a proper laptop alternative. they are THE selling point, and if you fail to realize it you have clearly never held one in your hands.

>Looks at price of Win 3

The trackpads are an absolute necessity for desktop use as well as games that don't have gamepad controls, and that's just the basic function of mouse emulation. You can configure them to do much more, like acting as radial menus and shit. They're the most versatile part of the inputs.

>Steam controller! The thing that bombed so hard we had to stop making them!
You mean the thing that was patent trolled to death because of back buttons? The trackpads were the main highlight of that too.

ching chong ping pong walla walla bing bing
grory to ccp
xi jin ping is king
rice rice eat dogs and cats

Its ridiculous isnt it
Windows machines are expensive, and sd is priced the way it is.
It's low enough people will impulse buy it just because its available to them and they'll figure out a reason to use it later.

多么美妙的装置啊! 谢谢你的购买,外国人。

I owned a steam controller. It was so bad I needed to sell it after a week because it was hot garbage. Nice try.
Anything that can be done on a touchpad can be done better with a joystick. If you suck at handling precision movements on a joystick then that's your fault, not mine.

>muh patent trolls!
That was just taking the dog out behind the barn to be shot. It was a mercy kill.

Wrong. My friend owns a deck. It's fucking awful. The device being bigger than a while, the abysmal battery life, trackpads, incompatibility, I could go on.

Odin is a vastly superior device in comparison. Whisper-quiet fan, solid OS, and no bloat in surface design.

Uhh, bro, it's the GPD Win 3 that has more issues because of the shit intel drivers. At least say aya neo, retardo.

>Anything that can be done on a touchpad can be done better with a joystick.
touchpads (and mouse, since it's the same kind of movement) are way better for camera control (and other precise and limited distance movements) than joysticks
joysticks excel for movement where you want to apply a constant direction/speed, such as character movement, not cursors, cameras and such (especially since these tend to have unlimited maximum speeds that touchpad can offer, but a joystick can't)

It's not just because of the cost of a Windows license.
Devices like GPD and Aya Neo exist to be profitable in terms of unit sales alone, while Valve is selling the Deck at what's essentially cost price. The units themselves don't have to be profitable, it's a way to get people into Linux gaming because Valve believes MS will eventually kill them if they rely on Windows.

>Meanwhile, the GPD Win 3 is compatible with EVERYTHING.

Literally meaningless unless you have baby hands. With no grip at all anything that isn't turned based or in easy mode will be fucking uncomfortable to play.

t. owns a Win 2.

This is one of those threads where they try to get you to cancel your preorder so they can get theirs faster. Don't fall for the grift.
He will deny this.

that thing is literally a smartphone, lol
>solid OS
it's Android

The odin and the deck aren't even comparable. One is a smarphone with controllers best for some emulation up to PS2 on aetherSX2 because of its underpowered SoC and ARM instruction set, the other is a full x86 PC with compatibility for almost all games ever available on PC, also including emulation up to PS3 for certain easier to run games games and pretty decent switch emulation. They're not even in the same ballpark.

>Anything that can be done on a touchpad can be done better with a joystick.
Alright user, you have to be more subtle with your bait.

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as opposed to a new win 3 for 800 dollars? yes?

Valves long term strategy is pretty interesting.
It took a lot of work to make sd happen. From controller design, Steam os, big picture. They're heavily investing into making the OS and hardware work together as a finished product, as its their priority to make everything work the best they can without windows dependence.

Chink handhelds aren't interesting even design wise since they're off the shelf parts. They dont care that much about ergonomics or thickness, its just thats whats available to them.

in case I wasn't clear enough, I'm saying that GPD shite is full of problems and Win Max, specifically, does get battery bloat if you run it hot a lot
from personal experience, I'd recommend limiting it to 15W and not letting it stay hot for too long

I'm not a millionaire though. Isnt the GDP win $1000+?

>get a platform just to tell microsoft to fuck off and die
>turn around and suck mircrosofts diuck and let them assfuck you anyway

you're a special kind of retarded aren't you?
its microsoft and windows.

Anything that I can do on a touchpad can be done on a thumbstick, only with far less real estate taken up on the controller.

And yet it slaughters the deck in its niche. Talk about sad.

Odin does what people want: emulation. PS3 emulation is hot garbage on the deck. The Odin runs anything pre-PS3 like silk for a smaller cost, comfortable control setup, and solid battery life. It is worth the the cost. Steam deck is not worth the cost.

Plenty of videos exist of people using controllers for fast and precise movements. The controller is a superior control scheme for games. Eat grass boomer.

i havent had any problems since i dont play anything particularly demanding, i run it at 15w anyway but ill be sure to keep an eye out

did they just grab the vita dpad lmao

>slaughters the deck in its niche.
Amazon's Rated #1 in Odin and Odin products.

The situation they're in is also interesting. They practically own PC gaming, which is larger than any single console, and yet they're relying on a company that's essentially their competitor to not turn rogue. Meanwhile they're privately owned so they don't have shareholders holding down their expensive long-term plans, and they're making enough money to afford multiple failures.
There's probably no other company out there that could even try what they're doing.

Yesterday I saw an user boot up the leaked Duke Nukem Forever build. You are full of shit you fucking shill.

The deck isn't just for emulation. If that's all you want, there really is no reason to get anything higher than the odin, but there are plenty of people who want to play actual PC games.

yeah, just warning you
I had it running at 25W with hours-long max load sessions (it gets slightly uncomfortable to hold but it's fine if you use it as a laptop)
after slightly over a year (just enough to be out of warranty), battery bloated and bulged the keyboard out; cheapest replacement at the time was over $70 cost+shipping
anyway Deck is vastly superior for gaming, but Win Max is okay as a tiny laptop with some casual games that don't demand a lot of resources

ps vita feels a thousand times better, can do everything it can, for longer, and its own stuff
and i say this as the guy who owns both, PS Vita mogs the shit out of the PSP although if I had to do a journey I would actually take both moreso out of battery life as opposed to anything else

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Wait, I take that back. Why the fuck would you buy an odin pro? You've got a phone! Just buy some decent controllers and do your android emulation on your that. No need for an additional device.

not OP and you'll call me a fag anyways, but enlighten me

>this game nobody cares about does not run on the steamos
>this game that comes with malware does not run on the steamos
wow it's fucking nothing

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amazon probably has a department for everything, including gaming consoles and os development exploration.
None of the gamer brands like asus, msi. razer etc could. They're not in a position to make an OS or sell a console like device since they dont have the software to support it.

Google tried stadia but it didnt go so well. even nvidia beat their streaming service.

Tencent probably uses some of their billions into exploring the idea but they have to get ccp approval for everything and people wouldn't trust chink OS.

Deck is my Elden Ring and MHW machine

i assume yours was the first gen intel? so under similar condition i would face this issue in about a year then, thats fucked up

I'm just gonna assume this is an old pic since I don't see anything installed on the Vita's homescreen, but you're fucking based for having a PSP 3000 and Vita 1000. Double based for the MH theme on the PSP.

Triple based if you crammed that Vita with homebrew the same way you did to your PSP (can't see the game sharing icon)

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yeah, the 2020 model
just don't let it get too hot around the battery for prolonged amounts of time and it'll (probably?) be fine
I ran FF14 on it for hours every day and it didn't end up well

>The deck isn't just for emulation. If that's all you want*
>*As long as you play within the 10 percent of games that actually run on our OS
I can get a phone and a controller for cheaper than the steam deck and enjoy PC gaming on the go with steam link.
Imagine releasing a product that's been obsoleted by software the moment it was released.

Trackpads are amazing for FPS games and i can't imagine having to control them using an analog stick after playing on Deck
And as a mouse replacement they simply have no competitors


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>And as a mouse replacement they simply have no competitors
Dual Shock was released in 1999.

>You've got a phone!
No I don’t, fuck off zoomer

Our year.

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Those are a bit different, shit like stadia is a closed service where google is in complete control over what you can run on it, so just another console.
What Valve is doing is building an open gaming platform where anyone can publish anything they want in any way they want, much like Windows has been so far. You can install it on non-Valve devices and you can run games off sources other than Steam. I think it's impossible for a publicly traded company to ever do something like that again.