Do Japs really expect me to believe a 5'5 106lbs woman can beat up a 6'3 230lbs wrestler...

Do Japs really expect me to believe a 5'5 106lbs woman can beat up a 6'3 230lbs wrestler? When are we gonna get realistic fighting games?

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Do you really think a 6'3 230lbs wrestler can beat up a woman with fire control superpower?

Dropkick those kneecaps and knee to the nose.


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Lack of suspension of disbelief shows a very limited intelligence, user. Are you american?

ill happy test this out, im 6'2
she can beat me up

No one can eat 230lbs of BBQ in one day, especially not Shiranui Mai.

We are living in the MMA timeline now. I don't want these unrealistic fighters with fake material arts who weigh less than a bag of rice.

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Ah, you are american. It's okay user.

>realistic fighting games
Sounds boring.

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I just want to see cool and sexy characters with near powers and abilities beat the living shit out of each other user. If you want realistic fighting autismo then play Fight Night or some other gay trash

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Go play Dead Or Alive.

>Fags think these sticks can beat up BJJ specialists.

No wonder no kids are playing fighting games these days.

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You either have a realistic fighting game or a fighting game where women can fight men, take your pick.

Only quality post in this joke of a thread

>blowjob jitsu
get a life nerd

She can keep those tits from flailing out for the entire fight. That's enough proof about her extreme Power level.

These sticks can burn your MMA fighter to dust with a wave of their hand. Superpowers tend to turn the tables fast.

what are you even talking about? fighting games have always been not realistic ffs

>see cool and sexy characters
Women fighters in real life actually look like warriors, not flawless kpop idols.

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why is user posting half naked guys hugging each other while calling others fag?

Because he's a fag seeking company.

> BJJ specialist
You mean neck brace afficionados by 30, literally everyone i know into BJJ has c spine issues.

>Women fighters in real life actually look like warriors
and that's why nobody wants to look at that instead of video game women.

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Kevin Nash was beaten up by a woman

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Im not a woman worshipper, however i think games like mortal kombat get a Pass because everyone needs a power in the game and of allows for a variety of characters. Games don't have to be realistic, in fact so many games' unrealistic aspects are really fun.

Why do people get hung up on realism

No one wants to see that. Games don't have to be realistic

10 lbs are probably just her tits

>and that's why nobody wants to look at that instead of video game women.
Do you think normal people look at video game women? You have spent too much time on Yea Forums

Every fighting game character is a physical freak of nature. Playing field gets pretty evened out when people can drill through each other and teleport.

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And thats why fighting games are dying. Look at all the other high selling gaming franchises these days. They strive for realism. We don't really have any realistic fighting games today except the UFC franchise (even Fight Night is dead).

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You're full of shit. Several fighting game franchises have done the best they've ever had in the past few years.

So you want MMA/boxing simulators instead of fighting games?

Is Elden Ring realistic?

no? Figthing games are "dying" becuase normies dont like them becuase they are too hard and unlike coop games like battle royales you cant blame the other people in your team for losing, and in their infinite wisdom, devs are simplifying fighting games to catter to normies but they still are too hard for them and in the process leave old fans aside.
I know you are shitposting but still.

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kabib pussy out, not a great example.
plus BJJ in the UFC is god tier thanks to it's rules, back in the vale tudo days if you were on the ground this happened.
BJJ niggers feel too uppity lately

More to the point how does her outfit stay on while fighting aforementioned 6'3 230lbs wrestler?

she can also shoot fire from her ass and jump 20ft high, but ok, incel

Well that is how people measure fighting skills in real life isn't is user.

Casting Nash as Bass Armstrong was a stroke of genius.

Is this the third Bogdanoff?

>I play video games to experience realism


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Why are there no giant women in fighting games? I could actually believe someone like that could take on a male fighter.

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We will just have to wait until the next Marvel vs Capcom

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so you want a fight simulator , not a fight game

It doesn't.

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female characters are low tier in almost every fighting game

SF5 Karin

>Do you think normal people look at video game women?
It doesn't matter what "normal people" think. What matters is what the audience wants. There's a reason the characters look like that instead of roided up freaky looking women in mma.

Also get the fuck out with this pathetic attempt at shaming. It's almost cute you tried that.

Did someone say Low Tier?

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>What matters is what the audience wants.
If that's the case why are more and more characters looking like this?

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What the fuck are you on about? There are plenty of female characters that are high mid/high tier. Just off the top of my head:
Chun Li
Poison, Karin, Menat, Chun Li
Giovanna, Ramlethal
>Melty Blood
Wagner, Hilda
Tiers also don't matter at scrub level, so just get your coom on and play whatever low tier female you want to play.

Fighting games are for gamers who enjoy gameplay
Cinematic movies are for trannies who enjoy shitty stories that have 0 content and pure real life cope

>When are we gonna get realistic fighting games?
Those already exist and have flopped. Why didn't you buy them?

btw fighting games do one thing very well that happens on real life too, the feeling of starting out in a mma gym from the bottom and getting fucked by anyone who has some idea of what they are doing on a sparring session, the hectic feeling of not knowing what the fuck to do mid sparring session, and the small improvement you do from shitty drills that somehow become second nature after a while

so you are focusing purely on the graphical aspects because you are probably a fagotron who is used to play cinematic movie games and can't realize the effect of gameplay that can simulate certain aspects of real life in psychological terms

Because its a game you retarded nigger, if you wan experience a real fight go out there and get in to one you stupid faggot

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>kevin was cast as bass in DOA movie
that's perfect casting if i say so myself

She can shoot fire out her hoo-ha

A simulator can be a game also (see Gran Turismo, ARMA, Microsoft flight sim). I am just tired of playing games where some 100lbs woman can beat up a man.

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It's rare, but they do exist.

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It's a video game sir.