Y'all're finna dev 2day, rite?

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Where's RPG Maker? That's my favorite engine.

Well, I'll be working on my game but no implementations today.
Need to work on my art. Today's plan is to try and finish my character's basic silhouette and add a basic idle animation.
Art is fucking hard, bros. And adding good animation is probably as hard, or even harder. Fuck.

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i gave up

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>>in order to create game, I will prevent myself from wasting time on Yea Forums
>proceed to spend an entire day in bed looking at the ceiling. Don't even turn on computer.

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stop preparing and start DOING SOME ACTUAL WORK

i'm a code monkey now

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>wanna make indie game

>trillions of better games out there that nobody plays
>trillions of trash is shat out every day on steam
>have no desire to shill my game, just make it
>dont play indie games myself so my game only interests people who wont either

there's no point in trying

hurr durr
you sound like some underage who has watched tons of those cheesy motivational videos on youtube, and now think he's some wise sage spouting nonsensical lines
I have a plan that I follow, and I spend x amount of hours on gamedev each day

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the opposite actually

>trillions of better games out there that nobody plays
>trillions of trash is shat out every day on steam
this is why you should market

>have no desire to shill

Selective floor rendering works now. Working on Ceilings now.

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I fell for this meme and spent years on projects that weren't planned out / thought through only to realize the scope was impossible for one man.

Im not talking MMORPG ideas guy level scope either. Planning is important.

whats so funny about not wanting to be an attention whore?

>Make game
>It's not fun
>start adding features and rebalancing stuff
>It start being fun but I spend so much time adding features that I don't have time making a game
I'd need to hire a cheap code monkey for help but then the code would be even worse than mine.
See you in 10 years

It's funny that you're an idiot. You need to market or your game will flop.

Looking good. Are those walls actually 3D?

What sort of game?

>whats so funny about
Everything if you mentioned that you want other people to play it

So is there any benefit to actually registering a company if you wanna release your games? I heard something about tax breaks but don't have the details

Goung to start working on a new weapon.

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if you actually make a game, get a publisher. It will save you from going bankrupt when the key-resellers start charging back their codes

>get a publisher
Hell no.

>when the key-resellers start charging back their codes
And that's why I only rarely hand out keys.


big brain anons I need your help
what is the proper way to handle projectile motion? if I pass 2 seconds as the parameter, if the target is far away it will have an initial speed incredibly high, if the target is close, then the canon will aim at the sky like a retard because the projectile will have to be 2 seconds in the air, how to solve this?

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Explain what you are trying to achieve first

you're naive and stupid. go read on how the grey market is bankrupting small devs who have no idea what they're doing when publishing a game.

>2 seconds as the parameter

I'm not bankrupt yet

What formula are you using at the moment?
This might help

>you're naive and stupid
>go read some stories of retarded people
Oh irony.

total flight time

Hey, based. I'm also making a dungeon crawler. Mine will be turn based combat however. It's also an NFT game so you need to hold at least 1 NFT of a character to play as that character.

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>it won't happen to me


Why wouldn't the flight time be determined by the distance traveled? Why 2 seconds?

Are you unironically autistic or retarded?

OK well my advice is either kill yourself or make a real game.
those textures make it obvious it's an asset flip too.

Yes, I don't spawn keys at all.

Nah, I'm making it functional first with placeholder graphics. It will be a real game. Story mode with hand-made dungeons and more complex puzzles and randomly generated dungeon mode for leveling and looting. You WILL own your characters. You WILL own your items. You WILL own a party of the ecosystem.

You made that in minecraft

What's your income?

All in the game is done using 2D rendering techniques.

Space horror dungeon crawler.

Rendering engine I'm working on should support an EoB-like, Wizardry like and Might and Magic like so it's extremely versatile.NFTs are gonna be worth less than a big mac soon, so $5 for a bang ain't that bad

Also inventory screen

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What are your initial parameters?
You'll need to adjust for initial velocity

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I wonder how many people here started developing games because they saw how bad the games in Nindies and "Wholesome" Directs could be?

aaaand dropped. dumb furfag strikes again.

While the graphics look amazing:
>ugly Toriel

I've been learning game dev since 1992

It also has human characters, chief.

Worse, Unity. Here's a top down look in debug mode

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that's not what I'm talking about though. If you game gets somewhat popular, third-worlders will money launder stolen credit cards with your keys. and guess who's gonna have to do the chargeback.

literally every industry on earth relies on marketing, stop being such a pussy and start shilling

k thirdworlder, go back to jerking it to cats and off my board.

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>third-worlders will money launder stolen credit cards with your keys
Don't care, I still won't generate keys. It's your fault you got scammed.

Based and truthpilled. Why generate keys at all?

I think they're mad at you because of the NFT thingy.
And I'd say rightfully so because the little knowledge I hold of NFTs makes me think players are forced to spend money to play another character in your game.

There's more than just the goat. I just made her mostly as a sacrificial test character.

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>sacrificial goat

kill it with fire

I understand why they're mad. It's the one thing Yea Forums and reddit love to do: hate NFTs, and I understand the reason. Still going to make it though. Yea Forums isn't my primary audience, the crypto community is for now. Perhaps later I'll have a "free mint" option so you can freely mint a new level 1 character that you can choose to sell yourself later to someone who wants a higher leveled character of that class or something.

people fear what they do not understand

>I'll pay you to play my game
Alright, now I'm interested

Based if true

>dude destroy the environment because money lmao
cryptofucks are the worst

Here, user. Just for you.

I can appreciate the hustle at least. Good luck with your scam, Eddy-user. Jawbreakers are around the corner.

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The "play to earn" model is meant to replace the "free to play" model, so instead of only paying the company for premium currency and other bullshit, you're paying the community for the premium currency and also normal items and the dev gets a 5-10% cut

>dude destroy the environment because fun flashing lights lmao
videogame enjoyers are the worst

I'll just mint free NFT until you go under and then everyone will stop being able to play

I think I'm going to get started on what I finally want rather than just demo projects.

It'll be filled with place holders but my goal is to get the base systems and placeholders in place so I can show off what's planned, then put in on kick starter so that I can get funds to hire actual artists for the models and maybe server infrastructure.

I dont really see it working out long run though but my main hope is it garners enough attention I can sell it off to a big company and retain some creative control over it, but that way I can just let them handle backend and servers with actual expertise and funding.

>No guis im not a furfag
fuck off furfag.

I'm kinda worried that my game is out of scope for a solo dev. Essentially Deadly Premonition with better graphics and gameplay.


ever hear of a vertical slice user... jfc eat shit wiht your kickstarter meme. Just make a slice and start pitching it to publishers.

You can print infinite level 1 characters and it won't hurt the ecosystem. You can level it to 100 so I can get a small percent of your royalies however :^)

>Naked Ape
Akhem, why ape's skin is blue with zipper in the middle?

If SWERY had trouble with an actual dev team what makes you think you can do better? I'm not talking shit, it's a genuine question. I know Deadly Premonition doesn't set the highest bar gameplay wise, but it's not exactly easy to facilitate that kind of density. The character animation alone is a lot. What's your plan?

ridiculous coomer model

Yes that is out of scope. What makes you think you can solo make and improve a game that a studio full of industry professionals made in 6 years?