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This is what extreme shilling and aggressive marketing does to a mf

i like radahn, possibly one of the coolest fights in the whole soulsbornering (souls bonering) franchise

mostly because it's canon to use summons and he jumps into fucking orbit

Stay mad

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I still have not played Elden Ring. AMA.

Stop associsting your mental wellbeing with the profits of multimillion companies if you're not an employee, this isn't healthy consumerism

I'm happy the game was such a massive success, but I'm sad that it wasn't anything really new.

*Associating, in case people who autism

Literally zero marketing whatsoever
Unlike Horizon and all the other Snoy exclusives always, theres fucking billboards on the metros even in places like the ass end of the world like Finland
You never see FromSoft advertise, because they know just making a good game is enough to sell copies

zanzibart-sama.. i kneel....

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Elden Ring? i thought that shit flopped

>Literally zero marketing whatsoever
>use that fat fuck Martin to """"write"""" their lore, actual contribution minimal
fromdrones really are braindead

>Literally zero marketing whatsoever

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A complete game releases with no Season Pass, Day one DLC, or microtransactions, zero real-world politics, decent graphics, passable performance, has functional online play, and actually delivers every feature promised through advertising...
And you're surprised it does well?

Have you seen the dross that fills the shelves these days?

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It's nothing short of catastrophe for future of From games, really. ER combat gameplay is nothing short of abandoning progress they've previously made and returning to increasingly exhausted and inbred souls formula, that looks more like parody of its original vision right now. And they got rewarded for making this. It's truly over.

>all that hype for the shitty "Oh elden ring" trailer
>all that shilling
>Couldn't even surpass kinopunk sales numbers
Oooooh lmao

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13M? How? How much money does that equate to?

How much did it sell now over whole time? Just wondering

is that too many or not enough?

>Passable performance
Shill detected

Considering all the money that went into development and marketing campaigns (that are still ongoing), I'd say they barely recouped the costs

>Powerful symbol bestowed upon the most fearless battle lords
Did Myrnidon show fear and abandoned the battlefield. Is that the reason he is asking zanzibart for forgiveness. Lore is getting deeper

Like half a billion after stores take their cut.

>I'd say they barely recouped the costs
oh please, the copy paste job they did, it probably didn't even cost them 1M to develop

PC stuttering issues in some overworld areas not withstanding, the game runs pretty solid in most areas where it counts and consoles even better.
Note I didn't say good performance.

I still don't get how it's so popular. I've played all the Souls games before this one... but ER just didn't interest me at all and I didn't get it.

Just another nail in the coffin of an already creatively bankrupt industry.


This is what being a really good game does to a mf. Horizon got shilled to hell and back, lets see its figures.
Lets see Paul Allen's card.

PC has always been a secondary market, be able they port them at all when they have no reason to and history has shown them they really shouldn't humor you people.
I'm not joking the pc fans warped this fanbase overnight. It always happens, it happened with DQXI lol. You people somehow ruin a fanbase that had been going strong for years, every time.

My issue is that you're using Elden "passable performance" to hold over most other games released today and claim that it's better than them when in reality the performance is equally "passable" for other games that released at the same time like Strangers of Paradise and Ghostwire Tokyo. This shit should not be praised especially when you consider that it's coming from a AAA studio like Fromsoft.

Can’t think of a least deserving company desu

Infinite in all realistic metrics. Its going to amount to close a quarter billion in profits but the real benefit is they know they are going to be given a blank check for the foreseeable future. Elden Ring was already virtually a blank check already from the successes prior.
From Software unironically are the Nintendo of the PS3 gens onward. They are the blueprint that the industry is following now. Failing in most regards because they miss the point but From Souls games are the thing to emulate and have been for multiple gaming gens now.
If you were to tell teenage me playing armored core on ps2 they would be the It crowd in the 2020s I simply wouldn't believe you. But here we are.

Fromsoftware is not AAA. You could argue they aren't even real AA. These guys made tax software before getting into games. If a western game studio saw the budget for ER I think they'd blush with what they came up with and what they were using as resources.
The graphics are ps3 quality, I like it and find the lesser focus on fidelity refreshing but you can't claim that is the normal focus of a AAA game dev.

>main antagonist is trans by modern standards
>somehow avoids any controversy because trannies didnt beat the game

The whole game is about the dual spirit thing causing nothing but schisms and destruction.
Meanwhile troons still get mountaintops and consecrated snowfield confused for the same area, they've only read about them online kek.
It also shows that the masculine side just does what it wants without any regard for the female side or its considerations. You complain, I'm chaining your ass up bitch.

Hes retarded but so are you. If you think Martin "cant finish a book" alone carried the marketing then you are delusional

They marketed the shit out of elden ring, there were billboard ads in NYC and ads everywhere. Can't blame them, probably their highest budget game.

I do want DLC in the future though, maybe for christmas, yeah, the game having just ONE really big DLC tha treleases on christmas would be great.

If that was what translated to sales all those statues of Aloy would have turned into sales too. Your game actually has to be good to hit the numbers Elden Ring hit in a month.
People were chomping at the bit for the game and all they really needed was the From label on start up. GRRM was a liability up until release, even for normals. Normals don't know GRRM wasn't responsible for the show.

>a really good game
Yeah, not even in your delusions is that true.

I enjoy knowing that others enjoy something I also enjoyed.

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Already in the bargain bins.

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Tendies seething

>Your game actually has to be good
Soulshitters can't be this stupid to thank this.

Lgbt got their representation in the form of a gay pedo incestuous demon sewer monster.

Not even an exaggeration

So where did you get filtered?
>I didn't!
Yeah sure, so where? I'm guessing Margit like most of the shitters.

Only people that suck at basketball say basketball is a bad sport. Its the same everywhere. You wouldn't have reason to hate Elden Ring outside of being bad at it personally.

>where did you get filtered?
Oh, right. Soulshitters can't play real action games so they settle for easier games. That's why you like this. Forgot, my bad.

And a god thing that ruins reality because she has to experience emotions and her autism makes her lash out.
The on-the-nose depiction of kike kvetching echoing into the void until it spawns a demon of destruction was something I was not expecting from a game in 2022.

i have beaten every action game that you have beaten

No one got paid to hype elden ring, you're thinking of the viral marketing fags who come in here to post about tranny PS5 games and generate "hype" through outrage/disgust. There is a reason these methods are failing, young people are literal retards with minds poisoned by years of lead exposure, so shit that worked on boomers/gen x comes off as phony and transparent to them.

His asteroid appearance was the best phase 2 intro they've ever done.

Laughed my ass off when i got insta killed.

I didn't get engrossed in the world or lore at all but there's no denying it's a huge amount of content for the money.

I still haven't finished it and there's clearly loads of different build playthroughs to do.

Post your DMC3 SS-ranks. It better be NG.

>T.cuckrizon dev

how long you been on HRT?

I am not autistic enough to grind that out

In others words, you got filtered.

You will stay mad forever that Elden Ring is above average and can't cope with the fact that your favorite game is a pile of shit nobody wants

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How long is this fucking game, i played 30 hours i am in the mountaintops of giants or whatever the fuck its called and game is great but i am getting burned out, Am i close to finishing this shit?

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Yes your souls copypaste got popular on Reddit hence large sales numbers, congratulations. And in such a competitive market too? I can't believe it!

>Elden Ring is above average
It's not even that.

100+ hours of copy and pasted, recycled content.

I beat the game on multiple difficulties and enjoyed it. I don't give that much of a fuck to get SS rank in everything.

Retard, Bad games that sell a lot still get terrible customer reviews and massive amounts of refunds, See bf2042, no man sky, fo72, cyberpunk, etc.

>But i didnt enjoy it! Its garbage!

Well hey, i didn't enjoy v's Kinorino Witcher 3 but it got GOTY and was sucked off, so it's objectively a decent game. Just because i don't enjoy something doesn't mean it didn't do well in it genre.

>Bad games that sell a lot
Like ER.

>Didn't read the rest

Try harder shazamtranny

Yes, so what you're saying is you got filtered because you couldn't git gud?

Nice meme but ER has 90 unique bosses out of 165.
And many of the "recycled" ones only do their phase 1 moves in their initial encounters in early game areas while they use their whole moveset or switch to a different moveset at 50%HP in later game areas.

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>Every major AAA game for the past few years has released either broken or incomplete
>Elden ring was neither
Everyone else shat the bed before the race even started

Sony could have bought From when they made DeS

>I feel one of Sony’s biggest software mistakes this generation was passing on publishing Demon’s Souls in North America and Europe.

Absolutely! Tell me about it! 100 percent agree!

In short, that’s what happens to any game. Especially games made in Japan since the majority of them aren’t relevant to markets outside of Japan. There are always processes between product development and marketing in U.S. and Europe. All things considered, it’s part of the issue of making games in Japan. The game development in Japan typically is made horizontally where all assets are made in parallel, so it’s difficult to figure out what the final state of the game is going to be.

The western style game development is typically a vertical slice. So in the very early process, the team tried to create a small piece of the experience that resembles the final product. What happened with Demon’s Souls was until very late in the game’s development, we were not able to play the game through. There were framerate issues and the network was not up and running. We underestimated the quality of the game and to be honest, the media in Japan did the same.

For my personal experience with Demon’s Souls, when it was close to final I spent close to two hours playing it and after two hours I was still standing at the beginning at the game. I said, “This is crap. This is an unbelievably bad game.” So I put it aside.

Luckily, third party publishers, Atlus in North America and Namco in Europe [stepped in], and it really became a great hit outside of Japan.

We definitely dropped the ball from a publishing standpoint, including studio management side. We were not able to see the value of the product we were making.

It was basically the WOOOOOOOOOOO guy but bigger.

>90 unique bosses
It has 6.

>many of the "recycled" ones only
Oh, so 90% of them game.

No, it was read. It was just the babbling of an idiot that wasn't relevant.

Try being less of a schizo.

Whatever makes you feel better. Still beat DMC3 and every other action game you jerk off.

How many people refunded it?

Try harder

What was your point in posting a list of copypasted bosses?

At what? The only thing that needs to try harder is ER, since it wasn't a very good game.

>The picture that killed shazamtrannies

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>no .

How'd he do it, bros?

It completely blow over every other open world game though.