Fire Emblem 3 house

LMAO great strategic game

what i am suppose to do now?
all these unites can oneshot all my troops except Eldegarde + every 2 turns 6 new enemy troops will spawn.

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omg... she is so attractive...

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Aso, you're supposed to git good


first english is a shit language
second this is a strategy game faggot GRINDING LIKE A ELDEN FAGGOT IS STRATEGY FOR YOU?

the infinite respawn is killing me since all enemy troops can oneshot

>Picking Black Eagles

2nd play at maddening

i choosen Claude for the genocide vibes just to obtain a fucking good ending with 0 war crimes.

so since Eldegarde seems Egy i choose her for a second try

So any idea?

divide the army is impossible since even to kill a single minion i need 2 or 3 attacks and for Claude's father i need Eldegarde but without her a frontal attack for kill the spaw points is impossible.

it is your fault for siding with trannygarde
anyways jeritza should be able to do fine regardless of level as long as you have darting+deathblow

bro use him is cheat mode

well you suck so you need him. he's also worse than trannygard, who you are using

he's there for fags like you who need him, so use him


a single archer remove 70% of Eldegard life my best unit that you call cheating have the special power of not being oneshotted.

real cheating

you can literally turn one every map with raging storm, you just suck

>Using jeritza

You didn't beat the game

i beat the game 10 times on maddening NG

not suck

she that enemies in OP pic with the axe?


she fucking suck i just use her to bait archers since is the only troop who didn't get oneshotted.

this game is for grind retards nothing more

Cope, seethe, dilate shitter, you sucked at SMTV too, maybe try baby JRPGs like pokemon

fuck off
another grinding cuck game

send me your save and i'll beat the level for you

fuck off i am not a cuck
i want beat by myself just i am schocked since the infite respawn of troops who can oneshot me

Dumb italian motherfucker kek. Spagettis pizza miam miam it's yummy right? You dumb fuck acting like a fucking chimp

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>Fire Emblem Three Houses

would be a good map if losing even a single unit mean lose the game

I would colonize her Khazarian womb, yes.
Also, what's the best FE-like game on PC? Ideally something that's more in the spirit of the earlier games instead of the newer tranime versions

Explain to me why my best mage can't kill this strong dude?

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oneshotted in the first turn by that generic axe dude


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hey tardo, if lysithea attacked first, jeritza could have killed him without taking damage, then he would have survived until the next turn, where you could heal him and repeat the process again

sorry for the confusion i restared when i noticed i forgot to gave the stuff for more range to lysathea.

in the second pic i used jeritza as a bait but that axe oneshotted him .

this made me lol out loud

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accordin with this game this cheat unit is stronger as a normal axe dude

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most of the units stay put, draw out the mounted/flying units with edelgard, then have all the other units attack it, and inch your way up, the respawn units stop once you manage to wipe out the ships, you can also funnel enemies through tight spots so they bunch up, like the ramp where you put petra

no idea how you're getting one shotted, I had byleth and fernindard clear the ships while everyone else made their way through the city
then had both sides converge on claude

lower difficulty if you can't handle the heat

>muovi tutti i tuoi stronzi il piĆ¹ vicino possibile al nemico senza entrare nella zona di attacco
>passa il turno
>ora sono tutti a tiro dei tuoi soldati
Mongoloide, frigna quando il gioco fa qualcosa di VERAMENTE scorretto almeno, tipo in alcune mappe dove spawna rinforzi addosso alla tua gente e li muove nello stesso cazzo di turno. Il gioco fa cagare comunque

bro i can handle everything
>drawn out mounted/flying unit with edelgarde

are you speaking about the girl who with a special weapon can't even kill a generic axe dude?

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hey dipshit, use your mages/archers to attack first, i told you this already

i know user but even the enemies has archers and this archers can oneshot every single 1 of my troops except edelgarde


yeah they get pretty tough near the end, why do you only have 1 mage? have mages and archers attack units, then have a crappy unit take the final hit so they get lots of XP and level up

why are you sending her right into the danger zone so that three axe units can gang up?
keep your units out of the danger zone, lure enemies out with your strongest unit, attack indirectly with mages/archers, then finish them off and do the same for the next unit

I'm pretty sure Kaga himself made a new strategy game somewhat recently for PC and it was more in line with his usual shenanigans, you should look into it

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so use meteor
hubert has a bunch of 2-3 range spells, use those you silly spaghetti

>miam miam

did you let lindhart die or something? he can heal edelgard from far away

he has mercedes he is just retarded

I think you basically need to abuse canto/dance to snipe units off.

Shit post aside, its a valid criticism that FE has always been far to player phase oriented. You attack, enemy deleted; vice versa. It does limit the strategic depth somewhat.

>fire emblem has been too player phase oriented
As opposed to what? Just sitting an unkillable unit in the middle of the enemy and let them basically solo everyone on enemy phase like in the GBA games? Player phase SHOULD be where you get shit done

>why do you only have 1 mage?
i have 5 mages

linhard and Mercedes for the healing and Lys, Hubert and Dorothea for the attack
>why are you sending her right into the danger zone so that three axe units can gang up?
this is not the problem was my turn just to make you see that she can't resist to more than 2 attacks
this map is ok the problem?

all enemies troops are stronger then all my unites

>Doing a paralogue too soon when you're under the recommended level
Stupid retard, wait a few chapters and try again.


5 cm of distance and still miss

all my best strategy destroyed by a single miss

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this thread has to be bait, it's legitimately pathetic.

>actually 16%
what a tard
he does this with every JRPG, it's fun

i have all unites at 30 and i run out of time so i was forced to do this mission

Uh, user?

>this is not the problem was my turn just to make you see that she can't resist to more than 2 attacks
thats why you use her to lure 1 unit at a time, so if she does take damage, you can patch her up before attacking the next one, you could also give her a speed ring and buff her luck so she can dodge many attacks

>Player Phase oriented is bad
Enemy phase oriented is bad. This why the GBA games after 6 are retard easy; you stick your paladins in enemy range with a Javelin for 20 chapters, get the Warp staff, and then speedrun to the end of the game.

I blame 3H for re-using so many maps. I thought it was Alois and Shamir's paralogue at a glance, didn't see Claude and Petra or read the thread.

it's a story chapter goose

lol why would you recruit lorenz

in all fire emblem flying units near a fucking archer are dead no matter what.

because she is my only unit that can resist

i need to kill the max number of enemies before reinforcments arrive.

if i wait without baiting i will be overrun

Lorenz is the most KINO character of 3H and his romance with Dorothea is my favorite one.

restart the chapter and send everyone to the ships to clear out the general to stop reinforcements, bernadetta and mages can handle the dragons, all the land units will have to go up that tiny little ramp

he looks like a goddam tulip bulb

try elden ring, it's more in line with your skill level

i already did that user

what happened?

50 respawn in the city , surronded and get killed hard.

i need send a small strong group with Berndetta and my MC on the ship and the rest kill the first spawn and survive
>he is ugly so i don't use it
reddit the post, japanese need to make a character ugly to gave to him a personality

>50 respawn in the city , surronded and get killed hard.
it's fine, you can deal with them one by one on the ship ramps


i need 2 or 3 troops for every single one of them
after the 3rd wave on the back i need to fight 8 troops at the same time with 4 of my troops

aka i am dead.

user are you actually using Gambits and higher authority Batallions?

i use silver battaglions to stop some hordes of enemies when are too much but are limited so in the long run i will get overrun.

too much enemies, too less damage, too much oneshot

this level is just a surgeon operation, even 1 single error and i am dead

The objective is just to Defeat The Boss, right? Reclass Edelgard to a Wyvern, use a Batallion that grants Stride, and have her Raging Storm her way to Claude. Or utilize your Linhardt who should have Warp. Send Ferdinand with Swift Strikes up to Claude.
Lots of options here, provided you actually met the conditions and aren't retarded. If you're retarded, I hope you keep saves from the beginning of every month.